dena stevens: Did a Door Knob Ever Sell a House? - 11/26/11 02:11 AM
Did a Door Knob Ever Sell a House? Posted on November 25, 2011 by Dena Stevens (719) 369.9087 Did a Door Knob Ever Sell a House?
Sellers are always sure that the tiniest detail in their house is going to help sell the property. Sellers are proudly showing off drawer pulls, ceiling fans, a blooming bush or other details of special attention. Think about it, have you ever purchased a house because of the decorative shelf in a bedroom? Probably not.
Details help impress potential buyers, not always in a good way. What if the buyer doesn’t want to do yard … (10 comments)

dena stevens: Some keys to Selling Your House Safely - 11/24/11 02:17 AM
Some Keys to Selling Your House Safety Posted on November 24, 2011 by Dena Stevens (719) 369.9087  
If you are trying to sell your property no doubt you know it’s a tough market out there. For your sake as well as the buyers think safety. Both you and your potential buyers should know the property is safe and secure. Here are just a few suggestions to check if the house is safe for visitors and potential buyers.
Fix any broken door knobs, locks or latches, locate all the keys Put timers or motion detectors on exterior lights Use timers … (3 comments)

dena stevens: Happy Thanksgiving from Canon City Colorado - 11/24/11 01:49 AM

As the end of 2011 approaches I thought I’d take this time to thank all of you. It’s been a year of transformation for me and for some of you as well. I suppose 2011 will go down in history as a difficult year or at least a transforming one. And maybe a little more challenging to find things to be thankful for.

One of the good things about 2011 was reconnecting with old friends. As many of you know I’ve embraced “Social Media.” Tools like Facebook have united me with new friends but plenty of old … (1 comments)

dena stevens: Reasons for Seniors to Live in Canon City Colorado - 11/21/11 01:08 PM
Posted on November 22, 2011 by Dena Stevens (719) 369.9087 Reasons for Seniors to Live In Canon City Canon City wants you! Climate It’s hard to argue with 300+ days of sunshine! Altitude/scenery You can live in a Mountain type atmosphere without living above 6000 feet. Variety of activities Bike, Hike, Raft. This isn’t your grandparents retirement Small town atmosphere with most needs met Canon City has shopping, doctors, a hospital, entertainment, restaurants and more. Close proximity to larger cities and airports Colorado Springs and Pueblo are more or less than 45 minutes away Stable economic base There are jobs here, … (1 comments)

dena stevens: Odd set of circumstance - 11/14/11 10:27 PM
Posted on November 15, 2011 by Dena Stevens (719) 369.9087 An Odd set of circumstance

In Fremont County Colorado there are just over 46,000 people living here. The beautiful Upper Arkansas Valley brings lots of tourists to the area to raft, hike, bike and sight see. If you live in the area you know you see lots of people you know and lots of tourists. Canon City is one of those towns that you will see people you know everyday. We run into neighbors and others on a regular basis in the grocery, on the street, standing in line at … (3 comments)

dena stevens: Why Would Anybody Want to Become a Real Estate Agent? - 11/08/11 10:57 AM
Why Would Anybody Want to Become a Real Estate Agent? Posted on November 6, 2011 by Dena Stevens (719) 369.9087
Why would anybody want to become a real estate agent now? Let’s face it 2011 really isn’t going to end much better than 2010 did as far as sales go. But like anything else if you look for the silver lining you can find one.
Below is a list of reasons you should think about getting your real estate license.
1) Seasoned agents are retiring and leaving the business. They are leaving behind buyers and sellers who will still … (8 comments)

dena stevens: 418 Pike Canon City CO 81212 - 11/08/11 10:53 AM
418 Pike Canon City, CO 81212 Posted on November 5, 2011 by Dena Stevens (719) 369.9087 A LOT FOR A LITTLE–2 bedroom bungalow with all appliances, fenced yard with sprinkler system, garden space, fruit trees, mountain views and a shop. (Could be wheel chair accessible) Has had some updating: windows, furnace, hot water tank, sewer line from house to carport, insulation in the attic, rain & gutter spouts and a new roof.
REALLY big ! Bedrooms approx 13 x 9.5 Living room approx 13 x 6.5 Carport with a shop!! Easy access to town, PCC and all things Canon! Nancy Kattnig … (2 comments)

dena stevens: 991 Cone Canon City Colorado 81212 U/C - 10/31/11 11:49 AM

dena stevens: Real Estate Deals Are About the Timing - 10/19/11 04:07 PM
It’s all about “the right deal at the right time.” We’ve all heard this before, right? With supply and demand being out of balance for the last few years it’s been about the “right deal.” Buyers want something for nothing of course and sellers think they have gold in their property, but when the two come together it is the “right deal.”
My first broker use to say if the buyer comes up a little in the price and the seller comes down a little you’ve got the right price.
But it’s also about the timing. In a recent article … (5 comments)

dena stevens: The "Perfect Property" - 10/18/11 01:42 AM

During a real estate class I was told the story of a buyers agent.This agent worked exquisitely with buyers. In order to work with this high demand agent the buyers had to sign a buyers agreement (listing) for exactly one day. This agent was in such demand and his reputation was such that buyers gladly did what this agent asked of them. The buyers were looking for the “perfect property” This agent guaranteed buyers he would find them their perfect property. If the buyers didn’t write an offer on any house during that … (2 comments)

dena stevens: Denas Tweet Cloud - 03/05/11 01:20 PM
This really isn't important, but I thought it was fun!
#canoncity #ff activerain @acummings anybody autoshare awesome bad bed better big blog @brokerkathy busy canon car @catchingathief channel chocolate christmas city cold colorado come coming cute day days dena @denalstevens denver did didnt @djrockinred does doing early @erichthewebguy estate fb feature free friends fun funny getting glad gnight going good gotta great @greenbaybarb happy hard hear heard help hi home hope hot house interesting isnt @jessie81005 @kc0eks know life little live long look looking looks love luv make @marty_25 maybe @momof2_678 @monikamcg morning @mychiller @mylender need new news @newschannel_13 @newsfirst5 nice … (3 comments)

dena stevens: My new name tag by Dee's Pace Canon City Colorado - 12/04/10 02:10 AM
OK, how cool is this?
Dee's Pace (719) 275 6482   624 Main St. Canon City
I asked Dee to make me a new name tag, the old one was..... getting very old. She told me no problem and I wasn't picky about what it looked like as long as my name was spelled correctly. This is what she came up with! In the mean time she's done a bunch more for friends.
Call Dee and ask her to make you a name tag. She'll probably have you send her your business card. I'm not getting anything out of this, I … (6 comments)

dena stevens: Dena Stevens Psychic ? - 03/13/10 12:27 PM
Often Realtors are asked by both buyers and sellers what we think the market will do next. The honest truth, Realtors have informed, educated opinions but we're not psychic! 
Is it a good time to buy? I believe it is a good time to buy ~ why? If it's something you are interested in and only you, the buyer can say what is right for you and your family.
Will my house sell at this price? Maybe, I've given you my informed opinion on what the market is doing. Price is always going to be key. Just as important is location and the … (11 comments)

dena stevens: Odd facts about Dena Stevens - 08/13/09 06:42 AM
Here are just a few things you don't know about me:
1) I'm afraid of birds. I had birds as pets as a kid and every last one of them died within a few days of getting them home. I have a better record with dogs.
2) I've been on a variety of TV shows, but until you catch a late rerun of an old show on some obscure TV channel you will never see me.
3) Until very recently I've never owned a car with an automatic transmission. Six months later I'm still trying to get it right! Please ignore … (4 comments)

dena stevens: In my opinion - 12/08/07 08:45 AM
In my opinion:
I can't be an expert in everything and I'm not going to tryMy thoughts have energyScience projects in the refrigerator are acceptable unless company is comingGod does talk to me if I shut up long enough to listenJimmy Buffett has great insight 
Miracles happen all the time, we just don't acknowledge them*My dogs prefer my grandmothers afghan to my lap *What's right for me isn't always going to be right for others*In my heart I'm a vegetarian *My 10 year old Toyota will make it 500,000 miles before dying and being reincarnated into a more energy efficient car that … (16 comments)

dena stevens: How the Green Movement is like a Sushi Restaurant - 07/12/07 01:49 PM
For a lot of people walking into a Sushi Restaurant just isn't going to happen. I know people who cringe at the idea of even walking into a restaurant that serves sushi. But for those of us who like it, we know better. Yes, there was a time when I had to open my mind just far enough to accept the idea that raw fish might possibly have some good qualities - if I just try it.
First we all start off with a California roll and then a Philly roll or a cucumber roll. Then when we are comfortable with … (21 comments)

dena stevens: If you could be President of your own Home - 07/05/07 02:38 PM
If you have ever dreamt of living in a place where it is really quiet If you have wanted a house that fits you to a tee because you designed itIf you want to pass more cows than cars on the way to workIf you want to count the stars from your windowIf the thought of watching wildlife from your own yard is excitingIf sunsets sound more appealing than what's on TV tonightIf the price were just rightIf you were in control of life againIf you want to literally live where the deer and antelope playIf you want to have a … (5 comments)

dena stevens: Real Estate Hunting - 06/24/07 04:07 PM
My father (Skip) use to like to hunt. As a little kid and even as a young adult I really didn't understand the appeal. Skip use to bring things home and butcher them in the garage. We would end up with a freezer full of meat wrapped in white paper with hand written labels identifying the contents. What I learned later was that it wasn't the trophy Skip was after, it was the day. He loved getting up early, taking a travel trailer out to some place off the beaten path and taking a walk. The descriptions of how his weekend … (11 comments)

dena stevens: Four Realtors walk into a restaurant... - 06/14/07 03:25 PM
and have a great time!
Today Marianna Wagner, Sabine Pyrchalla, Kristal Kraft and I met at Biaggis at The Shops at Briar gate for lunch.
The original plan was for just Sabine, Marianna and I have lunch. But I could not resist asking Kristal to come for a surprise. We had a great time and a wonderful lunch. We asked the wait staff to take pictures, this is the only one I'm going to share. And yes, we thought about covering ½ of Kristals face.
Next time you are all invited!
Read more here

dena stevens: Kings Meadow Ranch Colorado - 06/12/07 02:23 PM
If you drive threw Fremont county Colorado to highway #9 then turn east on High Park Road toward Cripple Creek you pass some of the pettiest parts of Colorado. The two lane paved road twists and turns past green hills, wild flowers and wild life. Along the way you could zip past Kings Meadow Ranch very easily. Set in these rolling hills are old cabins and old farm equipment where hunters and movie makers alike explore this little know area of Colorado.
Touch the earth, love the earth, honour the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills, and her seas; rest … (9 comments)

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