My clients are always asking me why short sales for sellers in default of their mortgages are a better solution than foreclosure and deed-in-lieu-of foreclosure. My response is that it will be less damaging to your credit and you will be able to recover faster than if you have a foreclosure liste...
  I just wish FAR would come up with some required short sale procedures that ALL Realtors & R.E attorneys must follow so that we are operating in a manner that best represents our clients in this "Wild Wild West" scenario of real estate that we are all trapped in.  There are several ways that sh...
The Florida State Constitution provides for Florida homestead status which saves the homeowner on their real estate property tax assessments, caps the amount a homeowners property can be reassessed annually and protects a homeowner with asset protection for his home against third party creditors....
Foreclosures are here to stay for some time. A lot of those potential short sales will soon be foreclosures. Adjustable mortgages, lost jobs, divorce, deaths and other foreclosures and short sales pulling down market values are causing people to lose their homes. For the buyers, this can be a gre...
I just had another R.E. deal almost blow up and it still could because a lender's agent tried to put my client into a bank program that she later did not meet the guildlines on. The agent did not do her homework on the changing guidelines and then didn't disclose this to us until she returned to ...

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