In my spare time, I like to help out in my kids classes at school. I'm really good at making copies and teaching business to elementary students.  I just love to introduce them to entrepreneurship (even before they can spell the word)...  But please don't ask me to teach ART!   Although I've alwa...
As I finished my presentation this morning and walked to my car, I noticed that not just one car - but every car in the parking garage was a luxury car.  This was not an economy car type of audience that I had just spoken with.  This was a Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Hummer by the dozen type of crowd....
   Does staging truly make a difference in selling homes? Can home stagers really justify their pricing to home owners whose homes have not sold in the last 5, 7, 9+ months?  How do you explain to home owners that staging is merely a marketing tool - not miracle work?  And what about the sudden i...
Here's a quick weather update for all of you who think Phoenix is too hot for you to live here - Today's high was an extraordinarily, absolutely wonderful 68degrees.  WOW!  Last week it hit 89 - an all time high, but today was beautiful!It makes waking up in the morning almost a pleasure.  Just t...
Is today's real estate market not different than last year?  Is it me or has everyone felt the difference? Last year we were staging homes for cutting edge investors and agents, who were asking $40,000+ over asking price.  This year - we're staging homes to give buyers a memorable impression.  We...
In today's softening real estate market, we are working with proactive sellers - Sellers who are doing everything they know how to - to properly prepare their homes for sale.  Working with a home stager gives home sellers the peace of mind that they're looking for  - Reassurance that their home w...

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