arizona: The REAL Wild West - Boothill Cemetery & Tombstone, AZ - 09/22/08 02:35 PM

Located approximately 3 hours or 180 miles south of Chandler is a town that is “Too Tough To Die” - Tombstone. Already a historic town, but made into a hugely popular tourist attraction when the movie (bearing the same name) hit the big screen back in 1993.

Your first stop is the Boothill Cemetery – originally known as City Cemetery. Dating back to the 1880s, Boothill graveyard is open to the public. For a small donation, you can walk amongst the graves of Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury and Billy Clanton (see photo below) – all of whom died … (7 comments)

arizona: Fazoli's - Closed For Business in Arizona - 09/09/08 01:47 PM
After a long day of sitting in class and traffic, I decided to take the kiddos to dinner at Fazoli's.  In case you've never heard of the place - they typically serve fast Italian food.  For us - it was pretty good.  Spagetti, ziti, sandwiches, bread sticks and salads.  Good food at a good price. 

... but not tonight.  While driving through the parking lot, I noticed that the Arizona Ave/Warner Rd location drive-thru menu board had been taken down.  Then, I noticed that it was completely void of any vehicles. Then we saw it ... the sign on the … (11 comments)

arizona: Is It a Bird? A Plane? An H2? - 06/22/08 11:25 AM
I must admit ... it's been hot here in Chandler. As I share this picture with you, I glance down at my weather report and it flashes a 110 at me ... yes, it's that hot. So, when I was driving down the street and saw this car in front of me ... my first thought was "Really? Pink? It must be a mirage".  You know - when you think you're seeing something that's not really there....  Ever have that happen to you? What do you think? Want one?


arizona: Wanna Play A Game? Let's Play "Would You Rather?" - 06/21/08 03:58 PM
Sometimes when we're in the car, we like to quiz each other. It's a strange, but fun habit that everyone in my family partakes in. Well, actually, anyone who rides in my car gets to experience a barrage of "Would you rather .... " questions.

Wanna play? It's actually quite simple and a great way to get to know something about another that you may not otherwise have the opportunity to know.
Tonight on our way to our neighborhood Starbucks, my daughter asks me "Would you rather go to a store with great customer service and so-so quality or a … (9 comments)

arizona: Gotta Go? Gotta Go Right Now?! Here's the Place To GO! - 10/15/07 05:20 AM
In addition to the absolutely spectacular lake and hiking areas at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area here in Show Low, Arizona -  I discovered one of the nicest bathrooms in a public area that I have ever seen.  E V E R!  Don't get me wrong, not all public bathrooms are poorly maintained - oh, who am I kidding - I can't stand public bathrooms.  Most of the time, they're gross, disgusting and just want to make me "hold it a little longer".  
So - when we came across this great place to take some pictures, we, of course, had to … (3 comments)

arizona: Visit Family Friendly Freestone Park in Gilbert AZ - 10/06/07 04:23 PM
As our Arizona mornings are cooling, I find myself out of the house rather early on Saturday mornings (say track meet?) .. . Anyways, this week's meet took us to Freestone Park here in Gilbert, Arizona.  While waiting for the meet to begin, I strolled around.  
Within the 65 acres of this park, I found baseball cages, ramadas, a great little place to take pre-wedding photos, fields a plenty for soccer, baseball and football games, as well as this great little miniature train that goes around the park.  Just a really fun place for kids of all ages and for those … (5 comments)

arizona: Tempe Canal Park - Arizona Haven for Walkers, Bikers, Hikers & Fishers - 10/06/07 04:01 PM
Just a few yards from the back of the Phoenix Zoo, is a wonderful little park called Evelyn Hallman Park - formerly known as Tempe Canal Park.  Most of the park is designed with marked trails, but for those of you who love to fish, purchase your Urban Fishing license and plan on spending a day. Coined as one of the "best Urban fishing habitats" this is a definite place of enjoyment for avid fishermen.
Located near McDowell and College Ave, in Tempe, AZ - if you can muster through a bit of construction, this is a great place to get … (8 comments)

arizona: Introducing Dru Bloomfield, REALTOR - Scottsdale, AZ to Active Rain - 08/22/07 12:00 PM
I would like to personally announce that we have a wonderful new addition into our A/R family. Please take a few minutes to meet Dru Bloomfield, REALTOR with John Hall & Associates.  
Dru is a long time Scottsdale resident and an experienced real estate professional. Sure, I could have said REALTOR, again, but I wanted to emphasize that Dru is a true professional. She treats each of her clients fairly and always with respect. 
Dru's certainly one of the nicest and most ethical professionals I have ever met (and I'm not just saying that because she's allowed me the honor … (6 comments)

arizona: Phoenix, AZ: Blogging Seminar by Local Blog Expert Shailesh Ghimire - 08/10/07 03:27 PM
I recently received an email from Shailesh Ghirmire inviting me to his upcoming blogging seminar. Because I understand the value that blogging plays in my daily routines, I wouldn't miss the chance to attend.
So ... with this in mind and with Shailesh's permission, I would like to extend the invitation to my fellow Arizonan A/R associates.
I don't run a real estate company nor am I in the mortgage business, but I am extremely interested in the tech future that will help me build a profitable business.
Local Blogging expert, Shailesh Ghimire (Phoenix Home Loan Expert) has generously agreed to speak at the Real Estate Blogging Seminar sponsored by Grand … (1 comments)

arizona: Chandler Arizona is home to Seniors - 07/31/07 03:52 PM
Know a young minded senior who wants to truly enjoy life to the fullest?  Then point them to Chandler, Arizona.  Need some place to go to enjoy great weather (9 out of 12 months), engage in a cornucopia of activities (from golf to bingo) and meet new friends?  Then, Chandler is the face of your new community!
According to MSN's on-line article: "AARP Magazine named Chandler among five of the country's most livable cities in its September/October issue now hitting mailboxes."
           ...And you just can't argue with AARP.
If you're thinking about relocating or retiring to Chandler, Arizona, be sure to chat with these fine … (4 comments)

arizona: Phoenix Choppers Crash While Covering Car Chase - 07/27/07 02:58 PM
Here in Phoenix today, we had a terrible accident that occured between two television helicopters.   Local Channel 3 and Channel 15 helicopters were covering a car chase below on the streets of Phoenix when they collided.  The wreckage landed in Steel Indian School Park, where fortunately no one on the ground was injured.
Sadly, all four people in the choppers did not survive.  Each chopper had one pilot and one camerman.
It's a sad day here in Phoenix as we all feel like these professionals are part of our families.  We know their wives and children and some details about their lives (like when … (12 comments)

arizona: What is agent boycott? - 07/27/07 02:46 PM
Today, I  received an email from one of our areas top agents and one of my best clients.  She's hard working, ethical and just an overall great person.  I would say, her clients are lucky to have her on their side.  I'll call her "Yvonne". 
"Yvonne" needs me to destage one of her listings.  Of course, I have to ask if the home sold? No, not sold and the home seller is planning on either listing with another agent or renting.
Listing with another agent?  Why would he do that?  Doesn't he realize that he's already listed with one of the best and that it's not … (16 comments)

arizona: Today's Back to School for Chandler, Arizona - 07/23/07 12:37 AM
It's 5am here in Chandler, Arizona and a beautiful 83degrees.  We're scheduled for some isolated thunderstorms today, but that's o.k.  Nothing is going to dampen my spirits today.  Why?  Because today is BACK TO SCHOOL for my little angels. 
So soon, you ask?  Yes!!!  Here in Chandler - we're on a "modified year round" schedule.  That means, we have a 7-8 week summer (not the 12 that I had growing up).  The extra weeks off are taken in October and March.  My kids attend school 180 days a year, but TODAY is the first day back!
Do I sound happy?!  I am … (6 comments)

arizona: Chandler, Arizona: July 4th at Tumbleweed Park - 06/25/07 05:53 AM
  Family Fun at Chandler's 4th of July Celebration and Fireworks Spectacular
Location:    Tumbleweed Park, southwest corner of Germann & McQueen roads.
                 Tumbleweed Park, 2250 S. McQueen Rd. Chandler, AZ
Admission:  FREE, but parking is $5.00
Time: 4pm to 10pm; Gates open at 4 p.m. Fireworks at 9:30 p.m.
What To Do:  Activities include a 35-foot water slide, 24-foot rock-climbing wall, dunk tank, and assorted water games and interactive amusements for kids. The Arizona Veteran Rodders Club will have more than 100 classic cars on display There's fFireworks and  activities, including live music, classic cars, free kids' carnival, food, and of course, a fabulous … (2 comments)

arizona: Chandler AZ Community Blog: Festival & Celebration - 06/22/07 03:11 PM
Chandler AZ Community Blog: Festival & Celebration
After attending yesterday's blogging conference, I came home and put my creativity to work. Sometime while The Phoenix Real Estate Guy (Jay Thompson)  was speaking, I decided that my own community needed an on-line forum to communicate.  Even after living in the community for over a decade, I still am not able to call the majority of my neighbors by name.  Even if there are over 300 of them, I would still like to be able to address them in the local grocery store.  Make sense?
So - I implemented the step-by-step directions that Jay gave and voila … (2 comments)

arizona: Thank You Shailesh Ghimire for Phoenix's First Blogging Conference - 06/21/07 02:32 PM
Thank You Shailesh Ghimire for coordinating Phoenix, Arizona's First Blogging Conference
Although I didn't take any pictures to commemorate the occasion and neither Matt Heaton nor Brian Brady were in attendance,  I wanted to say THANK YOU  to those fine folks who put together the first of hopefully many Blogging Conferences here in Arizona.
My gratitude goes to:

Hosts Shailesh Ghimire &  Aimee Ghimire
Guest Speaker, Jay Thompson - The Phoenix Real Estate Guy and Francine Thompson
 Guest Speaker, Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty
 Hosts  Greg Heineman of Commerce Title and Tara King of Commerce Title (Thanks for the door prizes,too)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting together today's get-together at The Ranch House.  Traveling from Cordes Junction and … (13 comments)

arizona: IKEA launches new business website - 06/20/07 02:49 AM
For those of you who shop at IKEA - you get it.  It's not just another "store" - it's an experience.  Drop the kiddies off in the kiddie-care area for a couple of hours and begin your adventure.  Heck - sit down and have a nice lunch too (meatballs anyone?). So, for those of you depend on IKEA for your life or business needs, I wanted to make sure you knew about ....
IKEA has launched a new website devoted to small business owners - "A Better Life At Work:  Small Business. Big Dreams Furnished By IKEA". 
To commemorate this new venture, … (11 comments)

arizona: Living the Good Life in Chandler Arizona - 03/31/07 04:45 AM
The place I've called home for over a decade - Chandler Arizona - once a rural farmland is now a thriving metropolitan community.  A place where industry grows, communities flourish and businesses succeed. Chandler is a bustling community with a home town feel - one man's dream come true.  Dr. A.J. Chandler envisioned a bustling city with cutting edge industry.  Today, when you visit Chandler, Arizona you are sure to find the quality of life that beckons you home ...
Looking For Things to Do in Chandler, Arizona?
The best time of year to visit Chandler Arizona is October through May.  Because winter … (0 comments)

arizona: 2007 Arizona Spring Training Schedule - 02/26/07 01:03 AM
For baseball aficionados - Here is the 2007 Spring Training Schedule for all of the teams here in Arizona.  It's broken down by team. I've also included a link for all the teams on one calendar.
For general information about players, teams, etc.  check out the Cactus League.  The MLB website is also worth a look, as well as ESPN.
Click here for the  ENTIRE LEAGUE SCHEDULE
Need a place to stay? Click here for  HOTEL INFORMATION
*Photo Copyright Calie Waterhouse*
(Colorado Rockies) Hi Corbett Field, 3400 E. Camino Campestre, Tucson
(Chicago Cubs) HoHoKam Park 1235 N. Center St., Mesa
(Milwaukee Brewers) Maryvale Baseball … (0 comments)

arizona: Arizona's Real Estate Market - Up or Down? Getting Better? - 02/22/07 01:40 PM
Knowing that I am an absolute fantatic about knowledge, fellow  A/R member - Dru Bloomfield told me about Real Estate Consultant Elliot Pollack's website -  What a wealth of information about Arizona's real estate industry, figures, facts, etc. While I recognize that this is one man's opinion, I'm wondering if his perspective is shared by local real estate professionals?   Are there other websites  out there like this one?  (I'm not a Realtor(r)).

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