goals: 10 Days Remaining in the January Challenges - 01/21/18 03:46 PM
Tick, Tick, Tick

The clock is ticking and it's hard to believe we are already approaching the end of January. To get your 2018 blogging cadence started off on the right foot, there are 3 challenges that will get you focused on business and establishing good habits for the year.

The 2018 Blog Jumpstart Challenge courtesy of Lynn B. Friedman is off and running and you get to decide at which level you would like to participate, Mini, Midi or Maxi. Check out the details here.

ActiveRain Contests has issued a challenge for you to Share Advice with New Agents coming into the business. What did you … (15 comments)

goals: Making 2018 the Best Year Yet- An ActiveRain Challenge - 12/30/17 08:55 PM
Dreams, Visions, Goals, Planning Challenge

We are now entering into 2018 and many are wondering where did 2017 go? Before we get deep into the new year let's take a look at where we are going.
There is so much opportunity ahead of each of us and it is up to each of us to reach out and get it. Whether it be in our personal lives, health, spirituality, business,  personal or professional development or with family and friends, it takes a goal and making an investment to reap the best returns.

Defining the goal is not the hard part. Laying out the plan … (131 comments)

goals: 7 Steps on the Path to a Great 2018 - 11/06/17 06:45 PM
7 Key Steps to Greatness 
With just a few weeks until we cross into 2018, it's time right now to lay the plan so you will start the year on your path to success. A successful career doesn't happen on its own.  It takes planning and following that plan to reach your goal.  You alone are responsible for your future and how you travel your path.  
It's almost impossible to reach a goal without having a clear and concise plan of action. Putting it in writing makes it real and easier to follow. Internalize it, visualize it.
Systems are important and in this day and time, if … (28 comments)

goals: Hold on to Your Hat, 2018 is So Close - 10/30/17 06:51 PM
We Are on the Countdown to 2018
Today we are 63 days away from January 1st. That is just 9 weeks folks. To make it even scarier we are 23 days from Thanksgiving and 56 days to Christmas Day.
Hold on to your hat and put your pedal to the metal. Are your 2017 goals met or will you be down to the wire? Have you started planning for 2018? 
The truth is it will feel like we are blinking a few times and it will be here and 2017 will be in the rearview mirror. Do all you can to make 2017 the year … (12 comments)

goals: 5 Good Reasons to Have a Broker's License - 01/07/17 04:39 PM
Why Get Your Brokers License?
In many states, there are lower license statuses than having a full broker's license. For instance, in Tennessee, you must have an affiliate brokers license for at least 3 years, take the Broker's Office Management Course and have dozens of additional educational hours to qualify to take the broker's exam. With all that extra work, why should an agent aspire to get a Brokers License? 
It is good to set goals. If you plan to stay in the real estate business this is a natural step to attain and certainly will not hurt you. The education is good … (79 comments)

goals: Can You Will 2016 to Be a Great Year? - 12/29/15 10:30 PM
Can We Will 2016 to Be a Great Year?

I say yes we can.
We can choose the direction and choices we make. We can control how we respond to bad situations, poor results and when we fall short. We can put a smile on our faces and greet people with a friendly greeting.  We can choose to make lemonade out of lemons and even add a pretty straw or fruit umbrella. We can keep our eyes on our goal knowing that bumps in the road may come. We can press on and not be defeated and never say never. We can lift … (28 comments)

goals: It's Not About How Much You Can Earn, It's About Balance - 12/17/15 11:15 AM
It's Not About How Much You Can Earn, It's About Balance

Generally speaking most people will tell you to set your goals high and stretch yourself. If you made X this year surely next year you can make X++.  I say it is not all about the money or even the numbers. I think it is about quality and personal satisfaction and having balance to life.  Making money is fun but is not the answer to a satisfying life.

Money is not always a motivator either. The longer you have been in business world, chances are you are less affected by the almighty … (33 comments)

goals: 7 Key Steps to Insure a Great Start to 2016 - 11/30/15 09:30 AM
7 Key Steps to Insure a Great Start to 2016
With just a month to go before the new year rolls in, taking the time now to put in place these 7 key steps will start your 2016 on the right foot, January 1. This preparation will lay groundwork for a fantastic start in both your business and personal life.

Have a written business/goal plan and internalize it. Knowing where you want to go takes more than just declaring it. It takes knowing how you are going to get there and a daily plan to follow. Have your systems and database ready to … (111 comments)

goals: 5 Tips for Achieving Happiness - 10/25/15 12:46 PM
This is the time of the year to be planning for next year and formulating and setting goals. Part of goal setting is also planning for personal time and personal goals. Achieving happiness is a big part of living a balanced life. This post sets out 5 tips to help pave the way to happiness. It is worth the read, thanks to Laura Foreman.
Happiness isn’t permanent; it’s a choice you make every day. Happy people aren’t passive about their happiness. They take an active role by adopting a positive attitude and fully committing to their happiness. Here are five tips … (11 comments)

goals: Readjustment of Work Time and Goals - 03/22/15 12:17 PM
Readjustment of Work Time and Goals

The March Challenge issued by Grant Schneider gave me cause to stop and think just what I did I last year that I am not be doing this year. I don't consider myself a quitter so when I leave a practice or activity behind it is because it no longer works with my strategy of business.

I am finding it is taking more and more time to channel my business in the direction I want it to go. There are activities I do not enjoy and do not want to do any longer. There are enough challenges in … (45 comments)

goals: MARCH CONTEST: WHAT HAVE YOU STOPPED DOING IN 2015? - 03/06/15 11:58 AM
This is one of those contests we can learn from thanks to Grant Schneider.  I know there are things I am leaving behind in 2014 and new directions and paths I am taking for 2015. If you participate in sharing your thoughts you will earn 500 points and it will get you a chance to to focus on your business and where you are going.
Success in your business depends on having a plan and then setting goals and action steps.  In your 2015 business plan you may have established new initiatives, set up new systems, invested in new marketing, or … (22 comments)

goals: Enjoy the Little Rewards Along the Way - 05/18/14 11:26 PM
Enjoy the Little Rewards Along the Way

A post written by Grant Schneider made me think of a practice I put into play long ago when I got into real estate. Grant's post titled, Persistence with Goals Will Turn Your Dreams Into Reality talks about how you have to stick the plan when working toward your goals. Goals worth having are oftentimes long term goals and take persistence and hard work.
I agree with Grant and he is a terrific business coach. What I learned in my early days of real estate is that you have to track your progress and have small … (26 comments)

goals: My "Me Agreement" for My Business in 2014 - 12/27/13 04:14 AM
My "Me Agreement" for My Business in 2014
There are several areas in my business that need some commitment and resolution for 2014. Systems are working pretty well but there is some fine tuning that is in order to make them run more seamlessly.
All files, photos, important documents are to be stored in the Cloud for easy accessibility. Engage more with social media but look for ways to streamline and to not invest more time. Take some additional NAR classes to add a couple more designations. One in particular I have my eye on is the military relocation course. … (30 comments)

goals: All You Need is an Apple, a Sharp Knife and One More Thing! - 04/10/13 10:04 AM
The blog that Kathy Streib wrote makes a very good point about tackling any type of job or task. You need the right equipment/plan, the knowledge to know what to do and then the time and focus to get the job done. Without the Focus you may never see the end result.
If you would like to give a comment to Kathy please click on her post link.
All You Need is an Apple,  a Sharp Knife and Just One More Thing.
In the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” there is a scene where Tom Hanks tells his son how his … (2 comments)

goals: I Must Be Crazy, It’s Not About The Money - 08/23/12 02:03 PM
I Must Be Crazy, It’s Not About The Money. I sell real estate because I love it and frankly after 32 years I really know what I’m doing. My primary goal is not the amount of money I make but giving great service to my clients. I do not do it solely for the money because my satisfaction comes from knowing that I have done my job well and represented my clients in the very best way possible.
I Must Be Crazy, It’s Not About The Money.
In a recent post by Barbara Todaro, she says that you … (15 comments)

goals: Where Will I Be At The End Of The Year In ActiveRain? - 05/14/12 03:49 PM
Where will I be at the end of the year in the ActiveRain Network? I have discovered an unbelievable source of information, community and fellowship with a Big, Big Bonus of how to be found on Google.
ActiveRain has uncovered this mystery for me and I am in the process as an old timer in the real estate business and a newbie to ActiveRain of exploring all the possibilities available to me as a Rainmaker. I am on a huge learning curve (remember I'm no spring chicken) but so excited about the challenge. So where will I be at the end of … (49 comments)

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