business systems: Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate - 07/15/19 03:38 PM

Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate
I have always been a "systems" girl. I need things in their right place. I don't like things out of order and I like to be able to control my environment. I am not a neat freak, but I am an organizational one. I like things to have a "home" and I like things to be part of a system or process when possible.
I remember when I was a little girl, I used to organize my dolls based on their height. I would arrange them first by height and … (15 comments)

business systems: Are Your Hands Full? - 04/13/18 09:04 AM

Are Your Hands Full?
I want you to imagine you are out with your family at a picnic. You come across a large meadow full of blackberry bushes that are full of ripe juicy lush blackberries. You start to pick them and realize after a few minutes that your hands are full and you have nowhere to put any more blackberries. You didn't plan on finding blackberries and you weren't prepared to be storing them. Unfortunately, you only have two hands and you are now tapped out.
You weren't prepared for this "event" and you didn't have the right … (12 comments)

business systems: The Lead Generation Triangle - 10/14/14 05:42 AM

The Lead Generation Triangle
Whenever agents ask me what the best kind of lead generation method is I have to answer with the same two words every time, "It depends."
Great lead generation depends on so many factors and it has to match your personality, your skill level and your interest level. If you have no interest in sitting at open houses then you should not be doing that for your lead generation method. You won't be able to sustain them and your energy at the open house will be low. Buyers that come through the open house will … (2 comments)

business systems: Cookie Cutter Doesn't Cut It - 06/20/14 02:27 AM

Cookie Cutter Doesn't Cut It
Introducing an Innovative New Skill & System-Building Program Unparalled in the Industry
I have worked with hundreds of real estate agents over the years and the one thing they ALL have in common is that they are not common. Each and every one of them is unique and special and the ones that have seen the most success have done so by forging their own path. They have found their way, their system, and their formula and it shows in their business.
There is not only one road to success. There are many, just … (0 comments)

business systems: Peak Performance ... the Rest of the Story! - 01/27/12 04:04 AM
Peak Performance ... the Rest of the Story!
My last two Zebra Reports have focused on peak performance, and the 27 attributes I’ve identified that help predict peak performance.
Remember, I believe that there are three areas of focus for peak performers:
Attitude and mindset Action and implementation Systems and tools Two weeks ago I covered the 14 predictors of peak performance relative to attitude and mindset … and last week I shared my thoughts on action and implementation, and the nine predictors of peak performance in that category.
Today I want to talk about the way peak performers use … (6 comments)

business systems: Does Your Pipeline Need a Lifeline? - 02/04/11 04:50 AM
Every agent should strive to build a referral-only business. The lion’s share of income should come from past clients, a strong database and the subsequent referrals.
However, if you – like many agents I know – are not generating the income that you need to generate, it is a sure sign that your referral business is not yet where it needs to be. This means you are going to have to add a lead generation program to your business to make up for what your referrals are not providing you.
A great referral business comes about – and … (0 comments)

business systems: New from The Lones Group Design Team! - 11/18/10 05:09 AM

After serving in the Marine Corps, Ron was ready for a change! Real estate was a natural fit for him, and he has taken it one step further by focusing on relocating clients. Because of the added stresses that come with relocation, Ron wanted a brand that conveys his personal warmth and caring demeanor while simultaneously communicating his professionalism. The “Signature” brand we developed for him does just that!
Whether you want to develop a completely custom brand, or select from one of the amazing designs in our “Instant Image” portfolio, we are … (0 comments)

business systems: The Call That Could Change Your Business! - 11/01/10 08:21 AM
If you are ready – I mean REALLY ready – to fix what is wrong in your business, then I WANT TO HELP YOU!!
But I have to warn you … I am not going to suggest buying a $39 CD … I am only going to make suggestions that have the ability to change your business and change your life.
Please join me on Thursday, November 4th at 10:00 am for a phone call that will focus on your particular business challenges. I urge you to hit me with your best shot! There … (2 comments)

business systems: The Power of One - 07/13/10 06:34 AM
Part of my company’s mission statement includes being the source for real estate success.
So it’s no surprise that I hear from agents every day who want to improve their business.
As I listen to them, I notice a common theme.  They are overwhelmed with ideas for change.  Many of them have lists of dozens of things they want to tackle…but they don’t know where to start.
Not surprisingly, these agents often end up feeling overwhelmed, and doing absolutely nothing.  Interestingly, I have observed that the most dramatic changes come when an agent chooses to make onetiny but powerful change that … (2 comments)

business systems: Is Technology Driving You Forward or Holding You Back? - 05/28/10 04:59 AM
For any business owner, technology is a powerful tool.  When used to its full potential, it helps you save time, make money, and can make the previously impossible a possibility.
On the flipside, technology is equally as powerful in its ability to slow you down.  It can cost you money.  It can create huge challenges in your business—if you don’t know how to use it.
For most agents I work with, the biggest challenge is learning how to use technology wisely.  For example, I’ll often meet an agent in class who says, “Denise, I need a system to organize my client … (3 comments)

business systems: Are You In It To Win It? - 05/21/10 05:20 AM
Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t reached the full potential of your abilities?  You know in your heart that you can be more, but you’re not quite there yet.
Finding out why you’re not requires some deep soul-searching.  Take a few moments right now to ask yourself three questions, the answers to which will unveil what’s holding you back.
Do you have a track record of consistency, either in your business or your personal life? What takes up most of your time? Are the things holding you back patterns of bad habits that you’ve repeated throughout your life? … (1 comments)

business systems: Six Ways to Destroy Your Real Estate Business - 05/03/10 05:55 AM

Over the last twelve months, I’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand how some real estate businesses have fallen into a death spiral.  And yet in the same difficult market, I’ve seen other businesses soar.
What makes the difference?  What are the most common things that real estate agents do to destroy their businesses?
1.  Work in the moment.
While that sounds very enlightened, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Working in the moment happens when an agent is working reactively—handling the crises of each day as they come along.  If this describes … (41 comments)

business systems: Denise Says: I Can Make a Super Agent Out of You! - 09/13/07 12:38 PM

Hello Active Rain: I am announcing my 2008 EVOLVE! Coaching Program.  The Lones Group is proud to announce the details of their 2008 EVOLVE! Coaching Program with me. We are looking for 20 agents who need a business shock to the system.
This Coaching Program Includes:
•·         Extensive Case Study to show where you have been and what you will become
•·         Custom Marketing Makeover at our new Core Agent Level (find out more about our Marketing Makeovers)*
•·         Custom Website
•·         One-Year Safari Club
•·         12 Months of Follow Up materials formatted, printed, and mailed to your database
•·         Six live trainings with Denise
•·         Twelve conference … (0 comments)

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