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Yesterday, I wrote about the government balance sheet. You can read that blog post here.The bottom line is that student loans make up more than 30% of our ASSETS. However, the General Accounting Office (GAO) issues a report card on various governmental agencies.The Department of Defense, Departme...
The US government just published its audited financial statements a few days ago. They are signed by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. These reports are intended provide an accurate accounting of government finances, just like any big corporation would do. If our government was a corporation, this rep...
Many professionals have utilized surveys to market their services or for valuable feedback.  It seems that more and more professionals and businesses are utilizing surveys.   However, there is also a disturbing trend...the surveys are waaaay too long or they are too invasive.The length of a surve...
The $64,000 question seems to be arising again..."Are we entering a new housing market downturn"?  I had two occasions this week when the caller emphatically stated that another downturn is imminent and these are well informed industry experts.  Many prognosticators believe that the next slump is...
I put together this compilation of the age old "Two Cow" metaphor. I provides some modern food for thought based upon an old metaphor....truthful, humorous and scary at the same time. Socialism: You have two cows. Give one to your neighbor. ThenCommunism: You have two cows. The government takes b...
Health Risks Associated with Tattoos. Tattoos are an art, a way of self-expression. But if you're not careful, they may also cause a string of health risks. This is why health authorities warn against the safety of getting tattoos, especially when tattoo inks are not heavily regulated by the FDA....
It is very common for a home owner to need a Release of an Internal Revenue Service lien in order to close a transaction.  The IRS has publicly gone on record that it does not want to be a barrier when a home owner needs to sell or is facing foreclosure.  Of course, if the home owner is getting d...
We are all a bit of Jurassic history nuts so I had to pass this along.  Dinosaur footprints were uncovered in a beach in Germany.  Accordingly, there are a number of interesting aspects to this:1). The dinosaur footprints are estimated to be about 140 MILLION years old;2). It appears that dinosau...
Income Curse of Mankind   German scientists recently published interesting data: in the last 50 years, the Germans began to live an average of 400% richer and the number of poor people suffering from depression, increased by 38%. Henry Ford became one of the richest men in the world, thanks to th...
The US government’s debt is getting close to reaching another round number - $18 trillion. Our soverign debt currently stands at more than $17.9 trillion. But what does that really mean? It is important to put the number into perspective. It is such an abstract number that it is hard to imagine. ...

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