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Join Denise Lones each week as she looks at the world of real estate and the world at large from customer service to the importance of listing presentations in a one-on-one style. Denise has more than 20 years of experience as a successful agent, broker, trainer and coach. Denise is someone in the know when it comes to real estate.



There's Always More To The Story Recently one of my clients forwarded an article to me about unemployment in their area.  The gist of the article was that jobless claims are up in the Kennewick area. When the contents of this article hit my client's marketplace (Kennewick, a town in Eastern Wash...
Good... Or Good For Nothing? Poll real estate agents around the country on the value and benefits of a home warranty policy and you'll receive a wide range of responses. Some agents love them. Other agents feel they're a waste of money. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, a home warranty is b...
Eight Tips to Building a "Belly-to-Belly" Business! As I was thinking about this week's Zebra Report I posed a question to myself: Is real estate still a belly-to-belly business? That's what we used to call it in the old days. Back then we didn't have email, we didn't have online MLS systems, we...
YouTube: Is It the Perfect Learning Lab? If you read my Zebra Reports regularly, you know that I believe that today's real estate agent needs to engage more fully in social media than ever before. That engagement may come through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, a blog... or one of the oth...

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