selling: Is It Smart to List Your Home During the Holidays? - 10/31/18 05:50 PM
Are the Holidays A Good Time to Sell Your Home?

Cooler weather has set in and stores are decorated for the holidays. Though I haven't heard any Christmas Carols yet except in my office, I know that people are talking about the holiday dinners, parties and gift buying. With Thanksgiving a couple of weeks away and Christmas a few weeks after that, you might be thinking there is no use in trying to sell right now, that nobody will be looking for a home during the holidays. That isn't so. Should you wait until spring? 
If your home has already been on the market and it hasn't … (10 comments)

selling: Fall Plantings Add Color When Selling Your Home - 10/20/18 08:03 PM
This is still a good time to put your home on the market. Though the grass isn't quite as green and the flowers of spring and summer are waning, there are some colorful choices to make your home have a bright exterior appearance and to catch the attention of fall buyers.
A trip to my local garden shop showed that fall plants are in abundance this year. The summer flowers and closeouts are over. Christmas trees shaped plants are beginning to arrive. Adding some colorful plants and flowers shows you care about your home and the small investment will have great returns.. 
Ornamental cabbages are … (15 comments)

selling: A Lean and Spacious Looking House Has Buyer Appeal - 09/19/18 07:53 PM
Get Your Clarksville Home Ready to Sell, Think Lean, Think Clean 
When you are ready to sell your Clarksville home, you need to think like a buyer. Buyers like light and bright homes and want plenty of space. They like clean and homes that are smelling good.  There are definitely strategies to getting your home looking top notch and forged into the minds of buyers. 
Getting your home ready to sell takes planning and execution of the plan. It isn't always easy but think lean. Less is more when it comes to decorating and presenting a home for market. Buyers get turned off by … (12 comments)

selling: A Clean Refrigerator Helps Sell the Home - 09/16/18 06:04 PM
Get Rid of the Refrigerator Magnets
 The refrigerator should be clean on the outside and clean on the inside. Often the refrigerator may be covered in magnets or the kids or grandkids artwork. To present the home at its best, get rid of the clutter on the refrigerator. It's plain ugly and distracting. Check all sides and the entire front. Clean out the stuff stored on top. Clean it good and get rid of the messy fingerprints, too. Buyers will open the refrigerator even if the refrigerator is not part of the sale. Make sure the inside is neat and clean too.   Additionally, unclutter the counter-tops to … (28 comments)

selling: A Review from an Untechy Client - 08/30/18 06:48 PM
The Challenge of Not Using Tech

In this day and time I find most of my clients are comfortable and prefer using their technology to navigate through the real estate transaction. Every now and then I encounter a client that is totally unfamiliar with how to electronically sign, doesn't use Facebook and rarely checks email or his voicemail. He doesn't text. Go figure.
This seller bought last year and decided to sell and go back home this year. I knew from my previous experience with him that it would take a lot of hands on and I would have to explain everything 2 or 3 … (11 comments)

selling: What Does a Motivated Seller Look Like? - 08/25/18 06:25 PM
What is a Motivated Seller?
We hear these words used often in the real estate industry but what does a motivate seller really look like from the real estate agent's perspective? 
If the seller says he is very motivated, it means to us that he will do everything we ask of him to get it sold. That means full cooperation all the way through the selling process.
The following show motivation from a seller and not just lip service.
Get the home ready for market including decluttering, deep cleaning, and doing some staging if necessary. If an obvious repair is needed it is in your best … (5 comments)

selling: Wearing the Shoes of the Seller, Listen to Your Agent - 08/20/18 07:51 PM
Decisions Had to Be Made
Recently we decided it was time to sell our condo in Florida. The first step was to decide if the timing was right. That meant talking to a fellow neighbor and agent that has kept us up to date on what had been happening in our community for the last 10 years or so. We viewed her as an expert in our area and felt comfortable she would give us a fair assessment.
It wasn't an easy decision. We had made many memories there. Our kids were little when we first bought it and we had dozens of vacations, … (57 comments)

selling: Number One Reason Your Home Doesn't Sell - 07/30/18 06:10 PM
Now that I have your attention I am going to share with you some bold facts as to why homes don't sell. Many parts of country have had very hot markets and almost everything has sold. Even homes that weren't in good condition and difficult to show sold because buyers needed a place to live and acted quickly, emotionally and without a lot of consideration.  Markets are beginning to change and buyers are not jumping like they were before.
If your home has been on the market and not sold, there is one main reason. Your home is overpriced and buyers were not willing … (14 comments)

selling: Clarksville Housing Prices Have Risen in 2018 - 07/08/18 07:32 PM
The Market Has Totally Recovered in Clarksville Tennessee
The housing market has been healed with prices in some neighborhoods having risen 6-8% in the last year. Overall in Clarksville I see a full 6-8% increase the last 3-4 years across the board. This is because of the hot market we have seen especially in the last 18 months.
This means if a seller wants to sell after owning for just 3 to 4 years, the seller will likely get out without having to bring money to the table. In some cases, they can put money in their pockets.

Sellers are still contributing toward closing costs … (14 comments)

selling: 7 Reasons It May Be Time to Sell Your Home - 06/23/18 08:28 PM
7 Signs Telling You It's Time to Sell Your Home

Life brings changes out of your control. Some changes are by choice and needing to sell your home may be one of those decisions you have to make. timing is everything. The important thing to know is to be able to recognize when it is the right time for you to sell.

As real estate agents, we can counsel with a seller and help the seller sort out whether now is a good time to sell or not. Much of it will depend on the home itself. The good news is that we are in a hot … (41 comments)

selling: Smells Can Turn Buyers Away at the Door - 06/18/18 06:29 PM
Smells Can Offend a Buyer, Even Perceived Good Smells

When listing a property, listing agents want the seller to put the home into the best shape possible to attract the biggest pool of buyers. Agents have to be bold and share news that some sellers don't want to hear. It is our responsibility and duty to tell the sellers if the house has offensive odors.

When you come from outside breathing the fresh air and step into the home, the smell of pets, cooking, and smoking odors can all be detected immediately. In the seller's defense, when you live with these odors they become part of of you and … (41 comments)

selling: What Sellers Should Do When Leaving for Vacation - 06/11/18 07:05 PM
 Tips for Your Home When Leaving on Vacation
Life goes on even when selling your home. That very important summer vacation may have been booked months or years ago so there is no need to worry that just because you are selling your home, you can still leave for a few days and the selling can continue. There are some things you must do to make sure all goes well while you are away. Above all, you don't want the marketing or the showings to stop because you are out of town. 
Check this list to make sure all is in order.

Tell your agent when you will … (13 comments)

selling: Moving and Selling Cleaning Tips - 05/29/18 06:44 PM
Cleaning Tips for Making Your Home Ready for Market
When showing properties the very first thing I do is take a deep breath and smell. I want to smell a clean smell, no smoke and no pets. I want no cover up fragrances like potpourri, scented candles or air fresheners.

Some basic cleaning supplies work best and will leave your home sparkling. White vinegar is a must and so are cotton cleaning cloths (or old t-shirts or diapers, the cloth kind).

Small nail holes in walls can be filled with white toothpaste or a little bit of cotton. Of course the wall needs to … (21 comments)

selling: Seller Showing Prep Tips to Reduce Risk - 04/05/18 08:08 PM
Make Your Home Safe for Home Buyers to See
When selling a Clarksville TN home, it is important to prepare for showings and think a little deeper than just a pretty presentation. Though staging can handle much of the preparation, there are things to do to insure your safety and reduce the risk of any injury by potential buyers. 

When Selling Put All Valuables Securely Away- It isn't good enough to tuck into a drawer. Lock them away or take to a safety deposit box. Medicine and Prescriptions Should Be Not Be Left in the Home During Showings- Not only might a child get into … (28 comments)

selling: Is It Luck When a House Sells? - 03/18/18 07:33 PM
Does Luck Play into Selling a Home?
Do you believe in luck? When I think about selling a home, I think there is 95% control over conditions, pricing, marketing, photos, strategies, showings and negotiations. The  5% that is remaining is the unknown such as market conditions or possibly having to deal with an uncooperative buyer or agent. 

Selecting an experienced and hard working agent sets the stage for a series of events to take place that will cause the home to sell. 

The seller must be cooperative and onboard to do certain things to get the home sold. That means he must prepare the … (21 comments)

selling: Lots of Showings, No Offers, What's Wrong? - 03/18/18 02:27 PM
Too Many Showings with No Offers Is a Red Flag

Sellers tend to measure the desirability of their homes by the number of showings they get. We agents wants lots of showings as it exposes the property to more buyers, but we also want the right buyers. When there are lots of showings and no offers, this is a red flag that there is a problem and the problem must be addressed or the seller's property could actually lose value by extended market time. 

What could be the reasons there are no offers?

The truth is that the home is being beat by the competition. 

It's time for … (47 comments)

selling: Spring is on the Way in Clarksville TN - 03/10/18 03:25 PM
Don't Delay, Start Your Home Searching Now
The sunshine, daffodils and budding trees are telling us that spring is just days away. Spring sports and practices are in full swing and families are on the move. 

Spring fever means that thoughts turn to home buying. The good news is that builders are building fast and furious to get homes ready for late spring and early summer moves. 

This is also a good time for sellers to put their homes on the market. inventory needs a shot in the arm and this is a fantastic time to sell. You can get some tips for getting … (10 comments)

selling: 7 Reasons to List Your Home Before Spring - 02/03/18 07:43 PM
Only 4 Weeks to Spring 
The holidays are over and the snow and cold have made their winter arrival. Now that we are past Groundhog Day, thoughts are turning to spring and a restlessness is stirring in the hearts of many homeowners.

The thoughts are selling are astir and thoughts about whether this could be the right time to sell or to wait until later when warm weather has made its official arrival.
The is good news that now is a fantastic time to take action and get your home on the market. The 7 reasons below can give you an advantage and send you to the … (9 comments)

selling: Why You Should List Your Home Over the Holidays - 11/18/17 02:18 PM
Why The Holidays May Be the Best Time to Sell Your Home
Cooler temperatures are here and people are thinking about turkey and shopping for gifts. Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. If you are a prospective seller, you may be thinking that it's too late this year to sell and you have missed the opportunity for selling and should wait until spring.
If you have been trying to sell, don't despair. The holidays have some of the best buyers and they are willing to pay more. Homes look pretty with holiday decor and everyone seems to be of good cheer. 

Plus there are lots … (8 comments)

selling: Before You List Secure Your Valuables and Harmful Items - 09/21/17 11:02 AM
Put All Valuables and Harmful Items Away
When selling a home including your Clarksville TN home, sellers need to prepare for showing by securing your valuables and putting away any dangerous or harmful items.
The obvious steps of preparation have to do with staging and getting the home in show-ready condition and clutter-free. When a home is ready for market and presents well in Clarksville TN home, it will sell faster and bring a good price.
Home sellers need to take that extra step and put valuables away, out of sight and in a safe place. All valuables should not be visible as they could be a … (12 comments)

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