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Join Denise Lones each week as she looks at the world of real estate and the world at large from customer service to the importance of listing presentations in a one-on-one style. Denise has more than 20 years of experience as a successful agent, broker, trainer and coach. Denise is someone in the know when it comes to real estate.



What Is Your One Thing? Over the last several weeks, my teaching schedule has been pretty full. I had EVOLVE students graduate, met with my ENCORE group, taught classes on Open Houses, Pricing, Lead Generation, and new tricks to follow up with leads in your pipeline. As you can imagine, I have A...
Imagine... Allan and Bonnie Did! Imagine you went to the doctor and were told you had a life-threatening lung disease. Imagine your doctor said you didn't have long to live if you didn't get a lung transplant. Imagine your insurance company refused to pay for this lung transplant and you would b...
The Essentials of Working in a Faster Market For almost five years agents have found themselves working in markets where sellers' homes sat on the market for extended periods of time as buyers sat on fences. The market was slow to say the least and the buyers and sellers were slow to make decisi...
Open House Season is Open! My favorite time of the year is here - Open House Season! I love it because agents are charged up. They are polishing their open house tools and putting a shine on everything. Open house season says, "We are open for business!" With the market picking up in many areas,...

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