coaching: 10 Ways to Boost Your Business Any Time of the Year - 03/06/15 01:50 AM

10 Ways to Boost Your Business Any Time of the Year
If you find yourself feeling that you aren't where you need to be in your business, I have some great ideas to help you take action and get you moving forward. The key to mastering any business or even sport is to keep taking the action you need to improve. Many real estate agents get stuck and stop making progress because when they don't see immediate results. However, if you focus on the action rather than the results, the results will come.
Here are 10 ideas to jumpstart … (2 comments)

coaching: Six Tips for New Agents - 11/14/14 02:53 AM

Six Tips for New Agents
Our industry has seen an influx of new agents over the last year. I was absolutely energized by the number of new agents who were at the National Association of REALTORS® Conference this last week. In fact, I had a few agents stop by our booth who had not yet even received their license yet! Those new agents we spoke with wanted to know what we would recommend for people who are just getting started in real estate.
My advice to them might surprise you.
I remember being a new agent. I remember my … (3 comments)

coaching: Making Goals and Striving to Reach Them: The Pros and Cons - 08/01/14 01:53 AM

Making Goals and Striving to Reach Them:
The Pros and Cons
When I encourage my clients to set realistic goals I also help them set up a strategic plan to achieve them. When a plan is followed, success usually follows! The challenge is when they focus too much on the goal and not enough on the plan.
When setting realistic goals you have to first have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. You then need to be realistic about the plan to reach your goal. The goal is the vision of what you want and the plan … (2 comments)

coaching: Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything! - 06/06/14 04:16 AM

Mastery: The Key To Success in Anything!
Have you ever wondered why some agents seem to do so well in real estate while others seem to struggle continuously? What I have learned over the years of coaching and training agents is that real estate is a profession that allows for individuality and uniqueness. In fact I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" program for success. The key to success in anything is to develop mastery in your field. It could be mastery of lead generation, client care, follow up … (0 comments)

coaching: Checking in with Your 2013 Goals - 07/09/13 05:48 AM

Checking in with Your 2013 Goals
We just passed the 2013 mid-year mark. Have you taken a look at your 2013 goals to make sure you are halfway towards completing them? If you are like many agents who have been caught up in the harried pace of the recovered and hot market, you may not even know where that goal worksheet is, but you probably are sitting back feeling much better about the balance in your bank account.
You certainly owe it to yourself to celebrate. You made it through one of the worst periods in real estate history … (1 comments)

coaching: The Power of Feedback - 11/09/12 07:13 AM

The Power of Feedback
You can have every fancy tech gizmo that exists.
You can have dozens of years of experience.
You can have beautiful branding.
You can have a state-of-the-art website too.
But if you're not getting regular feedback about your performance, you're missing the boat.
Feedback - honest feedback from customers - is the most important tool any business has at their disposal. Yet so many businesses either don't ask for feedback, or ignore the feedback they receive.
This is true in businesses both large and small. It's true with entrepreneurs, like real estate agents, too.
Sometimes … (4 comments)

coaching: Does Your Business Deserve Some Attention? - 04/05/11 09:46 AM
Like a garden, your business will flourish only if you seed, feed, and water it.  And we believe the best way to do that is to step away from your business for a couple of days to really focus on where you’ve been … and where you want to go.
We also believe your business deserves a commitment to nourish it.  Today is the day to commit to spending two days with us to revitalize your business!
We want to see you at our next Safari event.  What is Safari?  Simply put, it’s a … (0 comments)

coaching: Featured Product: Successful Closings - 02/02/11 07:58 AM
We’ve lowered our prices on several of our downloadable audio products! Many now just $19!
This week’s featured product: Successful Closings

Create a memorable experience for your buyers and sellers and keep them coming back for more! Learn what your clients want from you during this critical time.
AUDIO PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Click on a title to view and purchase
How-to Series:
How to Hold a Successful Client Appreciation Event How to Turn Floor Calls into Commission Checks How to Manage Your Tasks, Not Your Time How to Build Your Business Using an Assistant … (0 comments)

coaching: Featured Product: How to Get Started in Real Estate - 12/06/10 07:07 AM
We’ve lowered our prices on several of our downloadable audio products! Many now just $19!
This week’s featured product: How to Get Started in Real Estate

If you are even remotely thinking about getting into Real Estate or just gotten into Real Estate you need this CD!
Many people think selling Real Estate is an easy career that simply requires a smile and a good attitude. To be successful in Real Estate you must have a strategic plan and an effective marketing campaign. You also need to make money in the first six months … (1 comments)

coaching: Holiday Cards? Again? Try This Instead... - 12/03/10 05:00 AM
<!-- .style1 {font-weight: bold} --> HOLIDAY CARDS? AGAIN? TRY THIS INSTEAD...
It’s that time of year again. Lights are popping up on houses. Trees are soon to be decorated. Malls are becoming hot and crowded. And people are getting ready to send out holiday cards.
We send out holiday cards as individuals, but as real estate agents I believe there is something better we should be doing.
Funny thing, most agents like sending out holiday cards. They really do. They feel like they’re creating a warm connection with their clients by doing so.
While there’s nothing wrong with a warm connection, … (5 comments)

coaching: The Safari — Your Trek to Success - 11/30/10 06:45 AM

This Safari will kick your 2011 off right and is chock-full of amazing customizable material! And the best part? It is all about YOU! Your business, your habits and way of doing business, your custom solutions – there is no “one-size-fits-all” system at Safari:
Review your personal journey. You are at a crossroads and we need to take a look inside your rucksack—your belief system, conflict style, confidence, work style, personal pace, and habits. Time to repack! A review of the “10 Essentials” and what you need to bring with you. Where do you want to go? Building a … (0 comments)

coaching: Don’t Fall Into Holiday Mode — There are Opportunities Galore at this Time of Year! - 11/29/10 06:44 AM
Every year in mid-November I hear the same complaint from agents. They come to me and say:
“Denise, everything is slowing down. I feel like there’s no point to doing anything right now. So I think I’ll just ramp things down and plan next year.”
While it’s a good idea to plan next year, it is a very BAD idea to slow your business down to a crawl just because we’ve entered the holiday season. If you’ve been enticed to put in less effort just because … (4 comments)

coaching: Out of the Jungle and Into the Light! - 11/19/10 04:21 AM
There’s no doubt that the past 2 years have taken a toll on agents. Some of you are worn and torn, and really tired. Some of you are exhausted. It’s been really tough. It’s been harder than it’s ever, ever been. For some of you, you probably feel like you’ve been totally lost in a deep, deep jungle.
Some of you have lost your confidence. Some of you may have a depleted bank account. More of you have lost your morale. You know what, though? You may have felt completely lost, but you’re actually still here. … (0 comments)

coaching: Club Zebra: An All-Inclusive Solution - 11/05/10 06:14 AM
After many years of helping our clients to brand themselves, I can safely say that I’ve pretty much seen it all. But there is one problem that I’ve witnessed over and over again—so much so that I’ve finally decided to do something about it.
What’s the problem? Many agents are not getting the ongoing support they need. They come to me for a specific reason—whether it be a marketing makeover, a business analysis, or branding help. When I start working with them, though, I realize that what they need is long-term help via a friendly hand … (0 comments)

coaching: Stop Whining and Get Back to Work - 07/23/10 05:46 AM
July is here. That’s great news, isn’t it?  Sure it is! Because now you have a new whine for why your business isn’t where it needs to be: “It must be because it’s July and people are on vacation.”
This replaces the old whines of “It must be because the tax credit is gone”, “It must be because buyers aren’t buying”, and “It must be because sellers aren’t realistic about price.” Must be.  Must be. Must be.
Enough with “must be”!
Let’s talk about “what is”.  Forget about all the excuses you share while chatting around the water cooler.  It’s time … (6 comments)

coaching: Denise Says: I Can Make a Super Agent Out of You! - 09/13/07 12:38 PM

Hello Active Rain: I am announcing my 2008 EVOLVE! Coaching Program.  The Lones Group is proud to announce the details of their 2008 EVOLVE! Coaching Program with me. We are looking for 20 agents who need a business shock to the system.
This Coaching Program Includes:
•·         Extensive Case Study to show where you have been and what you will become
•·         Custom Marketing Makeover at our new Core Agent Level (find out more about our Marketing Makeovers)*
•·         Custom Website
•·         One-Year Safari Club
•·         12 Months of Follow Up materials formatted, printed, and mailed to your database
•·         Six live trainings with Denise
•·         Twelve conference … (0 comments)

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