real estate: Part-Time vs. Rookie Agent - Which one would you rather hire? - 06/22/08 09:05 AM
"Would You Rather?" Question #2
Since this is a real estate industry blogging network - I would first like to ask you to put the shoe on the other foot and put your years of experience to work by allowing a newbie to benefit from the knowledge that you, perhaps, take for granted. 
Last night, while I was desperately trying to convince a group of hyper 9 years old divas to go to sleep,  this question popped into my head.
As a home buyer or home seller - which type of agent would better serve your needs? 
Would you rather work … (17 comments)

real estate: Living the Good Life in Chandler Arizona - 03/31/07 04:45 AM
The place I've called home for over a decade - Chandler Arizona - once a rural farmland is now a thriving metropolitan community.  A place where industry grows, communities flourish and businesses succeed. Chandler is a bustling community with a home town feel - one man's dream come true.  Dr. A.J. Chandler envisioned a bustling city with cutting edge industry.  Today, when you visit Chandler, Arizona you are sure to find the quality of life that beckons you home ...
Looking For Things to Do in Chandler, Arizona?
The best time of year to visit Chandler Arizona is October through May.  Because winter … (0 comments)

real estate: Excuses or Reasons to Lower The Price, Instead of Stage? - 02/28/07 02:37 AM
Just this morning - IT happened.  I received an email from an agent letting me know that her home seller had decided to lower the listing price instead of stage the property. WHAT?!
Tell me how a home seller can lower the price of their property, in this case $30,000, instead of spending a thousand for staging?! 
In my quandry of denial, here's what I've come up with ...  
1) The house is priced too high.
2) They're using home staging as the scapegoat - instead of stage, lower price.
3) Seller doesn't fully understand the benefits of staging. 
4) Seller doesn't want to spend the money.
5) Seller  doesn't have … (6 comments)

real estate: Arizona's Real Estate Market - Up or Down? Getting Better? - 02/22/07 01:40 PM
Knowing that I am an absolute fantatic about knowledge, fellow  A/R member - Dru Bloomfield told me about Real Estate Consultant Elliot Pollack's website -  What a wealth of information about Arizona's real estate industry, figures, facts, etc. While I recognize that this is one man's opinion, I'm wondering if his perspective is shared by local real estate professionals?   Are there other websites  out there like this one?  (I'm not a Realtor(r)).

real estate: Wanted - Your Opinion - Does Staging Make A Difference? - 11/27/06 11:42 AM
   Does staging truly make a difference in selling homes? Can home stagers really justify their pricing to home owners whose homes have not sold in the last 5, 7, 9+ months?  How do you explain to home owners that staging is merely a marketing tool - not miracle work?  And what about the sudden influx of those who call themselves stagers not knowing how to operate the business side of it all?  Isn't their more to this than just merely "talent"? 
Last year when our real estate market was at an all time high, Phoenix experienced a record high in real estate agents.  But I wonder … (8 comments)

real estate: Educating Sellers is a Must - Benefits of Staging! - 10/25/06 02:34 PM

Is today's real estate market not different than last year?  Is it me or has everyone felt the difference? Last year we were staging homes for cutting edge investors and agents, who were asking $40,000+ over asking price. 
This year - we're staging homes to give buyers a memorable impression. 
We're staging homes so sellers can justify asking top dollar...and yet - every week, I run into at least 2 or 3 home sellers - who don't want to do anything to prepare their home for sale.  "My neighbor sold their house last August for over-the-top asking and my house is no different!" … (1 comments)

real estate: Proactive Sellers in Today's Market - 10/14/06 10:51 AM
In today's softening real estate market, we are working with proactive sellers - Sellers who are doing everything they know how to - to properly prepare their homes for sale.  Working with a home stager gives home sellers the peace of mind that they're looking for  - Reassurance that their home will compete with the neighboring competition and reassurance in knowing that their top dollar sales price is justified. 
As a real estate professional, it is up to you to make sure that your client can justify their listing price.  Do you recommend the services of a home stager?  If Yes, "Way … (6 comments)

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