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My blog is as much about a philosophy of life and living as it is about real estate as a business. E.F. Shumacher subtitled his book SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL "Economics as if People Mattered" In the real estate industry we realize that people matter and that where they live matters. We now also have a larger responsiblity, I believe, to get them to consider HOW they live. Everyone in the developed world using less energy and resources makes it possible for those who have access to neither to experience a better life and to make the difference between their being able to having a roof overhead or not or for their children to eat or not. 



 Back from New Orleans and catching up with all things that I couldn't do while I was gone. Learned some things, met some people and am instituting some changes in my business. I think everyone who was there is probably doing much the same. The city was not as bad as I had feared it would be,but ...
Some helpful hints for sellers who want to promote energy efficient factors about their home that are small, affordable and often overlookedSkylights and solar tubes offer natuiral daylighting thus saving on electric billsFuit trees can provide both shade to reduce cooling costs and healthy fruit...

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