email: I Have Created a Monster - 01/30/09 03:08 AM
Fisher's Law # 3: Email boxes are vacuums that when emptied will be refilled at a rate faster than the previous emptying.
Here it is Friday, I have a to-do list the size of the old woman in the shoe's grocery shopping list, and I have just emptied my email in-box. 422 emails not including the canned spam-ham. (My filter does a nice job of grabbing those spam things and stuffing them through the garbage disposal before they ever get to me.)
So, here I sit, Friday, what really should be a legal skip day in all 50 states, and after … (10 comments)

email: The "Four-Letter" Words of Email Marketing - 200 Triggers that Flag the SPAM Blockers & STOP You at the Gate - 07/26/08 02:35 PM
I have been blogging recently about how Realtors and builders are not getting the results that they once enjoyed from their emarketing efforts.  See the posts Email Marketing: Have we Killed the Golden Goose Part I & Part II - Improving Your Open Rate. 
To recap, fewer emarketing messages are getting opened by consumers.  Many are bouncing either because the "e-address" is no longer valid, the mailbox is over quota, or the subscriber’s account has been suspended by the provider due to lack of use, but the biggest challenge facing marketers today is getting past the spam blockers. 
In the previous … (23 comments)

email: Email Marketing: Have We Killed the Golden Goose? - Part II - Improving Your Open Rate - 07/24/08 02:00 PM
In my previous blog post  "Email Marketing: Have We Killed the Golden Goose? Part I" I stated that I believe we have been using email marketing recklessly and as a result, consumers are ignoring their in-boxes because of the amount of irrelevant mail they have to endure.  I presented some strategies for you to use to get past the gatekeepers and hopefully that post has made you rethink your approach to emarketing.
One thing I'd like to point out here: relying solely on emarketing will likely not produce the results you desire.  Augment your emarketing with a matching well-designed direct mail piece targeted … (2 comments)

email: Email Marketing: Have We Killed the Golden Goose? - Part I - 07/23/08 03:52 PM
Three emails I would really like to send:
Dear Dethroned or Exiled Monarchy,
I would be happy to help you with your banking needs.  When can I expect the check?  Would it be okay if I used your money to float my business until my ship comes in? Since we are on a first-name basis, and you are so gracious to give me this opportunity, I feel it only fair to tell you that every now and then I have to close out my checking account and open a new one because, well, quite frankly, I am not much on bookkeeping and … (5 comments)

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