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We've all seen it, maybe we've all done it before.  We post a quickie in Craigslist announcing some new listing or provide a link to a home search, and we neglect to provide the brokerage info in that same post.  Bad little puppy! shame, shame!  What does the Code of Ethics say about this? Standa...
So, we've done business before on pre-listed homes and this time you ask me to do a BPO on a home that is already listed and is in fact, under contract. Sadly, I must turn you down-- flat!  Wipe your crocodile tears and let me splain myself Lucy.  Delaware is what is referred to as a Safe Harbor ...
So, after half a decade of sitting vacant, like a poor abandoned nuclear power plant, the old Suburban Propane location on Rehoboth Beach Avenue will very soon have new life breathed into its long dried up nostrils.  The land was purchased by a local realtor for one half it's 5 million dollar pri...
Since social media is fast becoming the communication venue for family, friends, and clients, I thought I'd post this holiday message to you. Click anywhere (turn on volume.)
Often times, homeowners want to take their home off the market during the holidays. Sometimes feeling the stress of preparing for the holidays coupled with selling their home is too much to bear, so they attempt to reduce the stress by taking their home off the market till spring.  Advisable? In ...
What to OfferYour Realtor can help you find your perfect home, but only you can decide how much you are willing to offer for it. Your Realtor will supply you with information about the selling prices and marketing time of other houses in the area. Once you have determined the amount you are willi...
5 Secrets to Buying the Best House for Your Money 1. Get "Pre-Approved" - Not "Pre-Qualified!" Do you want to get the best property you can for the least amount of money? Then make sure you are in the strongest negotiating position possible. Price is only one element in the negotiations, and not ...
Three recent HUD cases bring to the attention of the consuming public of the need to reinfocre our anti-discrimiation laws as they pertain to housing for the disabled consumer.  Case No 1: HUD CHARGES OWNER, DEVELOPER AND BUILDER OF MONTANA APARTMENTBUILDING WITH DISCRIMINATING AGAINST PERSONS WI...
Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home A great way to make the home-buying process flow smoothly is to educate yourself and learn from mistakes others have made - this can make the difference between buying the home of your dreams and buying a "lemon." Not getting pre-qualified or pre-approved If ...
How To Avoid Home Buying Mistakes 1. Not doing your homework. Enter the market well-prepared by researching location, school district, deed restrictions and taxes. 2. Trying to make a shrewd investment. Focus on finding the best place for you and your family to live rather than trying to predict...

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