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Everyone enjoys a daily thrashing of Bank of America, so I thought I would blog about something good that they are doing!!! Yes, they do some good too!!! Bank of America is supporting small business, and the lender wants to make sure you know about it. In a recent public statement, Bank of Americ...
It is not surprising that lenders and servicers are utilizing social media to contact potential and exisiting clients.  Bill collectors have been using this platform to track down debtors and use information against them (for example, if you owe $500 on a medical bill and they see that you just c...
Bank of America (BofA) has updated its short sale approval requirements when the buyer is a business entity.  BofA has experienced delays in processing short sale approvals with business entity buyers because the proper documentation has not been provided.  The requirements are pretty straightfor...
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating the data collection and analysis processes of real estate data firms like CoreLogic in order to “study private practices in the data broker industry”. The FTC initiated the study because data flow directly affects consumer sentiment and company ...
Credit Unions have become a viable alternative for real estate financing. Whether you bank at a big bank, with a local lender, or already know the incredible advantages of a credit union, the odds are good that the next time you are looking for a mortgage you will at least consider your local cre...
I had another victory in a Quiet Title action for a home owner on California so it seems like a good time to discuss this topic again.   First, the foundation of a Quiet Title action is the securitization audit.  It is an essential element of a successful Quiet Title action. Many/most of the comp...
Fannie Mae indicates slow growth for the near term. Fannie Mae is conceding that at least in the “near term…continuation of below-potential economic growth with a two percent growth rate expected for 2013” could “continue to be par for the course for the near term”. The GSE’s chief economist, Dou...
Last week I wrote a blog about changes in the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae short sale guidelines. There is more news and this sounds like good news for a change. Freddie Mac announced yesterday that thanks to its Freddie Mac Standard Short Sale program the short sale process “will decrease by appro...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced changes to their servicing requirements for short sales. Yipee!! This is not going to be good news….dontch ya just know it?? Please be aware of the following key changes for all parties involved in a short sale. These changes apply to all Fannie Mae and Freddi...
I was minding my own business working out. The TV was on HLN and I was watching a Jane Velez piece on University of Wisconsin-Madison study. In these experiments, baby monkeys are separated from their mothers right after birth and later subjected to scary tests to provoke fear and anxiety. The mo...

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