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It's that time when everybody and their dog has a perspective on goal setting for the coming year . . . and, well, I'm no exception! There's something about a fresh, clean slate that motivates us to make the most of it. The problem with grand ideals and BIG goals, is that few of us ever get to th...
The Olympic Winter games are just around the corner, hosted in the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia. The official logo . . . reminded me of some photos I shot on a family vacation in Newfoundland, 2008. We stayed in a little cottage in Conception Bay, and there were rocks ev...
I recently enjoyed a post by Michael Thornton in which he gave some useful tips for creating better holiday photos. Like many shutterbugs, Michael shoots with a D-SLR. I personally love the quality of my photos from my Canon 50D. But what if you're like most people, and just have a regular ol' po...
Here it is . . . the last entry in my "Holiday Clutter" theme. If you've been following along, well, snaps to you! I appreciate it. If not, I've opened up the whole concept of clutter to spot it in other areas of life . . . not just the kind found in the attic! I saved the "best"(?) for last . . ...
It happens every year. You know what I'm talking about. Those few extra holiday pounds . . . followed by the New Year's Resolution to lose them . . . followed by the denunciation of all New Year's Resolutions . . . followed by the "Bikini shape-up" in the Spring. . . followed by the confession th...
One of my favorite past-times is hiking. I love the exertion. I love the scenery. I love the opportunity to spend time with the people I go with. And . . . I love the lessons for life that it provides. This weekend, my Hubby planned 3 days in the mountains for my birthday. (This was especially ni...
De-Clutter your Gift Giving! Advice from a Calgary Home Stager . . . While I love Christmas and the holiday season with all the special traditions and relaxing time spent with family and friends . . . this time of year also has a way of adding (or revealing) a lot of clutter in our lives! Have yo...
I wanted to share these great tips that my fellow stager friend, Gina, wrote for handling some holiday decorating dilemmas! I love using what we already have, and achieving a decorated, not cluttered, look to it all. Thanks, Gina!    Choose a theme – Having a theme organizes the look and feel of...
I just returned from an all too quick trip to Los Angeles/Anaheim with my oldest daughter. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate her 18th birthday than to have some Mother-Daughter time in the happiest place on earth! Despite complaints about the "cool weather" from the locals, we had an ...
Okay, let's be honest . . . Is home staging just an "easy" portal to an interior decorating career? Afterall, it's all about re-decorating a house in a more contemporary style . . . right? No, not at all. Home staging is more accurately thought of as a subset of the real estate industry. While th...

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