dee langley: I know it's "Yours" but please DON'T take it! - Dee Langley, Charlotte,NC - 03/07/12 05:34 PM
Like many Realtors we ask before we list your home "Mr & Mrs Seller is there anything you are taking with you that does not go with the house?"  We ask this question for a reason.  I usually share with my sellers if there is something they are taking with them, PLEASE take it down, box it up, get it out of sight because . . .
Meaning that gorgeous mirror in the bathroom, the beautiful sconce in the hall, those ornate curtain rods you had custom made those items you adore … (57 comments)

dee langley: Friday Five: Obama’s Budget Challenges Mortgage Deduction for Some-Charlotte,NC -Dee Langley - 02/18/12 01:39 AM
  By: Gavin Mathis
New Obama budget proposes to limit the mortgage interest deduction; Congress makes a final push to pass a flood insurance extension.
Just a week after introducing a large-scale refinancing proposal for underwater home owners, President Obama’s proposed budget would reduce the mortgage interest deduction for many, undermining efforts to bolster the housing market at time when the housing market needs less uncertainty. At the same time, despite a legislative impasse in Washington, some of the President’s refinancing proposals may become reality. Read more in this week’s headline roundup.
HouseLogic: Obama Budget Plan Curbs Mortgage Interest Deduction for … (0 comments)

dee langley: I found some Really Interesting Articles Today - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY- Dee Langley- Charlotte,NC - 02/14/12 12:50 AM
This Article is interesting because it is calling an end to the Housing Market Crisis THIS YEAR!!  It is nice to finally have some good news from the mainstream media!

With alot of Homeowners faced with the crisis of a house underwater and no savings here is an article to read about what happens when you walk away.  PLEASE READ THIS WITH CAUTION!!! CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REALTOR, YOUR ATTORNEY, AND YOUR TAX ADVISOR BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!!
This is an AWESOME article! I love that the McMansions are going away!  The new styles and trends are … (0 comments)

dee langley: Friday Five: States Reach $26B Settlement with Banks-Charlotte, NC-Dee Langley - 02/10/12 08:00 AM
  Top Five Articles for the Housing Market for this past week. There is alot about the distressed market in this week. A lot of Banks are not applying the rules to all clients. It is very distressing for the people and the properties!!!
By: Gavin Mathis
Published: February 10, 2012
A settlement on foreclosure fraud and a positive outlook for housing in 2012 are in the news this week.
State and federal officials finally reached a landmark $26 billion settlement on Thursday with five of the nation’s largest banks for fraudulent lending practices. The lengthy negotiations came to a close … (1 comments)

dee langley: Chiquita Moves to Charlotte, NC - Dee Langley - 02/07/12 11:00 PM
This is posted from the Charlotte Observer
Chiquita to assist execs with Charlotte move
By Andrew By Andrew Dunn The Charlotte Observer Posted: Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2012 Modified: Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2012
<!-- INSET BOX --> <!-- mini slideshow here 1 --><!-- end mini slideshow --> Chiquita Brands International outlined its plans Tuesday to pay closing costs for new homes that its executives purchase in Charlotte, and to reimburse them for any losses they incur selling their homes in Cincinnati - a standard corporate incentive for top corporate executives. The iconic banana company announced in November that it … (0 comments)

dee langley: Unless Congress Begins to Act Responibly, Say Goodbye to 2 Tax Breaks in 2012 - 02/04/12 08:45 AM
  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Congress is suppose to represent the public.  At what point did they forget they are supposed to look out for our best interests?  WE ALL NEED TO BE OUTRAGED!! Let your congressman know what you think!
By: Dona DeZube
Published: February 3, 2012
Tax benefits for home owners disappeared at the end of 2011 and no one knows whether Congress will bring them back. How annoying!
Congress was so busy bickering at the end of 2011 that it allowed two important tax breaks for home owners to expire. Beginning with the 2012 tax year:
1. You … (2 comments)

dee langley: Friday Five: Obama’s Refi Proposal, Florida Primary Gives Needed Traction - Dee Langley- Charlotte, NC - 01/27/12 01:08 PM
With the State of the Union address being this week there has been a lot of interesting discourse! 
By: Gavin Mathis
The State of the Union address and the upcoming Florida GOP primary are bringing new and much-needed attention to housing issues.
President Barack Obama’s proposal for enhanced refinancing efforts sparked a new dialogue among members of Congress and the media after the State of the Union Tuesday. Issues like the size of down payments, principal write downs, and how to take advantage of low interest rates are suddenly gaining traction among lawmakers. Even the GOP candidates for president are having … (2 comments)

dee langley: HOUSING REBOUND! - Top Five Articles from this past week - 01/20/12 07:54 AM
Friday Five: New Indicators Show a Housing Rebound By: Gavin Mathis
Published: January 20, 2012
Existing-home sales, low mortgage rates, and a spike in home builder confidence point to a housing turnaround.
Rebounding from another slow year, the housing market is picking up steam. Prospective home buyers are taking advantage of low mortgage rates, and home builder sentiment reached its highest level in more than 4 years this week. Housing is also gaining a bit of attention on the campaign trail. Dems and Republicans took part at a South Carolina rally promoting home ownership. Read these headlines and more in this … (4 comments)

dee langley: Why Renters are the Next Mortgage Crisis - 10/14/11 10:58 AM
Why Renters are the Next Mortgage Crisis By: Dona DeZube
Published: October 14, 2011
If you've been wondering if you should be renting rather than owning, consider this expert's view.
If the constant media drum beat of negativity toward home ownership has you wondering if you’re crazy for buying a home instead of renting, you’ll feel better after reading Liz Davidson’s Forbes Magazine blog, The Next Mortgage Crisis.
Davidson, the CEO of financial education company Financial Finesse, argues that renters set themselves up for financial failure in retirement:
“Today, there’s another mortgage crisis in the works — that is, NOT having … (5 comments)

dee langley: 5601 Shenandoah Drive Waxhaw - Union County Short Sale - 10/13/11 04:06 PM

5601 Shenandoah Drive Waxhaw, NC 28173
The Sellers have applied for a HAFA Short Sale and we are currently waiting on approval.

This magnificent former Model Home is almost 3800 square feet!

Granite countertops, 42 inch cabinets, and center island in the kitchen. A see thru storage island seperates the kitchen from the Great Room, gorgeous hardwood floors and laundry are on the main level.

Master bedroom has sitting room. Master Bath is tiled thru out w/garden tub!

Level Corner Lot! Short Sale Sold AS IS!


dee langley: 9 Ways to Solve the Housing Crisis - 10/07/11 12:06 PM
Friday Five: Flood Insurance, the Fight for the Mortgage Deduction, and More Got 5 minutes? Here’s your weekly summary of the housing issues affecting you. Read
9 Ways to Solve the Housing Crisis A group of lawmakers and industry experts from both sides of the aisle got together in Washington, D.C., yesterday — brought together by think tanks Progressive Policy Institute and e21 — and came up with some pretty interesting ideas for solving the housing market’s woes. Read
Visit for more articles like this.

dee langley: 9 Unexpected Energy (and Money) Savers - 09/30/11 08:03 AM
9 Unexpected Energy (and Money) Savers Here are a few surprising and simple ways to cut your energy bill this season. Read
Visit for more articles like this.

dee langley: More Than Refis Needed to Fix Housing Market, Economy - 09/23/11 09:08 AM
More Than Refis Needed to Fix Housing Market, Economy Last week in his address to Congress, President Obama unveiled a $447 billion plan to create jobs and help stimulate the nation’s struggling economy. But the issue squarely at the heart of America’s economic woes — housing — was mostly absent from the president’s speech. The proposed package instead relied heavily on targeted tax cuts, infrastructure spending, new job training assistance, and a $50 billion extension of unemployment benefits. Read
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dee langley: A new Interesting Trend . . Could you Live Here? - 09/22/11 06:11 AM
Yurts: The Ultimate Low-Impact Housing If you’re a well-rounded individual, you might be attracted to the idea of living in a yurt — those charming little cupcake-shaped dwellings made of sticks and canvas that have been much in vogue on the steppes of Mongolia for the last several thousand years. Read
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dee langley: Friday Five: Housing Market Update - 09/02/11 01:29 AM
Friday Five: Housing Market Update Is home ownership poised for dramatic change? As Washington addresses the fallout from the housing bust and tries to put the country’s fiscal house in order, our legislators are debating proposals that will affect home values, who can own a home, the cost of home ownership, and how long it’ll take to become a home owner. How can you keep up on these shifting issues? Each week, check out our Friday Five — a roundup of housing news and views from K Street to Main Street. Read
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Copyright 2011 … (5 comments)

dee langley: Make A Home Emergency Preparedness Kit - 08/25/11 09:45 PM
Make A Home Emergency Preparedness Kit With Hurricane Irene preparing to come close to our coast now is the time to get prepared for those expected & unexpected disasters.
By: Wendy Paris
Make a home emergency preparedness kit with all the essential supplies to aid you in case a disaster strikes your area. FEMA recommends you keep a "grab and go" bag with these items, available in the Red Cross' premade kit, in case you need to evacuate. Image: Red Cross Photograph
Putting together a home emergency preparedness kit you hope never to use may seem like a waste of time … (3 comments)

dee langley: Don't Be Scared I am here with You! Short Sales in Charlotte Metro Region NC - 08/24/11 12:17 PM
The definition of Fear is:
a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid, something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension.
With all the news spreading doom and gloom I completely understand wanting to tuck tail and run! 
Please know one thing . . . .
Thousands of people are upside down in their homes, behind in their mortgage, unemployed, under employed, just trying to stay afloat.  I know it may not feel like that but you are not alone!  … (0 comments)

dee langley: Low-Cost Kitchen Storage: Cheap Stress Reduction - 08/19/11 07:29 AM
By: Jan Soults Walker
Low-cost kitchen storage strategies bring calm to your kitchen, banishing stress-inducing clutter and leaving the space calm and orderly.
Rack attack: Store pots, everyday dishes, spices, and wine on racks that are freestanding, wall-hung, and ceiling-hung--and voila! Everything is in its own location, visible, and easily accessible!Position the racks where they make sense: A pot rack above the cooktop; a dish rack close to the dishwasher for quick unloading; spices near the range or meal prep area; a wine rack near the wine glasses and dining table.You’ll find racks in metal, wood, and other materials, starting as … (0 comments)

dee langley: Why are we adversaries if we have the SAME GOAL!?! - 08/14/11 11:36 AM
This was my question during my last transaction! As we navigated through the transaction I noticed that my colleague was very adversarial.  Now I am one to protect my client and I expect you to protect yours.  I wouldn't ever expect either one of us to give up our fiduciary duties to our clients.  So then why are you so nasty when we both want the same thing, TO SELL A HOME!!!
For many of us, we treat other Realtors like the enemy! WHY?  I do understand wanting to treat my client’s homes as if it was our own but we … (4 comments)

dee langley: Under Stairs Storage Stomps Out Clutter! - 08/12/11 04:26 PM
Under-Stairs Storage Stomps Out Clutter Sweep out the dust bunnies. Clear away the clutter. Time to put wasted space beneath the staircase to work with customized storage solutions. Read
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