brandywine hundred: Marketing tips from Pumpkinland - 09/25/19 08:48 AM
It's a sunny morning, so why not use my apple coupon to go to Marini's Market on Veale Rd. in Brandywine Hundred (Colonial name) or North Wilmington (modern name).
Not only did I find my Gala apples, but the Marini family seems to have gone all out or somebody took a marketing course and learned how to create a great fall display of mums and pumpkins!
It goes to show that you can always learn something new about how to market your business. I hope it works for the Marinis and that their pet pig enjoys being next … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Where I stock up before a snowstorm in N. Wilmington DE - 01/12/19 12:45 PM
The great snowstorm is supposed to be heading our way, so I headed to that place with all the needed supplies. If you are thinking grocery store, you are wrong. I usually have a plentiful supply of food in the house, with all the leftovers I freeze, and my extra stash of canned goods.  THE LIBRARY is where I head to stock up on BOOKS!
Our county government decided back when the real estate market was high and they were making lots of money on transfer taxes that they would build us a big new library on a plot of land near … (5 comments)

brandywine hundred: Brandywine Hundred to discuss development plans - 02/24/16 12:18 AM
 Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred  Presents:
Looking Ahead: Significant Development Projects In Brandywine Hundred
For More Information, Contact:  Jaynine Warner of CCOBH (Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred) at 302-250-3126 or
          The Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred is pleased to announce its upcoming Public Program:  “Looking Ahead:  Significant Development Projects in Brandywine Hundred.”  The purpose of the program is to continue the dialogue and discussion with the public regarding land use and development in its Brandywine Hundred and the impacts on residents. Leading the discussion will be the General Manager of the New Castle … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Neighbors in Brandywine Hundred, Wilmington Delaware - 07/24/13 02:35 AM
First of all, you are probably saying, “What in the world is Brandywine Hundred?”  Historic writings say that the State of Delaware is divided into geographic areas called “Hundreds” based on an English model of areas able to raise 100 soldiers to fight for the king. Since George Washington refused to be crowned a king, all we have left is a system of law based on English law and improved by the far-sighted improvements added by William Penn. (Penn didn't believe starving children should be hung out to die for stealing bread). Oh, and Masterpiece Theater!         
What we have … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Early Census Records Tell Story of Freedom and Slavery - 07/25/12 08:26 AM
Back in Revolutionary War times, things were tough in Delaware. The millers in Brandywine Village were told by George Washington to hide their mill stones so that the Redcoats would not get them. Old George himself even took over what we now call the Hale-Byrnes House on White Clay Creek, south of Wilmington in 1777 and cleaned out the food the people in the area were storing to keep them over the winter.

This is just the background for a story told by the 1800 Census for Delaware. The first official Census had been done in 1790, and a certain … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Graylyn Crest Affected By Brandywine Hundred Construction Alert - 06/13/12 11:05 PM
I have received a notice from local elected officials about traffic restrictions next week in the Graylyn Crest area.
Wilmington -- The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) today announced that the contractor, GrassBusters Landscaping Company of Newark will begin a major intersection safety improvement project on Foulk Road and Wilson Road in Wilmington on Monday, June 18. There will be daily lane restrictions throughout the project. The $953,294 project is expected to be completed by mid-October, pending weather. The intersection was identified under the Hazard Elimination Program. HEP is aimed at intersections in the state highway systems that have experienced high … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: South Graylyn Crest Sewers Get Lined - 01/09/12 06:22 AM
If you read my earlier blog,  you know that preliminary measurement and clean out was being done on the sewer laterals in Brandywine Hundred and in particular,  South Graylyn Crest to prepare them for lining, per an EPA mandate. Rainwater and sewage were mixing and causing sewage to flow untreated into rivers. Not Good.  So New Castle County set about lining main lines and laterals into houses to prevent this leakage and overflow.
Today was the day that workers Dave (the CCTV cameraman) and Octavio came to finish the job on my lateral (they still have a lot more houses … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Brandywine Hundred's Murphy House Endangered by Nemours' Broken Promise - 01/05/12 02:13 AM

Efforts to preserve the endangered Murphy House in Wilmington have encountered yet another setback as Delaware Secretary of Transportation, Shailen Bhatt signed paperwork changing the usage of the property. The modification to the usage includes the razing of the Murphy house, keeping ownership of the property with the Nemours Foundation, and ensuring the the property remains open space. Though efforts have been made by residents, elected officials, Preservation Delaware, Delaware Greenways and other non-profits urging Nemours to forgo demolition of the Murphy House, it appears that this is what will happen. I received this plea from Preservation Delaware. A Plea … (2 comments)

brandywine hundred: Market Reports for September in N. Delaware and S. Chester County, Pennsylvania - 09/22/11 09:42 AM
The following are 2011 Market Reports for:
South Graylyn Crest, Wilmington, Delaware
Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania
Brandywine Hundred, Wilmington, Delaware
And whatever you do, don't believe Wikipedia--Brandywine Hundred is not a subdivision, but it consists of many many subdivisions.  This can be confusing to newcomers, as each new group of homes that was built in this mostly post-WWII area has a new name. Of course, some of the old farmhouses still exist. And the subdivisions seem to be named for the builder, or what he destroyed to build the houses, i.e. Wood+Brook, Crest+View.

brandywine hundred: So Where is Brandywine Hundred Anyway? And By The Way, What IS A Hundred? - 09/21/11 08:58 AM

      Brandywine Hundred is an area of New Castle County, Delaware, which is defined as the area West of the Delaware River, South of the State line with Pennsylvania, East of the Brandywine River, and North of I-95 and the City of Wilmington. The area contains the Zip codes of 19803 and 19809.  The only incorporated area within Brandywine Hundred is the town of Bellefonte, which is in the 19809 Zip code.  To confuse you further, Claymont has another Zip code 19703, but is not an incorporated area.  So the folks in 19803 and most of 19809 (except for Bellefonte), list … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Sweet Autumn Clematis Blooms in South Graylyn Crest - 09/07/11 11:36 AM
It is said that a gardener learns more from failures than successes, and this is so true.
I have had a spring blooming Clematis for many years, but was always unhappy with how it looked in summer and fall. Last year, I found a Sweet  Autumn Clematis which promised to brighten my garden and my life in the fall. And lo and behold, when I went outside today, these tiny, starry, blooms greeted me. There are many buds, so I expect to see my arbor covered with them in the next week, hiding the spring Clematis with their bright blooms.
I had been … (2 comments)

brandywine hundred: Graylyn Crest Sewer Problems Bring Bad News and a Lead to Realtor® - 08/25/11 05:09 AM
Just sit tight, folks, and New Castle County will repair your South Graylyn Crest sewers. Contractors are now on Crestover Road in South Graylyn Crest bringing an end, hopefully, to problems which have existed for at least the last 30 years in Graylyn Crest and much of Brandywine Hundred..
For years, we have been told that if tree roots or other obstructions occured in sewer lines between the house and the main line in the street, it was the homeowners' responsibility to do repairs. That is what prompted this tree lover to choose putting in a new pvc line with clean-outs  to the street … (1 comments)

brandywine hundred: Brandywine Hundred Activity Over The Last 6 Months - 01/21/11 04:20 AM

This graph is an update on the number of homes for sale and sold in the last 6 months in Brandywine Hundred. As you can see, the number for sale has held relatively steady, while sales have ebbed and flowed. Presently, at the end of January, 2011, there are 290 homes on the market from $200-999,999, 57 pending sales, and 262 homes in this category have sold since July 10, 2010.

brandywine hundred: Brandywine Hundred Christmas Light Show - 12/26/10 04:12 AM
I know some people think it is really corny, but I always get a kick out of seeing houses that have "over the top" decorations at Christmas. Although my own neighborhood does not have anything to equal this, just up the road at Silverside Rd. and Prior Rd., adjacent to I-95, the Christmas light show at this house takes the cake for me.
I especially liked the Saint Bernard pulling a sleigh full of presents and the arches they put up every year over the path that snakes around their lawn. I heard two men discussing a strategy … (2 comments)

brandywine hundred: South Graylyn Crest - 06/13/10 09:31 AM
South Graylyn Crest is a  community of 328 homes is located in popular Brandywine Hundred, close to Concord Mall on Rt. 202 out side of the City of Wilmington, Delaware. It is East of Rt. 202 and North of I-95, which is just 5 minutes away, and 25 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport.
Back when Graylyn Crest was built between 1955-1957, New Castle County required each community to have parkland.Since one of the parks was between Graylyn and Chatham, they called the park Chatham Park, but  its entrance is from Faun Rd. in Graylyn. The park is located on … (0 comments)

brandywine hundred: Brandywine Hundred Yard Waste Update - 04/28/10 04:03 AM
Since the last Senate Bond Bill declared that the yard waste site used by many Brandywine Hundred residents at Cauffiel Park would close July 1, 2010, residents have been buzzing about what this means to them.  Since the State outlawed mixing trash and yard waste a couple of years ago, the choices have been to pay a private hauler a separate fee for yard waste pickup, bring it to Cauffiel between 8:30 and 4:30 on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, or compost it in their own yard.
After a hard winter when many residents lost trees, especially evergreens, people have been trekking … (2 comments)

brandywine hundred: Brandywine Hundred Gets New Space Age Electric Meters - 03/18/10 05:03 AM
I had received a card saying I would soon get a new remote-read electric meter on my house, and today turned out to be the day. Now I know for sure that there is a satellite going over Brandywine Hundred, north of Wilmington, Delaware. What a historic day for this humble house!
Here is a picture of Jason, of Delmarva Power installing the meter.
He said that meter readers will no longer try and fight my lilac bush and ivy to read the meter. Also, they won't have to fight their way through the prickly bushes which surround some other meters.

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