business changes: What Can History Teach Us About Real Estate? - 03/25/20 09:56 AM

What Can History Teach Us About Real Estate?
There is no doubt that the last few weeks have been a challenge in many of our strongest real estate markets. In many places we have strong buyer demand, but are unable to satisfy that need because of the demand for social distancing.
We have MLS services in some markets that are not allowing open houses. Some MLS are not even allowing new listings to be added - for the greater good. I have agents asking me about their buyers who had great jobs even a week ago who now may … (3 comments)

business changes: Surrender... and Win! - 08/10/18 09:32 AM

SURRENDER... and Win!
A client of mine came to me two years ago who was overwhelmed with where she was at in her business. She felt that she had hit her peak and would never again get back to where she had been years earlier. She had given up, was tired, and had lost her mojo. She even discussed her financial situation. It was not good.
As I began to offer solutions she came up with creative reasons why my solutions would never work for her. I could tell that she was overwhelmed but I needed her to STOP … (11 comments)

business changes: The Right Way to Move Brokerages - 06/29/18 10:31 AM

The Right Way to Move Brokerages
There isn't a week that goes by that one of my clients doesn't email me to ask for a call to discuss moving brokerages. Real estate brokers are always intrigued when a new company comes to town or they hear about a colleague that recently moved.
Is the grass really greener at another brokerage¬†or is the grass greenest where you water it?¬†That is an expression that I have always lived my life by, both personally and professionally. When things seem too good to be true, they probably are. When your business or personal … (4 comments)

business changes: Why Not NOW? - 05/31/18 05:44 PM

Why Not NOW?
The #1 enemy of most real estate brokers today is procrastination.
While most real estate brokers do not lack creativity, customer service or drive, many of them do lack the ability to get things done. This is not just specific to real estate brokers. Almost every professional in every field suffers from some level of procrastination.
I'm not referring to the type of procrastination where you put off a task until tomorrow that should be done today. I am talking about the kind of procrastination that limits your ability to start and complete critical business-building systems.

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