condos: Decorating when downsizing to a Condo or Townhome - 09/26/17 09:57 AM
Thinking of moving from a large home to a condo or townhome can be frightening.  Although you plan to purge your household and sell or donate excess furniture and other household items, it can still be a challenge to adjust to decorating for a small space. 
Fortunately, there are many ideas on the internet or in decorating magazines now to help with decorating in small spaces.  More and more people are downsizing or thinking about downsizing and the industry is starting to respond.  Decorators are featuring design ideas for using small spaces efficiently and attractively.  Companies are also designing and manufacturing furniture … (0 comments)

condos: Denver home prices down this summer, time to buy - 09/21/17 01:15 PM
The Denver housing market has been so tight for the last couple of years but it slowed down this summer.  Many buyers are not aware that there is more inventory on the market now and prices have actually go down this summer.  If you thought you could not buy a starter home, condo or townhome, it may be time to look at the options and see if home ownership now is within your reach.  It is widely anticipated that mortgage interest rates will start rising next year which will offset the drop in prices.  This could be the best window for … (0 comments)

condos: Downsizers or 1st Time Buyers: Denver Condo prices continue to increase - 09/13/17 03:38 PM
Condo sales and prices in Denver have been consistently rising the last few years.  Below are the stats comparing 2017 sales with those of 2015 and 2016.  If you are a first time buyer,  prices are expected to continue to rise as well as interest rates so consider buying now rather than continuing to pay high rent prices.  
If you are thinking of downsizing and would like to sell your larger property, we can successfully sell your home and assist you in preparing for downsizing by decluttering your home.  We  will then find that right sized property that will meet you needs.
Visit our … (0 comments)

condos: Downsized living in Denver - buying an attached home - 09/11/17 07:20 AM
As home prices continue to increase in Denver, a single family home with the features a buyer is looking for is becoming increasing out of reach financially.  Due to the cost of land and infrastructure costs for builders, building afforable homes in the Denver Metro area has become difficult.  It is much more cost effective to build attached homes.   This is especially true in the most desireable locations where land costs are the highest. 
Builders  indicate that condo building had been down the last few years due to the high risk of litagation but under new legislation this risk has been … (2 comments)

condos: Downsizing in Denver - 09/06/17 02:59 PM
Have you started to think that you do not need all that square footage nor enjoy the work required to maintain a yard?  Perhaps you want to travel more, or have more time and money to enjoy some of your favorite activities.  More and more Americans are rethinking the need for a massive home.  There has been a trend recently to think that maybe we don't need all this stuff and don't need that much space.  In a condo you may be closer to mass transit and can save some money on auto expenses.   We all realize the traffit in … (0 comments)

condos: Decluttering and downsizing your home - 09/06/17 07:28 AM
There is a saying that cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered mind.  I know it at least can lead to a stressful mind.  It can be so easy to let our collection of stuff pile up and then it becomes an overwhelming task to start the clean up.  The key can be to start with a small space or area that we know we can sort through and clean up successfully and get started.  Maybe there is a drawer or small closet that we can identify as a place to start.  Or another approach is to identify one type of item … (5 comments)

condos: Affordable condos southeast Denver, but prices increasing - 09/04/17 06:58 AM
There are condos available in the $200,000 range in the popular Univeristy area of southeast Denver.  The stats below show the increases over the last few years.  With interest rates still low, now is the time to buy.  We can help you find that condo.  Downsizing-in-Denver 
Check out our websitie and then call or email me today at or 720-244-6481
Important Market Facts for university denver Condos for sale.:
There are currently 836 active denver Condos Condos on the market. There are currently 766 under contract denver Condos on the market. There are 0 denver foreclosures on the market. Average prices increased $13,552.00 over the last year … (0 comments)

condos: Denver rents continue to increase - 09/02/17 01:37 PM
Is it time for you to consider buying instead of renting?  The Denver Post (denverpost/denver-rents-increase) recently reported the following:  
"It is 3 percent more expensive to rent a place to live in Denver than it was a year ago, according to recent data, and analysts don’t see things getting any cheaper in the next year.
Apartment-finding firm Apartment List released its monthly rental report for Denver early Friday. 
After seeing a steady rise from January through July, rental rates in Denver inched up a modest 0.3 percent in August, according to the report. Median rates for a one-bedroom apartment hit $1,070. Two-bedroom units hit $1,350 in … (2 comments)

condos: Downsizing Guide - 09/02/17 01:20 PM
If you are thinking about downsizing to a smaller home, the task of getting rid of your extra stuff can be frightening and overwhelming.  I saw this step by step guide in Wikileaks that I thought is worth sharing.  If you click on this link you can access the full guide.   Wiki/Downsize-Your-Home
We can help you sell your current home and move to the lifestyle you long for.  We are an experienced team and can help you transition to that smaller home with less maintenance.  Visit our website for a list of properties or call or email me./Downsizing-in-Denver
I can also assist you … (2 comments)

condos: Down payment assistance - 09/02/17 05:52 AM
Rent has been increasing in the Denver Metro area for the past several years.  Many renters think that in order to buy a property a large amount of cash is needed but there are programs out there to assist with the down payment.   Instead of renting, maybe it is time to think of buying a condo, townhome instead.
The Denver Post recently published this article on a down payment assitance program that is currently available denverpost/downpayment assistance
"More than 200 families and residents struggling to buy a home in metro Denver may receive assistance through a program offered by Wells Fargo for the … (0 comments)

condos: Help with downsizing household - 08/31/17 10:24 AM
If you are thinking of moving into a smaller home because you are an empty nester or just ready for an easier lifestyle with less home maintenance and perhaps also less expense.  The thought of downsizing your household accumulation can be very overwhelming.  I have experienced this myself and also seen others ready to throw in the towel before they start or get stuck in the process and want to give up.  It can also cause marital and family disputes because everyone has a different opinion about what should be saved or purged.  
Fortunately, there are companies and individuals that specialize … (11 comments)

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