client care: Stop Sugar-Coating It! - 09/13/19 11:31 AM

Stop Sugar-Coating It!
There is nothing as refreshing and at times terrifying as the truth. However, the truth is what your buyers and sellers need to make the decisions they need to make. At times those decisions are easy, other times they are very difficult. Different personality types need different things from you to help them with their decision making, but everyone ultimately does better when they are given the truth.
Too many times I have seen agents list properties so high above the market that the seller will eventually be disappointed because there is no hope an overpriced … (1 comments)

client care: Personalities and Pending to Close: Your Golden Opportunity! - 07/22/19 04:12 PM

Personalities and Pending to Close: Your Golden Opportunity!
A highly-overlooked referral opportunity in an agent's business is the "pending to closing" process. And the more you can tune into a client's personality during this time, the more effective you can be with that client. In fact, when done correctly this process can yield an incredible referral business.
When a buyer or seller is in the "active" part of their home-buying or selling journey they are usually consumed with the many appointments they need to look at homes, review offers, keep the house clean, and get their lending in order. … (1 comments)

client care: Is Your Prospect a Time Waster? - 05/17/19 09:50 AM

Is Your Prospect a Time Waster?
How do you tell the difference between good and bad prospects? One will waste your time, dragging you from house to house-getting all kinds of information from you-only to end up dumping you right before writing an offer.
You also have clients who seem like time wasters, but they're just very analytical and thorough in their search. These are people who have concerns that cannot be addressed quickly - and that's fine.
Don't be tempted to put everybody in the same category. Just because you've showed somebody 20 houses and they haven't bought … (16 comments)

client care: The Power of a Strong Brand - 04/19/19 09:40 AM

The Power of a Strong Brand
I must admit that I am a bit of a brand snob. I have my favorites and I'm fairly loyal to those favorites.
Note that I did not say that I am completely loyal because there have been times when a good deal or a lower price enticed me to try another brand. A great example of this is that I have been using Tide laundry soap ever since I moved out on my own. It was a brand that my mother used and therefore the one that I used too. There have … (7 comments)

client care: The #1 Client Communication Mistake - 03/15/19 10:30 AM

The Number One Client Communication Mistake
Do you ever wonder how some people seem to have such a way with words and have absolutely no problem talking to anyone?  Others, however, stumble and find it hard to engage potential clients in a conversation that is anything more than superficial.
When I think about my own real estate journey over the years and evaluate which agents really connected with me, I can pinpoint a very common theme. Some of them just bombarded me with sales tactics and questions that felt scripted, while others really listened to me and engaged me … (10 comments)

client care: Wildly Successful Wild Ideas - 03/01/19 10:09 AM

Wildly Successful Wild Ideas
I was recently asked this question about gifting. Agents often have a great idea, but then when they tell a few people, that initial great idea can get muddied in the spirit of others helping. If you know an idea is a good one, unless you are concerned that it crosses a line, trust your instinct. Then get a second opinion from your managing broker.
Q: "Denise, I love dogs. I mean I REALLY love dogs. I already donate a portion of my commission to our local humane society and am part of several local … (3 comments)

client care: When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears - 10/29/18 12:33 PM

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears
This week I had the pleasure of teaching my two-day in-depth business-building class, Safari. I am always delighted to see real estate agents returning to Safari year after year.
"What an honor," I thought. The fact that there are some agents who come back even though they had already been to the class in the past touched me.
At the end of the day I asked everyone if the two-day experience was worth it and one of the agents said, "I have been to Safari many times and every time I … (3 comments)

client care: Evaluate the Market with Facts, Not Emotion - 10/19/18 01:01 PM

Evaluate the Market with Facts, Not Emotion
When agents ask me how the market is doing, I always ask them, "Why are you asking?" Considering they are in the market day to day I assume that they have a very good idea of how the market is doing. The challenge is that for many agents that were licensed during the downturn/correction/crash/recession (or whatever word best describes that time period for you) they tend to panic anytime the market slows in any way.
What I like to tell agents to focus on is the facts of the market during that time, … (7 comments)

client care: Serve Solutions, Not Endless Banter - 09/28/18 01:50 PM

Serve Solutions, Not Endless Banter
So many agents I talk to find themselves stuck in this communication rut. Part of the challenge is they don't have a system for effective problem-solving with their clients.
Do you ever find yourself talking with a client to whom you just can't seem to say no? Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with a client who won't stop talking? Do you ever find yourself talking in circles with your clients without ever coming to a resolution? I like to use a system for solving problems with clients that reminds me of … (1 comments)

client care: Don't just Connect... Power Connect! - 08/17/18 09:23 AM

Don't just Connect... Power Connect!
Real estate is an industry that has seen many ups and downs over the years. It has also seen monumental changes in the day-to-day operations and processes due to technology and the creation of online real estate search sites.
Over the past two and half decades I have watched the industry go through monumental changes. I have seen many agents come and go and I have seen patterns that have led to agents becoming very successful and patterns that have caused otherwise good agents to get out of the business.
The core of any … (4 comments)

client care: Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should - 06/15/18 04:56 PM

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should
Most real estate brokers that I know got into the business because they love helping people. They are servant people at heart and really want to take great care of their clients.
However, the challenge that many brokers face is that they often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when a seller or buyer asks them to do something they really shouldn't be doing.   On one hand they want to please their clients and take care of the issue because that is what they do best but on … (5 comments)

client care: How to Be Still in a Real Estate Storm - 06/08/18 01:45 PM

How to Be Still in a Real Estate Storm
Real estate brokers are always busy and on the go. They often move at a very fast pace and have to make quick decisions when trying to solve problems for clients. The challenge with this is that quick decisions aren't always necessarily the best decisions. Just because somebody asks you to solve a problem or answer a difficult question doesn't mean you have to do it on demand.
One of the most powerful things a broker can do in this situation is to slow down and be still.
Often the … (6 comments)

client care: The Life Cycle of a Real Estate Client: What You Need to Know! - 03/16/18 08:55 AM

The Life Cycle of a Real Estate Client: What You Need to Know!
People ask me all the time what exactly real estate agents do besides show homes and put homes on the MLS for sale. That is such a broad subject that I often laugh when I get asked that question. Real estate agents are not just sales people; they are business owners, marketers, social media experts, advertising experts, negotiators and communication experts. The list goes on and on and is too long for this article.
At the core real estate is a very competitive and skill testing … (5 comments)

client care: Finding Success Your Way! - 02/23/18 09:23 AM

Finding Success Your Way!
I have never met two real estate agents that run their business exactly the same way. Each has their own personality, their own style and their own way of connecting with clients.
I am often asked if there is one perfect formula for building a real estate business. I would like to be able to say, "Yes, there is this one perfect formula, just follow it and you will be successful." However, it is not that simple because agents are so unique. What works for one doesn't work for another. What one agent finds easy to … (0 comments)

client care: What are You Avoiding? - 02/12/18 01:19 PM

What are You Avoiding?
Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about that certain thing that you have been putting off? That thing you know you should do and would make you feel better to just get it off your plate? But the thought of tackling it is so overwhelming that you just push it back to the recesses of your mind and hope to forget about it?
If your thoughts went immediately to that thing, or things, that are weighing heavily on your mind, I am talking to you.
Maybe it's … (13 comments)

client care: Closing Gifts - 10/04/17 02:58 PM

Closing Gifts
One of the most common questions I get asked is, "What is the PERFECT closing gift?"
A closing gift represents the desire to express appreciation and gratitude to a client for their business and therefore, there is not an easy, one-size-fits-all answer. The reason for that is because every client and every situation is so different.
Closing gifts can absolutely be a very special way to thank a client, but more importantly, it is an opportunity to show a client that you know them, you were listening to them, you paid attention to who they are, and … (9 comments)

client care: The Most Neglected Client in Real Estate - 09/25/17 09:27 AM

The Most Neglected Client in Real Estate: The Potential Client
One of the most common complaints real estate agents have is that their business feels like a roller coaster and is either "feast or famine." Some agents would argue that there is nothing they can do about this.
BUT - There absolutely is.
There are agents who have discovered the secret to keeping their business steady. It requires that you pay extra attention to the Potential Client.
It begins with developing a system for your Potential Clients. The system must suit the way you do business.  There are many … (22 comments)

client care: The Velcro Client: Why You Need Them and How to Get Them - 08/18/17 11:17 AM

The Velcro Client: Why You Need Them and How to Get Them
It doesn't seem like a week goes by without a new model of real estate company popping up threatening to undermine your business. These models are offering creative incentives and discounts to potential sellers and they are making real estate selling look very easy. Of course, there will always be competition in the real estate marketplace, but agents today need to take steps now to ensure their real estate clients are not lured by these offers.
The key to safeguarding your business against this is by working … (5 comments)

client care: Who Are Your Best and Most Reliable Clients? - 06/23/17 09:43 AM

Who Are Your Best and Most Reliable Clients?
Imagine you are in a contest and were competing against 100 other agents.
The goal is to be the first to generate a bona fide buyer or seller - that is someone that is ready to put their home on the market with you or to write an offer on a property.
The prize is $25,000! But there can be only one winner.
What would you do to win? Would you:
Quickly sign up for an online lead generation company to send you cold leads? Would you start knocking on doors … (6 comments)

client care: Leverage: A Way To Give Yourself a Raise - 05/18/17 03:49 PM

Leverage: A Way To Give Yourself a Raise
In my two previous Zebra Reports How Much Money Do You REALLY Make? and What's Your Net?, I talked about how to calculate your gross and net rates of pay per hour. This week's article will show you how to take this information and make good decisions based on this information.
Working smart is about knowing how to leverage your time to make more money. By knowing what you make per hour you make smarter decisions with your time. Knowing your "rate" means you can quickly calculate the risk/reward factor of … (14 comments)

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