phoenix: Shailesh Ghimire’s Blogging Seminar Success - 08/16/07 02:54 PM

Kudos to Shailesh Ghimire - Arizona's Mortgage Guru.  
Blog about what you want to be known for. Me, an expert?  How can I possibly have anything of value to share with others?  Shailesh Ghimire's blogging seminar earlier today was informative, encouraging and blogging 102 simplified.  (Blogging 101 was earlier this year at Phoenix Blogging Conference).
In a world where content is king, Shailesh shared some really great ideas about how to get the most from your blogging  efforts- including keywords, links, deep linking, back linking, reciprocal linking and let's not forget linkedin.  
He was generous with the information he shared and gave … (4 comments)

phoenix: Phoenix, AZ: Blogging Seminar by Local Blog Expert Shailesh Ghimire - 08/10/07 03:27 PM
I recently received an email from Shailesh Ghirmire inviting me to his upcoming blogging seminar. Because I understand the value that blogging plays in my daily routines, I wouldn't miss the chance to attend.
So ... with this in mind and with Shailesh's permission, I would like to extend the invitation to my fellow Arizonan A/R associates.
I don't run a real estate company nor am I in the mortgage business, but I am extremely interested in the tech future that will help me build a profitable business.
Local Blogging expert, Shailesh Ghimire (Phoenix Home Loan Expert) has generously agreed to speak at the Real Estate Blogging Seminar sponsored by Grand … (1 comments)

phoenix: Take 2 Aspirin & Call A Home Stager in The Morning - 08/03/07 02:27 PM
This week, I've been working with a wonderful home seller who has done so much in preparing their family home for sale - I might even go so far to say, it's been too much.
When I became a home stager, my heart felt mission was to help home sellers prepare their property to sell in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress. 
This week, I came to realize that selling your family home is indeed very stressful  Without going into extensive detail, I'll share with you that this lovely woman has a full time working husband.  A wonderful man - but … (15 comments)

phoenix: Phoenix Choppers Crash While Covering Car Chase - 07/27/07 02:58 PM
Here in Phoenix today, we had a terrible accident that occured between two television helicopters.   Local Channel 3 and Channel 15 helicopters were covering a car chase below on the streets of Phoenix when they collided.  The wreckage landed in Steel Indian School Park, where fortunately no one on the ground was injured.
Sadly, all four people in the choppers did not survive.  Each chopper had one pilot and one camerman.
It's a sad day here in Phoenix as we all feel like these professionals are part of our families.  We know their wives and children and some details about their lives (like when … (12 comments)

phoenix: Thank You Shailesh Ghimire for Phoenix's First Blogging Conference - 06/21/07 02:32 PM
Thank You Shailesh Ghimire for coordinating Phoenix, Arizona's First Blogging Conference
Although I didn't take any pictures to commemorate the occasion and neither Matt Heaton nor Brian Brady were in attendance,  I wanted to say THANK YOU  to those fine folks who put together the first of hopefully many Blogging Conferences here in Arizona.
My gratitude goes to:

Hosts Shailesh Ghimire &  Aimee Ghimire
Guest Speaker, Jay Thompson - The Phoenix Real Estate Guy and Francine Thompson
 Guest Speaker, Greg Swann of Bloodhound Realty
 Hosts  Greg Heineman of Commerce Title and Tara King of Commerce Title (Thanks for the door prizes,too)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU for putting together today's get-together at The Ranch House.  Traveling from Cordes Junction and … (13 comments)

phoenix: 2007 Arizona Spring Training Schedule - 02/26/07 01:03 AM
For baseball aficionados - Here is the 2007 Spring Training Schedule for all of the teams here in Arizona.  It's broken down by team. I've also included a link for all the teams on one calendar.
For general information about players, teams, etc.  check out the Cactus League.  The MLB website is also worth a look, as well as ESPN.
Click here for the  ENTIRE LEAGUE SCHEDULE
Need a place to stay? Click here for  HOTEL INFORMATION
*Photo Copyright Calie Waterhouse*
(Colorado Rockies) Hi Corbett Field, 3400 E. Camino Campestre, Tucson
(Chicago Cubs) HoHoKam Park 1235 N. Center St., Mesa
(Milwaukee Brewers) Maryvale Baseball … (0 comments)

phoenix: Arizona's Real Estate Market - Up or Down? Getting Better? - 02/22/07 01:40 PM
Knowing that I am an absolute fantatic about knowledge, fellow  A/R member - Dru Bloomfield told me about Real Estate Consultant Elliot Pollack's website -  What a wealth of information about Arizona's real estate industry, figures, facts, etc. While I recognize that this is one man's opinion, I'm wondering if his perspective is shared by local real estate professionals?   Are there other websites  out there like this one?  (I'm not a Realtor(r)).

phoenix: Staging The Stager - 01/17/07 08:48 AM
As I finished my presentation this morning and walked to my car, I noticed that not just one car - but every car in the parking garage was a luxury car.  This was not an economy car type of audience that I had just spoken with.  This was a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Hummer by the dozen type of crowd.  You want to know what else I noticed?  There was not one dust bunny or dirt mark on any of these vehicles.  They were immaculate - inside and out.
As I continued to walk, I thought about staging (which is a constant).  What … (7 comments)

phoenix: Welcome Winter Residents to Phoenix - 11/27/06 11:25 AM
Here's a quick weather update for all of you who think Phoenix is too hot for you to live here - Today's high was an extraordinarily, absolutely wonderful 68degrees.  WOW!  Last week it hit 89 - an all time high, but today was beautiful!
It makes waking up in the morning almost a pleasure.  Just the mere thought that it's not going to be 120 for the day's high is enough to make me jump out of bed with excitement!
I love fall/winter here in Arizona.  Our winter birds (part-time residents) are returning, which boosts our revenues.  Sure our streets may be a … (1 comments)

phoenix: Proactive Sellers in Today's Market - 10/14/06 10:51 AM
In today's softening real estate market, we are working with proactive sellers - Sellers who are doing everything they know how to - to properly prepare their homes for sale.  Working with a home stager gives home sellers the peace of mind that they're looking for  - Reassurance that their home will compete with the neighboring competition and reassurance in knowing that their top dollar sales price is justified. 
As a real estate professional, it is up to you to make sure that your client can justify their listing price.  Do you recommend the services of a home stager?  If Yes, "Way … (6 comments)

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