training: It's all in our minds.... - 01/17/07 10:06 AM
I mentioned to a friend today that it always bothered me why some salespeople (inexperienced rookies, usually) insist on "shooting from the hips". They go to their sales presentation with nothing but "a prayer in their hearts". It also surprises me that they seem to expect some kind of success. Wouldn't it be less stressful to take a few minutes prior to our encounter with a client and mentally review what to say, what to do, check the names, and any other information we may need?
Many years ago I heard of an experiment, which called my attention and gave me … (0 comments)

training: Who knows a great "Real Estate Guru" nowadays? - 12/16/06 05:19 AM
My partner and close friend is thinking about attending seminars regarding real estate, so he can quit his part time job and be a full-time Realtor.  I am helping him seach some "gurus" out there, but so far, no luck.  I've attended (many years ago) Mike Ferry and Doug Yeaman.  I still respect their ideas, but I'm not sure how obsolete they may be in such a changing market.
I heard of Brian Buffini and a few others, but I am looking for suggestions. 


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