current clients: Little Touches, Big Impact - 09/23/16 04:45 AM

Little Touches, Big Impact
The littlest touches can have the biggest impact for your clients. The key is to decide what that one special touch will become your signature touch. It should be something that is unique to you and something that your competition probably isn't doing.
For example, think about your favorite restaurant. Is there something that they do that you go back time and time again to enjoy? ¬†One of my favorite restaurants serves piping hot bread with four different flavored butters and salmon spread just as soon as you sit down. People come from all over … (11 comments)

current clients: Priorities - 02/11/16 09:02 AM

Real estate is a business of managing priorities. I bet if you took a minute and wrote down every possible item that you think you have to do for your business, you would probably have dozens and dozens of "to dos". Everything from entering last month's expenses and this year's taxes to a CMA for a client, making sure you have your CE credits before your next renewal, cleaning your desk, upgrading to Windows 10, getting your car detailed, and picking up your dry cleaning. You probably have lists of people to follow up with, closed buyers that … (1 comments)

current clients: Toss Out That Antiquated Business Plan - 12/04/15 05:36 AM

Toss Out That Antiquated Business Plan
Agents near and far have been clamoring for a meaty business plan template for 2016. However, my recommendation for 2016 is to keep it short, sweet, and only focus on the action items that are going to bring you business.
"But Denise!" they say, "Where do I put my income goals? Where do I put my transaction goals? Where do I track my income?"
Let me be very clear. Having income and transaction goals is important - very important. So is tracking. But if every year you make a business plan and then … (3 comments)

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