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Selling or purchasing a home can be an emotional experience.   When negotiating back and forth, buyers and sellers can get frustrated...tempers may flare.  It is the agent's job to be the "go-between" - each agent for their respective party - to keep communication flowing, and to "smooth things o...
When you're getting ready to sell your home, be sure you're not selling little critters with it.  During this time of year, insects are looking for a warm, cozy place to survive the harshness of winter.  What better place than your home?  It's a good idea to have your home treated for insects at ...
"I've noticed that some sellers offer a home waranty plan?  Is this really necessary?"   If you're selling an older home, this usually means that the appliances, heating/cooling system, plumbing system, etc. are all older.  If you offer a home warranty with this home, buyers can have peace of min...
When getting your home ready to sell, remember that the front of your home is the first thing people will see.  Walk out to the curb and take a long look at the front of your house.  Can you see the front door easily from the street?  Are the windows covered by overgrown bushes or shrubs?  It may...
When preparing to sell their home, many people focus on getting the inside of the house in tip-top shape.  That is great!   However, some people often overlook the garage.  Throw out old paint cans, newspapers, and magazines that might be accumulating.  Donate extra bicycles and toys that your ki...
When you find a home that you want to purchase, the time has come to make an offer.  This can sometimes make first time homebuyers nervous.  "Should I make a low offer?  Should I offer exactly what they're asking?  What should I do?"  Well, the answer depends upon you.  Do you want to make an off...
There are many title companies to choose from.  How do you know which one is best?  I tell my clients to choose 2 or 3 well-established title companies.  Call them and ask for a quote.  It is wise to shop around, as the price can vary significantly.  Choose the one you have the most confidence in...
"My husband and I are thinking of selling our home within the next three months.  Our carpet is showing signs of wear.  I think we should purchase new carpet. My husband thinks we should sell it like it is.  What do you think?"  If the pathways in your home are visible in the carpet, it's worn ou...
"Lately, we've been shopping for a new home.  It seems like most of the nicer homes cost as much as having one built.  Which is better?"  There are some advantages to building a new home.  The most obvious is that everything is brand new:  water pipes, sewer lines, heating and cooling systems, et...
Typically, the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate will be.  The bottom line is - Your house payment will be higher.  If you have a high credit score, lenders consider you a lower risk and offer lower interest rates.  This means that you can afford more home for the money.  An ...


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