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Join Denise Lones each week as she looks at the world of real estate and the world at large from customer service to the importance of listing presentations in a one-on-one style. Denise has more than 20 years of experience as a successful agent, broker, trainer and coach. Denise is someone in the know when it comes to real estate.



By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP What's the secret to success in any endeavor on Earth?One word-routines!What do I mean by routines?A routine is something that you do on a consistent basis that becomes second-nature to you.  You do it without even thinking about it.  Or it could be a learned behavio...
Discover What Works for You and What Doesn'tBy Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP Agents are always looking for "The Plan." You must have heard of "The Plan."  It's that super secret 1-2-3 magic set of instructions that if you just plug it in, it will magically catapult your business to the next level.Ne...

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