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Join Denise Lones each week as she looks at the world of real estate and the world at large from customer service to the importance of listing presentations in a one-on-one style. Denise has more than 20 years of experience as a successful agent, broker, trainer and coach. Denise is someone in the know when it comes to real estate.



By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP Here's a common question: "Denise, do I need a website?"  In a word:DEFINITELY!Why?  Because the world is now online, and people turn to the Internet first for information gathering.  The trend is only going to increase.BUT. "The real question is "What do you want fr...
By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP It never ceases to amaze me how many real estate agents work in the industry every day, yet don't take the time to be an expert in anything.  They do not use what I call "The Expert Factor,"  possibly the key tool for your business on which all your success rests.Wha...
A quick note to my cyber world friends in the ActiveRain network. I am off to Bellevue this week to teach my two-day Safari workshop at the Bellevue Club (May 16 & 17). I will be posting blogs at the end of the week. My office staff is hurrying around and preparing right now.  Denise Lones
 COME ON THE SAFARI -- WITH US! This is a last-minute invitation. I have only one or two spots left in my well-attended Safari class at Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Washington. I wanted to give my ActiveRain friends a chance. We provide 15 continuing education clock hours (for Oregon and Washington...
 AN INVITATIONFor those of you in the Real Estate community who may wonder what The Lones Group is and can do for you, I would like to extend a personal invitation to join me and my staff on an orientation call this Friday, May 11. I'll literally show you step-by-step what we can do for you and y...
THE TOP FIVE REAL ESTATE MONEY WASTERSI plead guilty. Do you?Don't try to deny it. You've done it too. Just admit it. There isn't a real estate agent I know who hasn't shelled out good money trying the latest marketing gimmick, gadget, or seminar-of-the-day in a last-ditch desperate effort to cap...
GIVE YOUR CLIENTS A "BACKSTAGE PASS"I have a question for you: What business are you in?I bet you said "real estate".WRONG!How about your dentist? What business is he or she in? If you said "dentistry", you'd be WRONG again.All of us are in the same business. We are marketers. You-yes, YOU!-are i...
THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN PRICING!(This article is dedicated to one of our readers Jo, who wrote me and encouraged me to share this information in the Zebra Report).When you go to real estate school, the first thing you're taught is how to prepare a CMA-the Comparative Market Analysis. Traditi...
BEGINNER MARKETING MISTAKES!Unless you have a marketing background, you are a beginner in marketing. It's not something that we instantly have a knack for-it's something we learn over time.Over the years, my own personal marketing has changed drastically. Why?  Because I learned WHAT WORKS. And I...
MAKE-IT OR BREAK-IT TIME...THE SIX TO NINE MONTH MARK IN YOUR BUSINESSAs a real estate trainer and marketing expert, one of the toughest frustrations I have is the sad reality that many new agents will not be around after nine months.We've all been told that the first six months are the "testing ...

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