client database: The Last 90 Days Can Make or Break Your Year - 09/27/19 09:17 AM

The Last 90 Days Can Make or Break Your Year
Every year around this time I hear from agents that are examining their current year's production and are worrying about finishing the year strong. After nine months of hard work it is normal for agents to get tired, lose some of their selling steam, and be looking forward to the holidays. Most agents want a robust finish to their year, but often they are either playing catch-up from a busy year or they may be suffering from burn out.
Agents who want a strong finish know they need … (12 comments)

client database: Who Are Your Best and Most Reliable Clients? - 06/23/17 09:43 AM

Who Are Your Best and Most Reliable Clients?
Imagine you are in a contest and were competing against 100 other agents.
The goal is to be the first to generate a bona fide buyer or seller - that is someone that is ready to put their home on the market with you or to write an offer on a property.
The prize is $25,000! But there can be only one winner.
What would you do to win? Would you:
Quickly sign up for an online lead generation company to send you cold leads? Would you start knocking on doors … (6 comments)

client database: Real Estate & Gardening - Kindred Spirits! - 04/28/17 09:31 AM

Real Estate & Gardening - Kindred Spirits!
Real Estate and gardening have more in common than you might think. Savvy real estate agents have figured this out.
Think about planting a garden. You make sure the soil is good quality, you decide what you want to plant, you plant your seeds, and then you water the seeds and tend to that garden on a regular basis.
The key word here is REGULAR. You wouldn't even dream of expecting your garden to grow if you failed to tend to it or water it.
I remember a number of years ago … (3 comments)

client database: Three Important Words in Real Estate Marketing - 06/16/16 05:43 AM

Three Important Words in Real Estate Marketing
I know you've already heard that old saying that in real estate, the three most important words are, "Location! Location! Location!" Today though, the three most important words that you the real estate agent need to know are, "Database! Database! Database!"
The quality of your database and how you use it directly affects your success. I've said it many times before - your database is your personal goldmine.
Did you know that the average real estate agent meets over five-hundred new people per month? That's friends of friends, social media acquaintances, parents … (1 comments)

client database: The 20-60-20 Principle - 05/13/16 06:32 AM

The 20-60-20 Principle
The 20-60-20 principle covers many different facets of a real estate agent's business, but nowhere does it have a more poignant meaning than with past clients. In today's busy real estate market past clients are often forgotten or agents simply do not have the time to be focused on their past clients while they are busy taking care of current clients and possibly potential clients.
However, if an agent doesn't always want to be chasing new business, once the transaction is over, past clients must be kept in touch with or past clients will quickly find … (0 comments)

client database: 2014 Business Planning: Increasing Your Referral Base - 12/06/13 01:25 AM

2014 Business Planning: Increasing Your Referral Base
At the end of the year most agents look at the business and how they did throughout the year to learn from their successes and failures and make their adjustments for the year to come. When doing this, agents tend to focus on their total production, income generated, time worked and overall pace of their business.
However, what they often neglect to focus on is the power of the individual relationships they have established with new clients over the year and consider how they may do more to build those relationships.
According … (1 comments)

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