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How can I prepare for a Tornado disaster?Although tornadoes can occur anywhere and at any time of the year, the peak season stretches for six months from March through October in the South, Southwest and Midwest U.S. These potentially deadly funnel clouds travel at an average speed of 35 MPH, but...
How to Find the Money: Find Ways to Trim Your BudgetWhen you calculated your monthly budget, you may have noticed some frivolous  or unnecessary expenses. These can include eating out instead of making meals at home, buying the new "greatest hits" collection from your favorite band or paying for ...
Saving for Emergencies "A Penny Saved"Disasters can be devastating, but recovery doesn't have to be a long and costly process. Do yourself a favor and start planning and saving for emergencies now. Being prepared is the key to reducing the amount of losses suffered in the event of a disaster. Hav...
Before moving - have a garage sale What doesn't sell here don't pack, but instead donate to a charitable organization and increase your tax deductions! But be sure to get a receipt for income tax purposes. This is a great way to reduce "clutter" and reduce your moving load, as well as make a litt...
Ten Ways to Improve Your Credit Score When you apply for credit, your credit scores helps lenders decide how likely it is that they will get paid back on time. The three major credit agencies are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. They each their own scoring system, however all three are very si...
10 tips to prevent identity theftIdentity thieves rob more than 500,000 Americans every year. These steps will help you reduce your risk of identity theft.1. Guard that Social Security numberThe most important step is to guard your Social Security number -- it is the key to your credit report and...

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