agent: Living in the Lap of Luxury - Newfoundland Style - 05/16/07 05:53 AM
It is said (mostly by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation) that a Million Dollars goes a lot further in Atlantic Canada than anywhere else in Canada and perhaps the US.
Seems logical, our cost of living is low due to moderate housing costs, our heating costs may be higher its all relative.  I was on Roberta Murphy's blog awhile back and she invited Active Rainers to join the Carnival of Luxury.  It sounds like fun so I thought and I thought, and I thought some more about our provinces concept of luxury.  I know the carnival is over but thought I'd add my … (5 comments)

agent: What's the Difference Between a Harley, or a Beemer, or a Mercedes??? - 04/03/07 04:58 AM
I met a Realtor at a house the other day to pick up some keys for a viewing appointment.  He drives up in a little BMW, a sporty number.  
I said "Wow!" 
Last summer another agent in our office went on viewing appointments on his motorcycle.  I said "Wow!" 
Another agent I know drives a huge gas guzzling 8 cylinder truck, I'd need a crane just to get into the passenger seat.                                      
I've seen agents driving mini-vans, SUVs, domestic, and foreign imports, one has a big cube van with his picture on it.  If I say "Wow" do clients do the same?
I'm … (6 comments)

agent: Happy Happy Joy Joy - 03/14/07 07:07 AM
Someone's Found Me on Active-Rain... truth it was someone I had made contact periodically over the past few years and have not kept in touch with recently.   But I will now!
So I consider today one of those red letter days, I got a referral from Halifax, a lead from Active-Rain, a commercial listing that will sell, and a chain letter.  So I'm doing my happy dance around the office, this working it stuff pays off. 
 courtesy of Charles Shultz 
Wait a lead from Active-Rain, how'd that happen? 
I make comments, I post occasionally, so how did this person find me here in … (11 comments)

agent: To Fool Mother Nature is to Fool Ourselves - 03/09/07 05:24 AM
Last week, I heard that scientists were going to "examine" the Northern Lights in Canada.  The Northern Lights apparently cause disruption for cell phone users, telecommunications, distort cable television and do a lot of other nasty things to the consumer.  Can you imagine one of the symbols of the aboriginal peoples of Canada for eons is hurting big business?  I thought another nail in the coffin for Mother Nature.  Of course they might just want to harness the energy to power our lights, or perhaps turn it on for tourists and turn it off when it becomes bothersome.  I thought why … (6 comments)

agent: A bump on the head, a stubbed toe, …. and a new pair of shoes! - 03/02/07 08:21 AM
Yesterday I had one of those days.  You know the ones where everything goes a little haywire.  It started out that way just after I got out of bed.  I usually hit the ground running during the weekdays, off to the office, bury my head in paperwork, meet with my partner, Bill, show a few houses, but yesterday was different. 
Perhaps karma kicking in like My Name is Earl, telling me to slow down or something.  I was getting the paperwork together so I could bring my tax return to my accountant (yes the Tax-man Cometh to Canada too).  I had … (12 comments)

agent: Touchy Feely or Arms Length? - 02/18/07 01:22 AM
I'm tossing this out there to see how other Realtors handle the "invite".  Many of my clients often invite me over to their homes after they have sold or purchased for a social gathering or meal.  I'm not talking about a "housewarming" party, its as though they'd like to build or enhance the relationship.
For those people who move from out of town, we as Realtors are the first friendly faces they meet.  So do they "like me, really like me" a la Sally Field or is it just courtesy or do they want "free advice" etc.  How do you handle the … (3 comments)

agent: I Am Canadian, eh... - 02/15/07 10:58 PM
After the last blast of snow I had some time to check out the Canadian contingent on the Active Rain site.  Looks like a good percentage of us post and comment frequently so how about a blog for us folks. 
It appears that a lot of Realtors in the States have groups that band together nicely, like the New England Association of Realtors, and the North Carolina Association of Realtors, both groups a fun bunch by the way. My partner, Bill and I attend some of the National Association of Realtors Conferences south of the border and their associations are tight … (35 comments)


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