fierce realty corp: Future of Multi-Gen Homes - 05/19/19 06:18 AM
Let us face it. Our population is aging. There has been an increase in access to good healthcare. Medical technology is emerging. Lastly, more public information about how to stay healthy is available. Comparatively, the real estate industry is so far behind with developing larger segmented homes to accommodate multiple generations (Multi-Gen) in one space. As a result, there is a Multi-Gen home shortage.
Aging PopulationI do not need to throw a bunch of statistics at you regarding the aging population. We have been slowly watching the growth in our own families. Just last year, because of a crisis, I was living … (1 comments)

fierce realty corp: How to buy a house - 03/13/19 01:48 AM
If a buyer is interested in buying a home, they should start the process 6-9 months before the purchase. It should begin with checking their credit. If any issues are found, they can work on that immediately. However, it takes several credit cycles (every 30 days) for the credit report to update. Credit is one of the 3 C's (credit, capacity, collateral) needed with buying a home and it is very important. Having a good to excellent credit score will determine how much you will pay to borrow money-essentially your interest rate. 
When reviewing their credit reports, they should be looking for … (4 comments)

fierce realty corp: The Rich get Richer! Mark Zuckerberg and Quiet Title - 03/12/19 05:23 AM
What is quiet title? According to Cornell law, a quiet title action is the following:
A special legal proceeding to determine ownership of real property.  A party with a claim of ownership to land can file an action to quiet title, which serves as a sort of lawsuit against anyone and everyone else who has a claim to the land.  If the owner prevails in the quiet title action, no further challenges to the title can be brought. 
- How is it impacting Zuckerberg? – Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook filed a quiet title suit in Hawaii adjacent to his water front property to own … (0 comments)

fierce realty corp: Hard Money Lenders-Predator or Savior? - 03/11/19 11:26 AM
There are two myths about hard money lending that I like to address today. One, hard money lending is the best way to get funding for a fix/flip. Two, hard money lender prefers to foreclose on your investment rather than collect the high interest payments.
Hard money lending is misunderstood by new investor. It's unfortunate because it can be easy to navigate if understood properly. 
The myth that hard money lending is the only way to go when buying a fix/flip is inaccurate. There are several sources of funding to seek out first and foremost before selecting a hard money lender. However, after … (0 comments)

fierce realty corp: You really want Zillow to buy your house? - 03/06/19 05:24 PM
Zillow's new service-ibuyer has hit the market in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Denver. There are three commercials which play on the emotions of a seller.  Zillow claims a seller would be interested in selling their home for cash to a company they know and can trust -all while making a bubble beard and cooking unicorn pancakes. Very cute, but misleading.
As there are many educated consumers that will be able to understand this arrangement, at the same time there are many others that will not. Unfortunately, a lot of sellers will not hire a professional realtor or real estate attorney to help navigate them … (4 comments)

fierce realty corp: Real Estate is Changing - 03/02/19 03:31 AM
There are cars flying over my head as I’m sitting on a park bench sending a text message on my arm. Yes, you didn’t misread and there are no typos in the above sentence. Welcome to the future. It may not be that far away from the time you are reading this post. I’m a Realtor/Broker/Owner/Author/Speaker and I recently wrote a book about my rapid rise to success titled “Burning Desire” ……. With this being said, my intentions were to write about a series of activities to focus on while climbing the success ladder in real estate. Well, after reading about … (4 comments)

fierce realty corp: A New Approach-Home of the Flat Rate Commission - 02/28/19 06:59 PM
Here is a somewhat new concept in the real estate industry-Flat Rate Commission! That is the focus of  Fierce Realty Corp based in Bala Cynwyd, Pa. The client will know exactly the fee for us to sell their home and it will be a lot cheaper than a percentage of the sale. The minimun commission on the listing side can go as low as $2500.
We also incorporate charitable living as we are rooted and grounded in the communities we served!
Reach out to us and learn more about how we are stirring the pot in the real estate industry!

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