selling a home: Preparing For the Walk Through - 08/11/11 02:45 AM
We’ve already talked about what needs to be included when you are selling a home. Today let’s discuss what can’t remain behind. Your buyer will have the right to do a walk through the house prior to the closing. As the seller, it’s your responsibility to have the house empty before the walk through. There are 3 things the buyer will check during the walk through:
that no damage was done to the house while furniture was moved out that everything that was supposed to remain in the house is still there and everything else is gone that the house is … (2 comments)

selling a home: Moving Help When Pizza & Beer Isn't Enough - 07/19/11 11:50 PM
One of my very tech savvy clients just gave me a good tip that I wanted to share. He was using storage containers for his move in order to save money but didn’t want to have to load the containers himself. (There comes a point in all of our lives when friends will no longer come help us move for pizza and beer!) He used This site lists moving labor and lets you read reviews from customers who have used the movers before. Your credit card is charged by and they’ll give you a payment code to give to … (2 comments)

selling a home: Ronco-Matic Pricing & Selling Houses - 09/14/10 12:57 AM
When selling a house, the asking price you choose will help determine how much activity you get. Today I want to talk about the finer details of pricing that most people don’t think about. For years real estate followed the Ronco-matic style of pricing. Instead of $19.95 for a blender though, it was $239,900 for a house. Check out the following scenario:
A buyer doesn’t want to look at properties that need work. This buyer decides that he’s going to start his search with houses asking a minimum of $350,000. If you have decided to do Ronco-matic pricing on your home … (3 comments)

selling a home: Outstanding Liens Can Stop Your Closing - 08/25/10 07:59 AM

When you are selling a home, you need to give the buyer “a good clear record and marketable title”. What that means is that all previous liens must be paid off or discharged before the buyer takes ownership of the property. Real estate contracts allow you to use the proceeds of the sale to pay off the outstanding liens.
Problems can occur when a seller pays off a mortgage but the discharge (the paperwork from the bank showing that the loan has been paid) is not recorded at the Registry of Deeds.  [MORE]

selling a home: Sellers Can Skip The Closing - 08/17/10 03:29 AM
If you’re selling a piece of real estate in Massachusetts, you don’t need to physically attend the closing. This can save you time if you’re in the midst of moving into your new home, or just free up extra time in your schedule. Follow these 3 steps and you can skip going to the closing:
Sign the deed in advance transferring ownership to the new owner. Your signauture must be notarized. The deed is the only paperwork in Massachusetts that must have your original signature. Give a limited power of attorney to someone who will be attending the closing. Your real … (3 comments)

selling a home: 3 Ways Not To Sell Your House - 05/27/10 06:58 AM
wallflower Originally uploaded by bunky's pickle Selling your house can be stressful, but there's nothing worse than getting your house ready for sale and then having no one show up. It's like being the wallflower at the school dance, watching as everyone else gets asked to dance while you try to look uninterested. In today's fast paced world, potential buyers will quickly decide whether or not to look at your house based on what they see online. Here are the 3 top ways to discourage a buyer from looking at your house for sale:
Poor Photos It's sad to say that … (4 comments)

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