activerain: Advice for New Agents from the Best of the Best - 01/06/18 01:32 PM
The New Year has started and to help new agents getting into the business ActiveRain Contests is hosting this contest, Advice for New Agents Getting into Real Estate. It is to gather advice from the ActiveRain real estate community and help point these folks in the right direction.

I plan on sharing my experiences and hope many of the rest of you will too. This information will be of benefit to the many thinking about or that have recently gotten into the business. Are you planning to participate and to offer your sage advice?
Check out the link to see what the rules are for … (12 comments)

activerain: Making 2018 the Best Year Yet- An ActiveRain Challenge - 12/30/17 08:55 PM
Dreams, Visions, Goals, Planning Challenge

We are now entering into 2018 and many are wondering where did 2017 go? Before we get deep into the new year let's take a look at where we are going.
There is so much opportunity ahead of each of us and it is up to each of us to reach out and get it. Whether it be in our personal lives, health, spirituality, business,  personal or professional development or with family and friends, it takes a goal and making an investment to reap the best returns.

Defining the goal is not the hard part. Laying out the plan … (131 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Family- Merry Christmas - 12/24/17 04:58 PM
ActiveRain Friends Are Special
To all my friends here on ActiveRain I wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year.
Online friends are very real and we get to know each other so well.  We are family. We are sad when one passes or one decides to not spend time here any longer. We still care.
Thank you for the sharing of yourselves, the sharing of ideas and your friendships. Words are not enough to tell you how special you are and how you have made a place in my heart. I am so thankful I found my way here six years … (19 comments)

activerain: December 10 is National Post a Blog Day - 12/09/17 08:09 PM
Today is National Post a Blog Day 

In 2014 I declared this day, National Post a Blog Day.  There is a day to celebrate everything else under the sun so why not make it something fun for us bloggers?
Will you join in the fun and write a blog and post it today? Do it right here on ActiveRain and then make a comment below saying you did.
The truth is many of you write something each day so this is just another day. It can be on any network but ActiveRain is fun, so do it right here. Choose a topic, any idea will … (14 comments)

activerain: New to ActiveRain, You Should Read This - 09/11/17 09:58 AM
New to ActiveRain, This is for YOU.
Though it wasn't a few days ago and it has been a few years, I do remember being new to ActiveRain. I happened upon this site up because someone told me that I should blog and suggested ActiveRain as a good place to start. That person said to grow my business and be found on Google I had to be blogging.

So that very day, I searched it out, found it and signed up. I paid for a full year of service. I filled out my profile and wrote my first post. Whew! I was … (39 comments)

activerain: Have You Entered the Contests for June? - 06/27/17 07:10 PM
June is coming to a close but there is still time to rack up some big bonus points by entering the 3 contests running until midnight PDT on June 30. With the FAQ posts hosted by Anna Banana Kruchten, CRS  neighborhood post hosted by Liz and Bill Spear and the ActiveRain Contests blogging challenge for you. To see more on this months contests visit at the bottom of any page, 3rd column. It is hyperlinked to the contest group.

These contest post provide really good reading and is a good place to start in your daily reading.

This is a really busy summer and some people … (28 comments)

activerain: What It Feels Like to Be a 3 Millionaire - 06/18/17 11:38 AM
What It Feels Like to Be a 3 Millionaire

Speaking in ActiveRain jargon, points seem to be the catalyst to get bloggers interested in blogging on a regular basis. The founders were smart in putting this point system in place because as sales agents and independent business people working in an agressive real estate market, we like challenges and we like to set goals for ourselves.

When I joined ActiveRain in October 2011, I didn't know about the points and it took me a few months before I had read enough posts about it and noticed the point clicker changing by my name to really understand. Then … (69 comments)

activerain: Ask an Ambassador- How to Host an ActiveRain Contest - 05/05/17 02:57 PM
Ask an Ambassador- How to Host an ActiveRain Contest
Each month to make things more fun in the Rain, there are contests or challenges that have extra bonus points awarded to those that participate. When you enter any of the ActiveRain contests and follow the guidelines, you will be awarded bonus points within the first few days of the following month.  The reason we have contests is to have posts focused on a specific topics and to produce good reading for the membership.
All contest posts should be posted in the ActiveRain Contest Group. The link can be found on the bottom of each page. … (48 comments)

activerain: Still Time to Share Hot Ideas in the April Contest - 04/17/17 08:18 PM
Hot Market Strategies - Contest

Many markets are hot and agents that are successful in them know just what to do. If your market isn't there yet, tell us what you would do to get your offer to shine. Many have already submitted their entries.
Share your ideas with the rest of us and earn yourself some extra points.

Here's the challenge: Share 3 strategies, tips or ideas that increase the chances your offers are noticed and accepted. Get creative and don't be afraid to share a little secret or two. We are kindred spirits and have shared before. This will help all of us.

Write 300 … (14 comments)

activerain: Your Blog Post Got Me to Thinking - 02/26/17 11:32 AM
Your Blog Triggered a Thought

When reading blogs I like to take the time to leave a comment. Many times I find myself thinking of another set of circumstances that I want to share about the topic. Your blog post got me to thinking.
While writing the comment I realize I have too much to say and don't want to hijack the post and dominate the comment section with a diatribe response. Even while making the comment I may think of another two or three points to make but know I need to be brief and keep it a comment. Has this … (70 comments)

activerain: Ask an Ambassador- What Is a Reblog and Should I do It? - 02/21/17 06:20 PM
Reblogs (Resharing a Post) Can Get Lots of Views Too.

First you have to understand what a reblog is. It is republishing or sharing a post through the ActiveRain network that someone else wrote. They will get attribution and a byline for their post. You can write an introduction about your thoughts on the subject or not. The entire post will be shared in its original format.

Some members do not give permission for their posts to be reblogged. There is a block in your blog settings where you can decide to allow it or not. Activating the setting allows your posts to be … (61 comments)

activerain: Ask An Ambassador- How important is it to be a Rainmaker? - 02/15/17 07:40 PM
Ask An Ambassador- How important is it to be a Rainmaker?

ActiveRain allows new members to sign up as just members (Rainers) with no paid account and limited services. This is a good way to get familiar with the platform before you buy in. You can post Members Only posts and make comments and ask questions in the Q&A.
What you cannot do is make your posts Public and get the SEO advantage of blogging about your listings, neighborhoods and showing your expertise to consumers. Other ActiveRain members can read your posts but they cannot reblog your posts. You are shut out from doing … (50 comments)

activerain: If You Love It, Share It- ActiveRain Is About Sharing - 02/13/17 10:26 AM
Share the Love of ActiveRain 
If you are enjoying reading someone's blog posts, let them know.
If you think it is something others should see too, why don't you reblog it.
If it is something you want your followers on other social media to read, then Tweet it, Google+, Pin it, Link it or post on your Facebook wall.
If you want to reward the writer with some extra points make a comment, hit the like button or bookmark it or do all three.
If it really inspires you then write a post and mention the inspiration you got from the writer. 
If you appreciate … (40 comments)

activerain: Ringing and Singing in the Rain Challenge- 6 days to Go - 01/25/17 07:56 AM
Reminder: Ringing and Singing in the Rain 2017- An ActiveRain Challenge

The calls have been taking place and friendships are growing in the Rain. Some folks that have never participated have reached out and made a call or two. Others have been the recipients of the calls. I know this brings us closer.
Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland has been doing this for years and has connections all across the country. Even she was able to find someone she had never spoken to satisfy one of the category requirements.
Visit the original post for all the guidelines and to posts your links to qualify … (38 comments)

activerain: The "We" in Weltanschauung - 01/21/17 09:46 AM
ActiveRain's Weltenschauung is for Us; It's What We Believe

When a member joins the ActiveRain community, that member agrees to follow the community guidelines and is in agreement with the Weltanschauung, the guiding principles and world view of the community.  If the member is not willing to play by the rules and these principles, then this is not the place for him.
To be honest most people don't read and understand these rules, guidelines or principles until much later in their membership journey. Lynn B. Friedman with her January Jumpstart Blogging Challenge has challenged us to write a post about what is meaningful about these principles and guidelines. 
The thing … (17 comments)

activerain: Free Speech is Not a License for Bad Conduct - 01/14/17 07:29 PM
The Founding Fathers Knew What They Were Doing

The ActiveRain organizers knew we needed guidelines and rules to follow or things would run amok. After all we are people with different personalities coming from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. Since most of us are salespeople running our own businesses, we are high-spirited and hard-charging individuals used to stating our positions and fighting for what we think is right.
One of the first statements in the ActiveRain Community Guidelines pertains to how we should conduct ourselves. Yes, we should treat others with respect but that respect is earned and demonstrated in our actions … (58 comments)

activerain: Ringing and Singing in the Rain 2017- An ActiveRain Challenge - 12/31/16 04:03 PM
Ringing and Singing in the Rain 2017- An ActiveRain Challenge

The New Year is here and it's time again to connect with other ActiveRain members. Having a phone conversation is a good way to make friendships, establish business relationships and to lay the groundwork for future referrals.

There are 3 ways to earn points in this challenge.
Call and talk with an ActiveRain member that you have never talked with before. This can be someone you are following or that follows you or any member. Write a post about your call and then post a link to that post in the comment section below … (147 comments)

activerain: Contest Time Again - 12/04/16 05:33 PM
Contest Time Again- The December Challenges
The new contests are out and in just 3 days time, there have been a lot of posts written on the contests topics. There are some excellent posts and enjoyable reading. 
Here is my challenge to you. If you haven't entered a contest, give it a try. If you would like to host a contest and have an idea, let me know and I'll put you on the calendar. If you don't have an idea but are willing to host, I have some I will share.
Take a look at the contests below that are currently running until December … (35 comments)

activerain: 10 Day Thanksgiving Post Challenge - 11/15/16 04:58 AM

Only 10 days to go and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day. This day is different for everyone depending where your family is located and your traditions. I know it is one of my favorite holidays of the year. 

One thing we all have in common is that we are incredibly blessed. I am issuing a challenge to all. Starting today and each day until Thanksgiving Day write a post about something you are thankful for. It can be big or it can be small. Oftentimes the smallest blessings give the biggest joys.
Voicing our blessings makes them come to life and gets … (395 comments)

activerain: Thank You ActiveRain Orlando Meetup Hosts - 11/04/16 12:13 PM
This is a special thank you to Lisa Von Domek and Evelyn Johnston for planning and hosting the meetup at the Hilton Orlando. These lady put the word out months ago that they would serve as the hosts for the NAR Meetup and had a few surprises planned for the rest of us. It was a good group of people and most I had never met before.
We all say it is like meeting old friends and that is exactly what it was. I had met Jeff Dowler in D.C. in May so it was special seeing him again. Those I recognized were Silvia … (15 comments)

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