Don't miss out on the next Q&A Presentation: BLOGGING Want to know more about blogging?  Got questions that need to be answered? Then you'll definitely want to make time on Tuesday (yes, it's tomorrow) to attend this powerful Q&A with experienced, area bloggers.      Blogging is just the begin...
I'm a Twitter kind of gal ... I can easily express my thoughts in a limited amount of characters and now, without correct punctuation.  Sure, it drove me crazy in the beginning.  I felt robbed of my education when I was forced to delete certain letters and leave out a period at the end of a sente...
Are you worried? When you drive down the street and you see abandoned houses with those all too familiar “signs” posted on the garage, what are your thoughts? If 1 in 6 homeowners are facing foreclosure, then that means 2 of the houses on my street are facing a dismal future. Not only that, but 2...
In a society rich in acronyms and abbreviations that are considered the norm and correct grammar is an anomaly, I’m wondering if we sometimes take advantage of our “expertise” and leave others scratching their head and saying “Huh?“ Taking a step beyond Active Rain and delve into social media and...

Calie Waterhouse

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