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Every day there are outrageous stories about a state or local government wanting to allow children to consent to gender transition treatments without parental consent....and government deciding that children belong to "all of us". My favorite is trans athletes competing in the class of their choi...
In every vocation, we are confronted with misinformation. Frequently it comes from people...maybe our competition. It also may now come from Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will be harder to confront/refute.I read an article in the Journal of of the American Academy for the Advancement of Scie...
Yesterday I was talking to another lawyer/scientist (yes we are rare). My colleague, asked a general question regarding business: "what is the main reason that an employee leaves a business in favor of another business"?I asked a few friends that have switched "companies and I was surprised to le...
I recently performed a study on AI vs. Google for marketing information, Since I am on the board of MIT in Computer Science, such things interest me!!  I chose Bard because it is Google. Important to compare Apples to Apples. The goal was to obtain research for a new medical/legal project.I perfo...

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Author Bio: Paddy Deighan earned his Juris Doctorate and PhD Paddy consults with taxpayers in regard to tax liens, tax levies, tax levy, offer in compromise, tax debt, tax settlement

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