oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Numb Feeling - 04/09/12 10:47 PM
Oxymoron Diaries | Numb Feeling. I've had this one in draft mode for awhile now, simply because I was too ticked at myself to write it. Ticked at myself because the oxymoron "numb feeling" I'm talking about is inspired by my own thumb. Yes, my thumb.
Okay, so here's the story ... I was making a vat full of spaghetti sauce about a month ago. When making a VAT of anything, you need BIG cans of ingredients. On this particular day, that would mean a can of tomato puree the size of a footstool. Kinda hard to get one of those … (1 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Fragile Strength - 04/09/12 06:44 AM
Oxymoron Diaries | Fragile Strength. This oxymoron phrase has been rolling around in my skull for a few weeks now, but today seems to be the day that it pops on out and enters the real world. I heard this in a song recently, don't remember which one right now, but it reminded me of something I've had written on a piece of paper laying on my desk for years - "I'm strong on the surface, but not all the way through." Truthfully, I think that phrase came from song lyrics, too.
It may seem impossible to be fragile and strong … (1 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Click Start to Shut Down - 03/27/12 11:21 PM
Oxymoron Diaries | Click Start to Shut Down. Yes, I am having computer issues. And yes, if I click start and shut down it usually fixes the problem. A lot of times people forget this quick, easy little fix. In fact, when my sonny-in-law was in Czech doing missionary work after high school, his team had a technology guy. But the rule was "Don't call the Tech Guy unless you have already clicked start to shut down."
The pain about it comes in with the preparation to shut down. You can't just click start and go for it. Well, you can, … (2 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Clean House - 03/25/12 08:48 AM
I admit it. My house is a mess. In fact, my house is such a mess that the minute you walk in the door, the phrase "Clean House" turns into an oxymoron.
A Domestic Goddess, I am not. Even on a good day my home is not spotless. The only time it really bothers me is when my mother is coming over. But I have a plan for that - I simply tell her the grandkids spent the week with us. Yeah, I blame it on the grandkids.

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Cheap Gas - 03/23/12 11:11 PM
Oxymoron Diaries | Cheap Gas. The only thing I need to say about this oxymoron is ... $4.19 a gallon in Toledo, OH today.
NOT cheap gas.

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oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Walk-In Chiropractic - 03/22/12 11:42 AM
Oxymoron Diaries | Walk-In Chiropratic. My husband pointed out this potential oxymoron to me the other day as we were driving by a building that had signage saying Walk-In Chiropractic. Being a person who has back issues and who has had spinal surgery, I immediately related. I have not, however, ever been to a chiropractor. Just the thought makes me wince. I know, I know, many people use their services. My mother is an ardent believer, as well as many of my friends and other family members.
The same day he pointed this oxymoron out to me, we watched a movie that … (0 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Working Vacation - 03/22/12 12:09 AM
Oxymoron Diaries | Working Vacation. Jeff Foxworthy the comic and actor once said that "you must be a redneck if you live anywhere where the temperature varies 50 degrees in one day." Well, I live in NW Ohio and usually in late March it averages around 44 degrees. Yesterday it hit 84 degrees and the low was low fifties. Not quite a fifty degree variance, but darn near close! In fact it's been in the low to mid eighties for almost a week. And the week before that it was in the seventies. Most years we have 15 inches of snow … (3 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Light Beer - 03/21/12 02:44 AM
Oxymoron Diaries | Light Beer. I have never been fat in my life. Never. A little above what all the charts say is my ideal weight, but nothing too outrageous. In fact twice when I was pregant I gained 20 pounds and still weighed under 125. Well, this past year was a bit different. And I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized several items of note.
One, my office is now at home and we live in a ranch home. A sprawling ranch, but a one-story just the same. No stairs to work off calories. No stairs when I lug … (0 comments)

oxymoron: The Oxymoron Diaries | Oxymoron Posts You've Liked - 03/20/12 10:29 AM
The Oxymoron Diaries | Oxymoron Posts You've Liked ... I've had a lot of interest in previous Oxymoron Diaries posts, so thought I'd make it easy for y'all and put some of them in one blog post. Enjoy!
Comfortable Stilettos

   Short Sale
   Homeless Households

   Disposable Plastic
   Easy To Follow Directions
Pink Slime
  Good Morning
  Drink Responsibly
  Delicious Buffet
Frugal Gambler
Big Sip - An Excerpt
Free Kindle Download
Twelve Ounce Poundcake 


oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Pink Slime - 03/19/12 11:43 PM
Oxymoron Diaries | Pink Slime. Okay, again, I realize you are probably scratching your heads. But again, just think about it. When the word "slime" pops into your head, do you usually picture it PINK? I don't. More like infectious green, or yellow-ish or brown. Or that dark purple that bruises turn into. Get the picture? Definitely not PINK!
I'm sort of ticked off about the whole thing actually, so I am not even going into the details of this secret addition, aka intrusion, to our diets. The rant might go on for days.
Okay, okay, you made me do it. It's … (8 comments)

oxymoron: The Oxymoron Diaries | Twelve Ounce Poundcake - 03/19/12 03:15 AM
Oxymoron Diaries | Twelve Ounce Poundcake | Chapter Synopsis. I've had quite a bit of interst in the book recently, so thought I'd give you chapter teasers.    prologue half dead | I had long before thankfully come to grips with her slightly askew and under-appreciated view of my attempt at mental masturbation - a way of preserving my sanity without going blind. chapter one extinct life | I liked my life before she came.  
chapter two random logic | I woke on my stomach at 5:45 the next morning; face in my pillow, drool alongside, with no desire to move anytime soon, … (1 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Good Morning - 03/17/12 11:49 PM
Oxymoron Diaries | Good Morning. At first glance you may be scratching your head, but think about it for a minute. Not every morning is good, right? In fact THIS morning at MY house is at the very best borderline. Don't get me wrong, I'm a "my cup is half full" kinda gal. If you've read any of my blog posts you know that's true. I take lemons and make lemonade on a routine basis. But sometimes ... like this morning ... if I'd said "Good Morning" to a certain person sleeping on the couch, I might have lost a limb. … (4 comments)

oxymoron: In Honor of St. Patrick's Day | Oxymoron Diaries | Drink Responsibly - 03/17/12 09:01 AM
This post is in Honor of St. Patrick's Day | Oxymoron Diaries | Drink Responsibly.
I don't know what you all are doing this fine St. Patty's Day, but I am being a bit of a bore. No green beer. No Guinness. No Irish whiskey. No nothin'. It's been a crazy week after a crazy Las Vegas weekend last week, so I am layin' like broccoli (veggin' out!) At least broccoli is a green vegetable, so I am borderline in the party mood, right?
As for drinking responsibly, I know I'll get arguments with this one. There are several viewpoints. Some … (3 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Delicious Buffet - 03/17/12 12:53 AM
Oxymoron Diaries | Delicious Buffet. Another back-from-Vegas entry into The Oxymoron Diaries.
Buffets always sound good in theory. But face it, after a long day do you really want to stand in line to pay for your food, stand in line to get a table, stand in line to grab a chicken leg, stand in line for a diet coke, and then stand in line for dessert ... all while hanging on to your meal ticket, your purse, your jacket, and your kids simultaneously?
Throw the location in there and a Vegas Buffet is anywhere from 25 to 50 bucks. Serious … (8 comments)

oxymoron: Oxymoron Diaries | Homeless Households - 03/14/12 01:22 AM
Piggy backing on yesterday's Oxymoron Diaries | Short Sale, today I've added Oxymoron Diaries|Homeless Households. This was brought to my attention when doing a search on twitter for #oxymoron. The tweet had a link to a BBC Mobile article on Housing in England. Here's the link to the article. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-17298906.
I really hate to do back-to-back posts on such un-funny things as short sales and homelessness, but inspiration comes from all sorts of places and sometimes God throws it right in your face so you'll pay attention.
Not that I need a push to think about the housing crisis, as nearly … (2 comments)

oxymoron: Did you know you can download a Kindle FREE to your PC, laptop, iPad, or smartphone? - 03/09/12 06:43 AM
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