advertising: An Open Letter to All REALTORS - from a Prospective Buyer (and Potential Client) - 11/19/07 10:01 AM

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Prospective Buyer.  I am the person that all of your marketing and advertising dollars, when applied properly, appeal to.  If all the stars align, I’m your client.  I’m even already pre-qualified to buy a new house.  While my credit score is not quite perfect, it is in the excellent range. 
Quite unexpectedly, I found myself in unfamiliar territory (outside of the state that I currently reside in) looking for a new home.  As the majority of today’s buyers do, I started my search on the internet.  I looked through the … (62 comments)

advertising: It's Time To TOOT - A Little Bit Louder Now! - 08/06/07 08:25 AM
                  Why? Why? Why?  I just have to ask, "Why?" 
WHY is it so hard for home stagers to stand up and be heard?  Why are we so quiet about the service we provide?  What's the big secret? 
With first hand knowledge and personal experience behind you, think about it this way - A vacant home is empty, uninviting - sitting there waiting for someone (anyone) to pour some attention on it. 
But a staged home offers possibilities, potential and promise.  
What picture is coming to your mind?  Do you really want to be thought of as a home where "no … (22 comments)

advertising: Your MARKETING efforts is what sells your listings ... Even Tony Marriott agrees! - 06/14/07 03:45 AM
  While surfing around A/R this morning, I came across one of the pillars of A/R - Tony Marriott's blog entitled "Getting Ready For Showtime"
Tony's Blog includes a Top 10 Checklist of things to do prior to "showtime"- that is before putting your house or listing on the market or MLS.  As a self-proclaimed marketing junkie, I find it absolutely, positively reaffirming that 8 out of 10 of the things to do are MARKETING. 
Title Inspection & Home Warranty Home Inspection Home Staging Measurements and Description, Features to highlight  Digital Photos and Virtual Tour MLS Data Entry  Internet Marketing Toll Free Audio Tour … (12 comments)

advertising: Want more business? Take Note - 06/11/07 02:09 PM
Want more business?
How about more referrals?
Then consider the power of a hand written note.
I am almost fanatical about writing notes. Right after an appointment with a perspective client, I send them a note expressing my appreciation for their time.  When someone says something complimentary about me or my business, I'll send a note with a token gift card.  Send me a referral?  Yep - you're going to get a hand written Thank You card and a gift card.  Any other reason I can think of - I send a note.
Haven't heard from a Realtor in a while? Send a hand written note.
Just finished a job? Send a hand written … (32 comments)

advertising: Everything I learned about selling ... I learned from a Car Salesman - 06/11/07 10:23 AM
Today, tomorrow and yesterday - everyday is a day filled with learning opportunities and if I keep my eyes open, I may just happen to recognize them. If I'm smart, I implement them. So, when I went to buy a new car, it dawned on me that I could learn alot from this entire experience. "So, what did I learn?" you ask. Thanks for asking, I'm glad to share with you.
1) Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to prospects (and everyone is a perspective client). Our salesman met us at our car, hand out and offered her name. "Hi, I'm Donna"  Even … (12 comments)

advertising: USPS Postage Rate Increase - Effective May 14 - 05/07/07 01:30 PM
Just a reminder that in one week, the postage rates are going up.  A first class postage stamp will be 41cents.  Now would be a really good time to go out and stock up on 2cent stamps.
Remember what happened last time?  The Post Office ran out of 2cent stamps.  It was a mess.
I would like to encourage you to go ahead and take a few extra minutes before the end of the week and go get some 2cent stamps to go with your supply of 39centers. 
This would be an ideal gift to give your clients with "We've Moved" postcards or the preinked stamp … (4 comments)

advertising: Are You Approachable or Avoidable? - 03/29/07 01:51 PM
I recently ran across Benjamin Jenk's blog about name tags and it got me thinking about the approachability or even the likability of the successful people in the  real estate industry.  Is there truly any way to succeed without having an approachable attitude or a like-able personality?
I receive a e-newsletter from this guy named Scott.  Scott's made it his life's mission to define approachability and improve the day-to-day encounters that he has with others.  As of today, he's been wearing his "Hello, My Name is Scott" name tag for 2,339 consecutive days. WOW!  To me, that truly proves that he is passionate about … (6 comments)

advertising: Remove Your Vehicle Advertising Upon Request? - 02/27/07 05:25 AM
OK - so I'm spinning off from yesterday's blog.  A/R member, Elaine Reese, brought up a really good point that I think deserves some additional consideration.  Let's chat about clients (or perspective clients) requesting that all vehicle signage be removed before visiting the property.  Car wraps, aside, if we have magnet signs that are easily removed, would you take them off before your appointment? 
I, too, have wondered about home sellers who are going through circumstances that perhaps aren't ready for their neighbors to know about (i.e., divorce, relocation, etc). While I think we all want to be respectful, is it too much to ask (us) … (19 comments)

advertising: Vehicle Advertising + Road Rage = Stalker? - 02/26/07 12:32 PM
Dawn Cook's blog about Road Rage, got me thinking about vehicle advertising.  While driving to an appt this a.m., I counted well over 100 vehicles with magnetic signs or some type of advertising (agents, landscapers, stores, restaurants, delivery service, pizza, computer repair - you get the point). 
I'm a very cautious driver.  Sometimes overly cautions, but always keenly aware that my company name, phone number and website are advertised on my vehicle. I drive a lot of miles and yes, sometimes I do get upset at other drivers behavior.  So much so in fact that I have actually considered rolling down my … (55 comments)

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