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NOW, it is the time to bring exceptionalism into the world of Real Estate advertising. Far better than the virtual tour, my Real Estate Showcase Slideshows, produced by Memories DVDs, will showcase your property listings in a way a virtual tour simply cannot do! Both sellers and buyers will be thoroughly impressed when they see their home, or the home of their dreams, showcased on your website in such a professional and sophisticated way. I am an avid nature and wildlife photograper, and my blog will feature many of these photos and slideshows.
  The Wild Mustangs of the Little Book Cliffs Range Wild and free, thundering hooves pounding across the plains, billowing dust in their wake. They are the epitome of what we think of when we consider the wide open spaces of the old west, and we are drawn to their romance and mystery. Known as 'm...
        The Hayman Fire Reclamation The long road to recovery Story and photos by Debi Boucher Looking west through an area of the Pike National Forest that was damaged by the Hayman Fire in 2002. Few who lived on the Front Range of Colorado in the summer of 2002 have forgotten the fear, anger an...
  St Elmo and Tin Cup Ghost Towns This past weekend I visited two places I have wanted to see, but in nearly 19 years in Colorado had not made the trip to do so. I went with two friends, one also a photographer, and we had a GREAT time!  St Elmo  and Tin Cup are both what remain of once thriving ...
      The city in the clouds By Debi Boucher Stroll down Harrison Avenue in downtown Leadville. © Debi Boucher While no longer bustling with the frantic activity of the silver mines, bawdy saloons and dancehalls, Leadville is arguably one of the best examples of a still breathing boom town to be ...
    The Road Less Traveled - AAA Colorado Encompass eUpdate Article Over the past several months I have been freelancing as a writer and photographer for AAA Colorado's Encompass Magazine. My articles are about travel in Colorado - where to go, what to see, and what to do when you get there. This...
Rainbow Falls - AKA Graffiti Falls   Rainbow Falls flows under a historic bridge built in the 1930's connecting Manitou Springs to Highway 24 on the old Ute Indian Trail. In the 1800's, the beautiful 25 foot falls was a tour and picnic destination for visitors to Manitou Springs, and those trave...
Sandhill Crane Migration - Monte Vista Colorado   In late February every year, some 20 - 25,000 sandhill cranes migrate to the small farming town of Monte Vista in Colorado's San Luis Valley.  I was at the Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge before dawn  hoping for some great shots of the cranes as they ...
Red-Tailed Hawk The red-tailed hawk, of the sub-species Buteo, is the most common hawk in North America, and ranges as far as north as northern Canada, and as far south as Panama. They can be found in nearly all habitiats, including the prairies, forests, deserts and even rain forests. They mate ...
    "13 Bankers" - Required Reading for Americans Well, it should be. Period. Thomas Jefferson fought hard against a financial system that would put too much power into the hands of bankers in America. He feared the possibility of a financial oligarchy - an institution with enough wealth to contr...
  'Soft' Water Photography In order to capture the 'soft' water effect, you have to slow down your shutter speed. When you do, you allow more light into the sensor, so it is necessary to adjust your aperture as well, or you will have a seriously blown out photograph. Here are some tips to capturi...

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