property: You Can't Say It Enough -- If You Want It Sold -- Depersonalize - 01/01/08 06:16 AM
I just took finished a listing appointment (the property was listed with someone else and did not sell) -- and I couldn't believe the condition of the property. The home was in good condition, but it was a mess. Crap everywhere. With all the home staging programs and HGTV, I didn't think there was a soul out there who didn't know about cleaning up the clutter. So, here's a quick reminder.
If you want to get your home sold -- now is not the time to show off your beer can collection, your masterpiece from Painting 101, your dusty bunny animal collection … (1 comments)

property: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let a buyer move into a home before COE!!! - 11/09/07 01:21 AM
I just read another blog which indicated they let the buyer move in 5 days early to take the pressure off a fast move.
I can't think of anything worse. I've been there, done that -- and it was a disaster.
We wanted to accommodate the buyers -- give them time to move. The buyers, their agent, the lenders, everybody said it was a "done deal." No problem. It will close on time.
So, we moved out. Stayed in a rental while our new house was being prepped. Guess what? You know the answer. The home didn't close. It took nearly 10 stressful days … (4 comments)

property: 3 Tips to Help You Keep on Walking - 11/06/07 01:35 AM
There's soooo much good info on AR about real estate -- I think you have it covered. Yesterday I had a bad call with a potential client -- I was steamed -- and after the call I went for a walk. I came back and felt great! I did some quick research and found this:
Walking rates as one of the most popular workouts. It's easy, convenient and a great way to keep off extra weight, but all too often there are obstacles that prevent you from enjoying this activity -- or so you think.
Obstacle 1: I work all day and can't … (1 comments)

property: Del Mar, California Sunset - 11/02/07 02:38 AM
Nothing like a Del Mar Beach sunset to help you shake off the day. This one was taken recently at Powerhouse Park.

property: Good to Know During Your Next Hospital Visit - 11/02/07 02:25 AM
I used this in my own newsletter and thought I would pass it on so you're aware when visiting family and friends.
According to a review published in the the New England Journal of Medicine, infections acquired by patients while they're in the hospital are estimated to affect nearly 2 million people resulting in 90,000 deaths a year and costing $9.5 billion in medical bills.
The biggest culprit? The room's TV remote control!
Researchers from the University of Arizona recently found that the remote control in a hospital room carries more disease-causing bacteria than the toilet, faucet handles, bathroom door, call buttons, and other … (4 comments)

property: Not Exactly a New Idea -- But I'm Surprised I Don't See It Very Often - 10/31/07 02:49 AM
Make Home Repairs Before Listing -- One Small (or Big) Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Odds
Most home sellers are aware that there's a lot of competition on the market right now. And, most buyer's know they have a lot of choices. So, what can a home owner do to get an edge?
Try this: Have your home inspected and all repairs made prior to putting it on the market. If your home is already in great condition, the cost will be minimal. If your home needs a lot of work, you would probably have to make the repairs anyway or … (6 comments)

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