points: What It Feels Like to Be a 3 Millionaire - 06/18/17 11:38 AM
What It Feels Like to Be a 3 Millionaire

Speaking in ActiveRain jargon, points seem to be the catalyst to get bloggers interested in blogging on a regular basis. The founders were smart in putting this point system in place because as sales agents and independent business people working in an agressive real estate market, we like challenges and we like to set goals for ourselves.

When I joined ActiveRain in October 2011, I didn't know about the points and it took me a few months before I had read enough posts about it and noticed the point clicker changing by my name to really understand. Then … (69 comments)

points: Ask an Ambassador- When Will My Contest Points Appear? - 08/07/16 09:44 AM
Ask an Ambassador- When Will I Get My Contest Points?
When you enter any of the ActiveRain contests and follow the guidelines, you will be awarded bonus points for participation. Your extra work pays off and provides interesting reading for the membership.

The contest host keeps a record of who is participating and at the end of the contest period turns this record into Bob Stewart. He is a very busy guy with lots of responsibilities so the points don't always get credited overnight. It takes time.

The contest host will stay on top of it and after a few days if they have not been posted a … (30 comments)

points: Ask an Ambassador - What's All the Talk about Points? - 10/28/15 10:52 AM
Ask an Ambassador - What's All the Talk about Points?

I spoke with a brand spanking new Newbie this week and she was trying to publish her first blog post. She was having some trouble and thought maybe since she wasn't a paying member, she wasn't allowed to post. I told her that all members can post a blog. It was new blogger difficulty and she finally got it posted. See Cathi Weuve's first post here.
Then she asked what's all the talk about points? I don't know what they are for. Good question. So here are what points are all about.

Points … (95 comments)

points: Ask an Ambassador - Do Points Really Matter? - 08/27/15 11:02 AM
Ask an Ambassador - Do Points Really Matter?

If you have been around ActiveRain for any amount of time you have read  conversations about the points. Chances are when you signed up for the Rain you didn't know that there were points then as you started engaging you saw your points total begin to increase. Just by logging on each day and making comments on other people's blogs you are awarded points. So does it really matter? If you are a competitive person the answer would be yes. It is fun to see the numbers rise and congratulate other members when they reach important … (50 comments)

points: Scheduling re-blogs in advance: Paying it forward - 02/13/15 12:34 PM
If you wonder how to schedule a reblog of a post you like then you need to read Roy Kelley's post below. Roy is so faithful to promote other members in the Rain and does at least one reblog a day. He schedules them in advance and then doesn't have to worry about being at his computer to manually do them.
The reblogger gets 25 points and the author of the reblogged post gets 25 points too. There is a limit of one per day (to receive points) in both categories.
Scheduling re-blogs in advance: Paying it forward
One of … (18 comments)

points: Are Original Intentions Still Valid? - ActiveRain Guidelines - 01/19/15 07:32 AM
Are the Original Intentions Still Valid? ActiveRain Guidelines
"Unspoken rules and guidelines don't cut it. Especially in a social network the size of ActiveRain." These words were spoken almost 7 years ago by Rich Jacobson. I do not know Rich but surmise that he was part of the ActiveRain staff or hierarchy. He had to be an important member of the system because there are multiple links to his posts on the Community Guidelines page.
In reading over the ActiveRain Community Guidelines for Lynn B. Friedman's Blogging Challenge, I noticed something that I had not noticed before. Many of the bullet points are linked … (34 comments)

points: Do You Enter ActiveRain Contests? Do You Invite Others to Sign Up? - 12/26/13 09:39 AM

There are many different ways to earn points in ActiveRain and inviting people, entering contests, completing surveys when asked, writing blog posts and making comments are just a few. 
What are point good for? The one with the most points in a city, county or state moves to the top ranking in those areas. That is extra publicity and increases your chances of being found on the web. That is good stuff!
Do You Enter ActiveRain Contests? Do You Invite Others to Sign Up?
I do! I am sure there are others who have invited more people to sign up, and … (4 comments)

points: Get 4 Extra Points on Your Posts - 12/08/13 12:31 PM
Get 4 Extra Points on Your Posts.
This will work on many of your posts. Did you know if you will respond to comments made by others on your posts, you will get 4 extra points in your point total? This is especially important if you didn't get a lot of comments on a particular post. Generally a blog post tops out at 325 points with about 20-25 comments. Wordier comments get more points.
Another reason to post a comment on your own post is to answer any questions and to acknowledge that others have left you comments. Add to the conversation and most … (27 comments)

points: ReBlogging Gives You Extra Points - 07/13/12 12:03 PM
Reblogging Gives You Extra Points. Did you know that you can earn 25 points for every Reblog you post per week up to a maximum of 10 Reblogs? If my math is right, that is an extra 250 points you can add to your weekly points total. All you have to do is be willing to put a short introduction to someone else’s blog (a minimum of 25 words) and hit the Reblog button.
Now the purpose of this Reblog opportunity is to recirculate those posts that went under the radar the first time or those that have particularly good value or interest … (27 comments)

points: 500 Points Appeared Like Magic - 07/01/12 10:11 AM
500 Points Appeared By Magic. I thought I should share this for those of you that are point conscious and have point goals you are trying to reach. While on ActiveRain this week updating my profile, I discovered that I got 500 points that appeared like magic.
The funny thing was that I was making several changes and additions to my profile and wasn't sure what I did. So what was it that triggered those magic points? I wrote an ActiveRain Success Story. It was just a couple of paragraphs so I don't know it was triggered by the number of words … (8 comments)

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