buyers: Stop Sugar-Coating It! - 09/13/19 11:31 AM

Stop Sugar-Coating It!
There is nothing as refreshing and at times terrifying as the truth. However, the truth is what your buyers and sellers need to make the decisions they need to make. At times those decisions are easy, other times they are very difficult. Different personality types need different things from you to help them with their decision making, but everyone ultimately does better when they are given the truth.
Too many times I have seen agents list properties so high above the market that the seller will eventually be disappointed because there is no hope an overpriced … (3 comments)

buyers: Many Buyers Not Able to Jump Into the Buying Pool - 05/04/18 01:09 PM

Many Buyers Not Able to Jump Into the Buying Pool
Sellers all over the country and especially the Pacific Northwest are excited about the sudden and constant rise in house prices. This is extremely beneficial to sellers who back in 2009 wondered if they would ever be able to recoup the losses they had on their homes.
Those losses have turned into strong gains but even stronger pain for buyers. The challenge is that many buyers have now been priced out of the original market they wanted to buy in. That doesn't mean there aren't excellent opportunities out there … (0 comments)

buyers: Millennials Out Number Baby Boomers: Big Changes are Coming - 06/16/17 12:39 PM

Millennials Out Number Baby Boomers: Big Changes are Coming
Baby Boomers are born between 1946 and 1964 while Millennials are those individuals born between 1982 and 2000. They have now officially outnumbered the Baby Boomers and this is creating some interesting shifts and demands in the real estate market. If you are helping Millennials to buy or sell in this market there are some things that you need to know. Here are some interesting facts about Millennials:
81.3 million – There are currently over 81 million Millennials living in the United States. They have now outnumbered the Baby Boomers.

buyers: Move Your Boat! - 03/10/17 10:13 AM

Move Your Boat!
...and you may find more fish!
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear a real estate agent somewhere complaining about the lack of inventory in our market.  I get it. It is disheartening to be working with a buyer only to have them lose their offer because they are competing against so many other buyers.
There also isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear from some of my clients that are moving their boat to more fertile waters to find success with sellers. I am not saying to put … (2 comments)

buyers: Multi-Generational Homes: Big-Time Demand! - 01/15/16 03:33 AM

Multi-Generational Homes: Big-Time Demand!
Multi-generational homes are increasing in demand across the country. First I want to explain what a multi-generational home is: It is a home that can have multiple families living under one roof in separate spaces.
A multi-generational home could house a married couple caring for an older parent, a grandparent living with an adult grandchild, or even Baby Boomers living with adult children who have moved back into the home.
The demand for multi-generational homes has risen in the last few years, partially due to the recession and its impact on the nuclear family. Families … (1 comments)

buyers: 2016 Buyer Preferences - 12/11/15 06:23 AM

2016 Buyer Preferences
With each passing year home feature trends shift and change based on buyer demands and lifestyle preferences. Remember when light oak kitchen cabinets were the "in" thing? Today in many areas white kitchen cabinets are the first choice of many buyers and remodelers for its broad appeal. I like to follow the feature trends in housing construction, renovations, and remodeling and am happy to share with you the top 10 trends for 2016:
Traditional on the Outside, Modern on the Inside
Modern decor and interior design is the becoming a very high demand remodel and new home … (1 comments)

buyers: It's the Most Advantageous Time of the Year - 11/06/15 02:33 AM

It’s the Most Advantageous Time of the Year
I can feel it in the air... The National Association of REALTORS conference is next week, followed shortly thereafter by Thanksgiving. It's the feeling of brokers looking forward to turning their attention away from their business and towards family and friends. While others may be smelling gingerbread and stuffing made from scratch, I smell opportunity.
No matter if you live in an area that already has snow or you live in an area flooded with snowbirds and the winter months are your busiest time of the year, there is a market … (7 comments)

buyers: The Questions Potential Clients Should Be Asking Real Estate Agents - 09/04/15 07:40 AM

The Questions Potential Clients Should Be Asking Real Estate Agents
Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions your clients will ever make in their lives and choosing an agent that will be a strong advocate and educator about the process is critical. All too often, buyers or sellers choose to work with an agent who is a friend, relative, or cousin of their ex-roommate because it is convenient or because there may be perceived loyalty. But all too often, I see these types of relationships implode because the people doing the buying or selling … (0 comments)

buyers: Interpreting Cues and Clues from Your Clients - 08/20/15 09:31 AM

Interpreting Cues and Clues from Your Clients
One of the biggest challenges facing salespeople is picking up on the cues from your clients. Whether in a conversation or through their actions, clients give us cues all the time. Your challenge is to interpret these cues as clues to your next move.
We do presentation role-playing work with agents in our Mastery coaching program and our ENCORE group. It is not unusual to be working with an agent doing a presentation and have them miss a cue I have given. Sometimes that cue is avoided intentionally because the agent doesn't … (0 comments)

buyers: The Elephant in the Room - 04/24/15 04:53 AM

The Elephant in the Room
Have you ever been sitting with a client and your gut told you to ask something, but you just couldn't quite get the words out?
This often the case when you are afraid a question will make someone uncomfortable. However, those uncomfortable questions are critical to get at the heart of the matter. You can't start to solve a problem if you don't actually know the full scope of the situation. If you know something isn't right and you are afraid to address it, then it is the quintessential elephant in the room.
For … (14 comments)

buyers: Imperfect Homes in Otherwise Perfect Areas - 02/27/15 03:14 AM

Imperfect Homes in Otherwise Perfect Areas
I cannot tell you the number of times I have worked with a buyer who had a, "discerning eye," or to put it more bluntly - who were "picky!"
Well, they should be picky! They are about to make what is likely their biggest investment to date. However, when "picky" gives way to "unrealistic" then it is time to have a difficult conversation and possibly introduce alternative options.
Throughout the country, we are experiencing inventory shortages which translate to lack of options for many buyers in competitive price points or areas. There are … (2 comments)

buyers: Custom Homes on the Rise Could Spell Opportunity - 02/20/15 05:06 AM

Custom Homes on the Rise Could Spell Opportunity
Custom homes have always been a part of any real estate market and will continue to be. The number of homes being built on an owner's land with either the home owner or builder acting as the general contractor jumped significantly in 2014. Is it that we are all watching too many home improvement shows and the mystery of building is being simplified or is it because the demand has risen so dramatically? I would say it could be a little bit of both.
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB's) … (0 comments)

buyers: Generational Differences in Housing - 01/09/15 01:40 AM

Generational Differences in Housing
As a real estate professional your job is to know your market and to know your clients. Understanding the needs and preferences of buyers today is critical in providing exceptional service to your clients and making their home-buying experience an effective and pleasant one.
The two buyer groups that are dominating the buyer market pool are Baby Boomers and Generation X, with Millennials coming on strong to the home buyer scene.
Baby Boomers born 1946 – 1964 Generation X born 1965 - 1980 Millennials born after 1980 Knowing who you are working with and their … (5 comments)

buyers: 2015: The Year for Rules in Your Real Estate Business - 12/12/14 02:47 AM

2015: The Year for Rules in Your Real Estate Business
While it is always a good idea to make goals for your business, usually there are - or should be - a set of rules to go along with that. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of referrals you had last year by 10%, you need to establish some rules around what you do for following up with your database in order to stay top of mind to those potential referrers.
But what about rules for your clients? Your rules should also include standards for … (0 comments)

buyers: Remodeling Hits an All-time High! - 11/07/14 07:10 AM

Remodeling Hits an All-time High!
People ask me all the time about my personal formula for home remodels, but in my experience every project and every home is unique. I let each home visually tell me how it needs to be changed. For some remodels a complete new kitchen is in order, while other kitchens can be transformed with new countertops, backsplash, and cabinet re-facing. For some homes the outdoor landscaping is as important as the changes that will be made inside the house. It all depends on the home, the location and the market demand at that moment.

buyers: Don't Let Vertical Homes Shrink Your Buyer Pool - 10/17/14 03:32 AM

Don't Let Vertical Homes Shrink Your Buyer Pool
During my Club Zebra call this week, I had a wonderful question from my client Laurie Way about how to market and sell unique properties. She mentioned that she often has multi-level properties listed, which are abundant in her Seattle real estate market. Her challenge is that open houses are not effective as the open house format because potential buyers are tiring from the number of stairs instead of focusing on the other great features of the property!
This question took me right back to my days of selling new construction, … (1 comments)

buyers: The Pulse of the Market - 09/12/14 04:49 AM

How to Benefit from the Pulse of the Market
Agents have been contacting me these past few weeks asking me when the market was going to come back.
I didn't realize it had gone anywhere.
I wrote about the strength of our market a few weeks ago, but it seems that any time the market takes a pause or a breather, agents will become concerned. However, a healthy real estate market ebbs and flows with fast and furious moments and times that are slower. Many areas have been experiencing a slightly slower period during the last few weeks of … (0 comments)

buyers: The Market Now and What Is Coming - 08/15/14 06:53 AM

The Market Now and What Is Coming
The spring and early summer brought a very robust real estate market in many areas and many price points. Multiple offers became the norm in many markets and agents found themselves busier than they had been in years. The market was moving, buyers were out looking and sellers who previously couldn't sell were finally getting the offers they needed to make a move possible. Pending home sales rose consistently and real estate was back in the media in a positive way.
However, agents in many areas may have noticed a slight slowdown … (1 comments)

buyers: Seven Steps to the Perfect Buyer Client Experience - 08/08/14 04:02 AM

Seven Steps to the Perfect Buyer Client Experience
If you want to create a memorable buying experience that will have your new homeowners singing your praises, here are seven steps to really enhance the services you currently offer and some ideas of how you can improve some of the things that you are already doing.
Mind the Money
Have you ever watched a home buying show and asked yourself why the real estate agent is showing the buyer homes much higher than their price range? If a buyer asks to see $300,000 homes, assume this is the price range they … (1 comments)

buyers: 20 Real Estate Photography Tips - 05/30/14 01:07 AM

20 Real Estate Photography Tips
First impressions are critical when selling real estate. Buyers and their real estate agents are scouring the internet and the MLS for potential properties and they have to rely on the accuracy - and appeal - of the photos that accompany the listings online. These photos are what attract and capture the attention of the buyers and the real estate agents.
While this may seem like Real Estate 101 and a basic fundamental of marketing you wouldn't know it from some of the photos that are online advertising listings.
Here are some tips to … (8 comments)

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