carolyn roland realtor: Winterthur in May - 05/05/22 03:45 PM
We went to Winterthur Museum and Gardens today especially to see the azaleas. They were still not at their peak, but oh how lovely they were.  And I got to see my special favorite at this time of year, the Dove or Handkerchief tree, whose flowers resemble white handkerchiefs blowing in the breeze. And STOP the garden tram! We want to get off at the Quarry Garden, replete with Candelabra Primroses. They never disappoint. (as seen from bridge above quarry).

carolyn roland realtor: Woodland Beach, Delaware - 04/16/22 08:05 AM
Yesterday I had a request from a buyer to see a property in a tiny town on the Delaware Bay.  Woodland Beach was known prior to 1878 for amusements and frolicking at the beach. Then a tidal wave knocked out 35 miles of waterfront towns.  Today, Woodland Beach is known for fishing and crabbing. One of the yearlong residents has been feeding these ducks for so long that they have their own road warning. The long drive there from nearby Smyrna is lined with flat farmland. The closer you get to Woodland, the road becomes more like a causeway with tidal waters … (4 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: The bees are shaking up the pollen - 04/09/22 12:48 PM
It is not raining and the sun is out, so it was time to look around the garden and pull a few weeds today.  Then I caught sight of a garden worker shaking the pollen out of a hellebore--a big fat bee!  I had never thought about hellebores and bees before, but sure enough, he was hard at work!
And the grape hyacinths had popped into sight after staying low earlier in the week, and they were a welcome burst of color.  The tulips were just starting to open, and the daffodils were in various states, depending on the variety. Some still … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Trial Gardens a Blast of Color - 10/07/21 10:18 AM
A visit to the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens the other day turned out to be a colorful trip. The Trial Garden showed what could be done given the restrictions imposed by the gardeners. The plants are watered and fertilized for a week or two after planting, but that's it. Also on display are winners of the All-American Selections award given nationally. Then, every 2 weeks, a UDBG staff member ranks all plants and lists the last few years' winners on their website.  Here are some of the winners in my book!  Clockwise top left: Salvia (my parents always planted these … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Christmas Eve Storm does a number on State Park trees - 12/28/20 08:31 PM
It was a sunny afternoon today, so I took a walk at nearby Bellevue State Park. 
It's been a few days since Christmas Eve and the terrible wind and rain storm and I saw the effect it had had on some of the grand old trees in the park. And they seemed to have fallen over across the paved walking paths with uncanny accuracy. Upon closer examination, they were sadly lacking in solid roots but instead had gaping holes under where the roots should have been. Only one had been sawn into pieces, probably because it had fallen on a pathway … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Network Reporters Use This Wilmington Spot - 11/24/20 06:45 AM

When you see the network reporters broadcasting Joe Biden items from Wilmington, Delaware, watch the background.  If you see a waterfront scene with a city skyline in the background, they are at the Riverfront.
I spent some time there last week as the sun was going down, and caught up on the latest developments in this area with 3 hotels (built in the last few years), a convention center, restaurants, riverfront walk, nature center, Delaware Children's Museum, condos, apartments, a new bridge from the south end that is lit at night, and the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Amtrak station.
There are a … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: This pig's never going to fly - 10/26/20 08:27 PM
A trip to Marini's produce stand today included a short visit with Norman, the resident pot-bellied pig and local celebrity.  He was busy noisily chomping on grass and didn't give me a nod, but I had to give him a short visit and admire the pumpkin display (just out of his reach).
Continuing down Veale Rd. on my way home, I stopped at a traffic light and took a minute to peruse the peloton of skeletons at the corner of Silverside Rd.  I didn't get a chance to take a look at the miniature old fashioned horse drawn hearse which could be … (6 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Bellevue State Park a Busy Place - 10/26/20 04:39 AM
Walking around Bellevue State Park this weekend, one could see evidence that families were trying to get their children, from infants on up, out in the fresh air.
I got the feeling that a lot of the visitors who crowded the parking lot were unfamiliar with this State park. Some held maps of the trails as they walked, and most of them stayed in the area around the pond.
As usual, I took my favorite path around the back of the round barn, past the clay tennis courts, and through the woods. I only ran into a couple of people back there in … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: It's Stayman-Winesap Apple Time at Linvilla Orchards - 10/02/20 09:45 PM
Every fall, I get a hankering for Stayman-Winesap apples. And the best ones in the area come from Linvilla Orchards, outside of Media PA.  The apples are crisp and crunchy and slightly tart--great flavor!
I don't go there for the hayrides and other child-oriented activities, but I did break down and buy a couple of little pumpkins to put on the stone wall in front of my house. The last time I had a pumpkin outside, someone smashed it, so it put me off of pumpkins for several years.
But this year, I have all the black and orange decorations in my living … (6 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Shakespeare comes alive in Delaware - 09/27/20 10:19 AM
Last night, Delaware Shakespeare took advantage of the sculpture garden behind the Delaware Art Museum, and performed out-takes from many different plays written by The Bard.  The program described it thus:
Shakespeare in the Garden
A Collaborative Event with Delaware Art Museum
Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27, 2020
Copeland Sculpture Garden
Directed by Bi Jean Ngo.  OPENING in front of “Orifice II”
A Sculptural Gesture Warm-up, Sonnet 18
Split into small groups to be guided to individual locations
At “Orifice II” by Joe Moss
An original dance piece inspired by the sculpture and Shakespeare’s use of the phrase “O” (which he uses a lot, normally in big, open emotional … (4 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Winterthur really felt like Fall today - 09/20/20 06:26 PM

I began at noon today to walk the trails at Winterthur Museum and Gardens. The Museum and all the other buildings are closed, so trekkers needed to turn their attention to the great outdoors today.  I started out on a shady path leading up a hill. 

Not sure I ever took note before of something that looked like wild begonias coating the forest floor, 
 but there they were, by the score.   Rounding the bend to see the field where the Temple folly sits, it is now surrounded by a field of Goldenrod, with a path carved through the field for access (and looking like a … (4 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Outside the Democratic Convention in Wilmington - 08/20/20 09:16 AM
I warn you, don't get TOO excited about this on the spot report.  I was near the Wilmington Riverfront this morning,  so I thought, "Why not see how close you can get to where Joe Biden is speaking tonight?"
The answer: They sure have a lot of those black mesh fences.  I parked north of the Chase Center by one of the riverfront restaurants and walked down, seeing they were stopping cars. I guess if I had a Planet Fitness pass (which is facing the Chase Center), they would have let me drive through.  The Wilmington police posted along the route mostly … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: After the storm at Winterthur - 08/17/20 03:17 PM
After Friday's tornado in Delaware left hundreds of trees down and power lines down for the second time in a week, I was curious as to how Winterthur Museum and Gardens fared.  I was going to visit Saturday, but seeing all the roads that were closed, I changed my mind. Today the visitor center was closed, so my online reservation was checked on my phone by the guard at the gatehouse.  I was then greeted by a field of blooming white hostas at the start of my usual path.
A staff member told me today that Winterthur lost 30 to 50 … (4 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: The Tomato Wars Continued - 07/08/20 06:29 PM
I must admit, this latest effort to save my tomatoes did not cost anything. I already had this netting in the garage from some long-forgotten project.
So I wound the netting around the two tomato cages and tied them to the cages with some wire. Who knows what the varmints will try next.
Someone suggested that it could be a groundhog. I can't say I have seen any around here, but I did see a mole or vole the other day. Another suggestion was marigolds around the veggies. Tried that years ago and found the local slugs love marigolds. 
And something has been … (3 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: A visit to the garden plots at Bellevue State Park - 05/24/20 12:26 PM
It's always nice to see how the gardeners are doing at the plots in Bellevue State Park, and yesterday was a particularly nice day to walk through the woods and meadows on the way to see how these "worker bees" are doing.  In the woods, I found this overturned tree displaying what is probably the reason the wind knocked this tree over.  And, since it had rained for the last couple of days, the woods appeared in duplicate in a puddle.
Arriving at the around 300 garden plots that Bellevue State Park rents out, I found one man tending to his … (5 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: May Garden (and Maskmaking) Report - 05/21/20 08:11 AM
Between my plant buying at garden centers and a masks for plants trade with a horticulturally inclined friend, I have been busy putting in new plants and potting others.  Luckily, they all seem to be getting along with each other and the current garden occupants. 
(clockwise starting from top left: Clematis Vivienne, Knockout rose, Columbine or Acquilegia, Bluestar Ansonia, Dahlias, Yellow Twig Dogwood, Petunia and Golden Leaved Pineapple Sage.)

carolyn roland realtor: They built this city on ROCK - 05/10/20 09:26 PM
Being that Sunday was Mother's Day, I thought the parks and gardens in Wilmington would be full of people, which turned out to be untrue for 2 out of 3 that I visited. The one thing they all had in common was ROCKS.  And also, 2 out of 3 also had flowers. Gibraltar gardens had Bluebells in bloom, taking the place of all the tulips I saw there a couple of weeks ago. And of course, there was the very large Rock of Gibraltar.   Was this how the estate got its name? Never thought of it before!
Wilmington's "Class A Affiliate" baseball team … (2 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Back to the days of horse and buggy today - 04/28/20 02:28 PM
A carefully planned trip to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Amish country for plants at Groff's Plant Farm took me back in time today.
We had to get reservations for the plant farm as they were monitoring how many people were wandering around the greenhouses (I counted 8 greenhouses separated by type of plants).  This was in addition to the open air benches loaded with every plant appropriate for our growing area. 
Not only is it great just to see all the hundreds of different types of plants, but just getting to the farm is a delight. I knew I was in Lancaster County … (5 comments)

carolyn roland realtor: Flowers reflect the overcast weather theme - 04/27/20 10:18 AM
Today is overcast with occasional drizzles.
So let's see what is blooming in the garden.  
Hmmm. I'm seeing a dark undercurrent here.
Cherry laurel

carolyn roland realtor: Into each life a little rain, hail, swarm of bees - 04/21/20 01:32 PM
After lunch today seemed a good time to do a few garden chores, so I took my seed packets, garden gloves, and trowel into the patio. Let me recount the damages:
1. A squirrel had gone crazy in a flower pot on my table and scattered the just starting to grow tiny flowers all over the place.
2. While I was cleaning up the scattered dirt, a strange buzzing sound was in the air. I looked up and a few feet over, and a giant swarm of bees was headed my way--maybe 12 cubic feet in size. No pictures of this, because I … (6 comments)

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