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My blog is as much about a philosophy of life and living as it is about real estate as a business. E.F. Shumacher subtitled his book SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL "Economics as if People Mattered" In the real estate industry we realize that people matter and that where they live matters. We now also have a larger responsiblity, I believe, to get them to consider HOW they live. Everyone in the developed world using less energy and resources makes it possible for those who have access to neither to experience a better life and to make the difference between their being able to having a roof overhead or not or for their children to eat or not. 



  I went to see a client today about listing her parent's home. The house certainly needs a good cleaning and painting--one parent died after a long illness and two months later the other had to move to assisted living and both were in their mid eighties. The remarkable thing was that even with s...
The current issue of Natural Home has a good article about safely remodeling older homes with good, practical tips for everyone. It also conatains an article by Carol Veniola, author of NATURAL REMODELING FOR THE NOT SO GREEN HOUSE about her personal search for the perfect house. It reminded me o...
DWELL magazine's September issue is on the newstand now. The cover story is entitltle "Green Goes Mainstream, Sustainable Homes of Tomorrow, Today".Inside the issue are several articles on green buildings including one featuring one of my favorite groups. Architechture for Humanity.The article is...
 There is a very good article in the current issue of the Audobon Society's ECOLOGICAL HOME IDEAS about green roofs and their value to us all. More and more cities are installing green roofs on their city halls and other community buildings. The plants growing ...
What is a mature neighborhood? Someone asked me the other day how old a neighborhood has to be to qualify as a mature neighborhood. I have never thought about it in terms of age. It seems to be more of a quality of being established. Are there churches and schools and grocery stores and libraries...
 Not everyone is interested in going out of their way to save the planet, but ai have yet to meet someone is not interested in saving money when they can. In working with buyers who may not be all that concerned with environmental issues in their homes I always point out to them the green feature...
As you know if you have read my blog before, I am a certified EcoBroker and part of my Real Estate business is to educate people about energy efficient green housing and promote the reuse of existing housing stock. I am posting here the 2030 Challenge begun by Ed Mazria, Santa Fe architech and au...
There are many choices for roofing in today's market. Some of the more ecologically sound choices include---Vegetative roofs--these can vary from lightweight, preplanted segments that are easily installed on almost any existing roof toextensive parklike creationsMetal roofing, most of which is ma...
In browsing through the not so big house again I was struck by a comment the author made about a homeowner who was willing to give up square footage for interesting interior details. I was looking at it because I am working with a client who wants a "not so big house". The gentleman I wrote about...

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