homes: There are no “Sold” stickers left in St. John’s and Running Shoes Required - 08/31/08 10:58 PM
I think I should buy stock in Nike, Reebok or some other comfy shoe company.  My feet are tired; my pretty summer shoes have been tossed into the back seat of the car and there are no “sold” stickers left in St. John’s.
What’s happening?  Its no big secret, the provincial government signed a memorandum of understanding last August 2007 with several oil partners and since then the market has increased almost 35% in one year.  Recreational properties have increased almost 22% and I’ve gone begging and pleading to my office mates for a “sold” sticker I need to put on … (10 comments)

homes: Tipping the Scales to a more Balanced Market in St. John’s, NL – Third Quarter 2007 - 10/30/07 12:31 AM
The third quarter Multiple Listing Trends for Newfoundland are in.  After a tumultuous beginning to the year, it looks like we are beginning to see the "balanced" market all Realtors hope for; a well priced home selling within a reasonable time frame to qualified buyers.  Nirvana!
Residential sales were at record highs with an increase in volume of 26% over last year at this time.  More good news is in store for sellers as their property values have increased on average to 8.6% for a single residential dwelling over the same period last year - $140,779 to $152,939.
With a good supply of … (0 comments)

homes: Now there's the Money Shot... - 06/02/07 05:27 AM
Actually there's two money shots.  One is the first iceberg in St. John's in more than five (5) years.  Hopefully a treat for all the Oceanographers visiting this province for a CMOS conference this week in June. 
While its not warm in St. John's by any stretch of the imagination, I kinda felt that Arctic chill coming off the harbour yesterday morning.  I took a quick walk up Signal Hill (or Mother Nature's Stair-master if you get my drift) - my personal best this year - 46 minutes and low and behold there it was - lodged in Freshwater Bay. 
Some of the local … (12 comments)

homes: It's Here....MLS Trends for the First Quarter 2007 - Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Realtors - 04/19/07 04:30 AM
The MLS Sales Activity Report for the Eastern Region of Newfoundland and Labrador is out and, drum roll please, looks like first quarter residential sales are up over the same time last year.  Exhale. 
Fortunately for buyers but unfortunately for sellers the market has remained flat during the quarter will little to no increase in prices of average residential housing.  The market is firmly in Buyers hands with price growth to be minimal through the remainder of the year.  Good for some, not good for everyone.
So they've said it - its a Buyers Market with a sustained increase in listings.  Translated that … (0 comments)

homes: Now we're Rubbing Elbows with the Big Boys...and Girls - 04/18/07 05:38 AM
I just finished commenting on an article from our local paper about affordable housing in St. John's, NL when I came across an article from the Financial Times of London, and not London, Ontario (nothing against you folks) but London, England - where the Queen lives most of the time (when she's not in Scotland or traveling, or riding horses), about guess where - St. John's, NL - again. 
This time it was about one of our neighbourhoods just up the road from the downtown better known as Georgestown.  Actually, this three block square community is home to one of the … (1 comments)

homes: What's the Difference Between a Harley, or a Beemer, or a Mercedes??? - 04/03/07 04:58 AM
I met a Realtor at a house the other day to pick up some keys for a viewing appointment.  He drives up in a little BMW, a sporty number.  
I said "Wow!" 
Last summer another agent in our office went on viewing appointments on his motorcycle.  I said "Wow!" 
Another agent I know drives a huge gas guzzling 8 cylinder truck, I'd need a crane just to get into the passenger seat.                                      
I've seen agents driving mini-vans, SUVs, domestic, and foreign imports, one has a big cube van with his picture on it.  If I say "Wow" do clients do the same?
I'm … (6 comments)

homes: To Fool Mother Nature is to Fool Ourselves - 03/09/07 05:24 AM
Last week, I heard that scientists were going to "examine" the Northern Lights in Canada.  The Northern Lights apparently cause disruption for cell phone users, telecommunications, distort cable television and do a lot of other nasty things to the consumer.  Can you imagine one of the symbols of the aboriginal peoples of Canada for eons is hurting big business?  I thought another nail in the coffin for Mother Nature.  Of course they might just want to harness the energy to power our lights, or perhaps turn it on for tourists and turn it off when it becomes bothersome.  I thought why … (6 comments)


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