denise lones: Microsoft Publisher's Days Are Numbered - 03/01/24 09:33 AM

Microsoft Publisher's Days Are Numbered 975 to be exact.
Last week, Microsoft announced they would no longer be supporting Microsoft Publisher as of October, 2026. Here's their official statement:
"In October 2026, Microsoft Publisher will reach its end of life. After that time, it will no longer be included in Microsoft 365 and existing on-premises suites will no longer be supported. Until then, support for Publisher will continue and users can expect the same experience as today."
Our designers at The Lones Group have known for a while this is coming. The writing has been on the wall. While other … (4 comments)

denise lones: The 2024 Spring Market has Sprung - 02/16/24 04:14 PM

The 2024 Spring Market has Sprung Today I want to talk about our spring market, because spring has sprung! There is a very busy market out there. If you look at open house attendance, it is up. If you look at pending numbers, pending numbers are up in most areas. People want to buy. They have been waiting too long to buy.
Also, while interest rates are just holding still, people are finding ways to get out of the homes that they haven't wanted to stay in. This past year, 2023, has been a year that I would describe as … (8 comments)

denise lones: Find Your People - 02/02/24 09:51 AM
There are a number of items that can spell success or failure in a real estate agent's business. Many of these items are under an agent's control - activities that keep an agent top-of-mind with past clients like mailing consistently to a farm and of course, doing a great job with buyers and sellers they are currently working with. However, there are a number of threats that are outside of an agent's control: what the Fed does with interest rates, whether it makes financial sense for a seller to sell, or how much new construction builders build. Today I want to … (1 comments)

denise lones: Don't Let This Challenge Derail Your 2024 - 01/19/24 10:20 AM
This is a time of year that I love - many agents are feeling full of promise and inspiration toward making changes in their business! I am also very excited about what is coming up for our industry this 2024 and beyond. We have a strong year ahead of us that is full of changes that many of us have never seen before. You need to be ready!
Whatever your resolutions this year - making more money, taking time off, getting your systems up-and-running, creating a buyer package - there is one critical component that I hope you are including in your … (5 comments)

denise lones: If You Do Only One Thing in 2024, Make It This - 01/05/24 10:52 AM

If You Do Only One Thing in 2024, Make It This Welcome to 2024! We are getting close to a week into the new year. How are you feeling about your progress on your goals? Do you feel that you are falling behind already or working strong? Will you will be able to sustain what you are doing or are you likely to go off-track when you get busy?
This time of year has a lot of agents planning on what they want for their business in the upcoming year. I keep my eye on what agents are saying in … (8 comments)

denise lones: Authentic Client Communication for the Holidays - 12/15/23 10:49 AM

Authentic Client Communication for the Holidays Today I want to talk about connecting. We are in mid-December and I know that this can be both a very special and stressful time of year for so many people, so I really want to remind you to not forget your wonderful clients – both those from your past and potentially ones in your near future as well. Take the time to connect.
Here are a few ideas for authentically connecting with important clients in your sphere.
First, of course, December is of course a wonderful time to send out a holiday … (3 comments)

denise lones: Looking Beyond the 2023 Housing Market - 12/08/23 11:03 AM

Looking Beyond the 2023 Housing Market Today I want to talk about 2023, what made this such a challenging year for many agents, and why I see opportunity ahead for agents equipped with the right knowledge.
I get calls every day from agents that tell me that 2023 was not a great year for them. I also get calls from other agents that actually did really well in the market in spite of the fact that this year we have seen less inventory than we have in over a decade. It's been a tough time for agents because the volume … (3 comments)

denise lones: 7 Things To Do in December for 2024 Success! - 12/04/23 01:36 PM

7 Things To Do in December for 2024 Success! Many agents I know would not say that 2023 has been their favorite year in the real estate business. Between interest rate challenges, lack of housing choices, and industry shake-ups that have us learning new processes when it comes to how we serve our clients and get compensated, it has been a tough one for sure.
But you know what? YOU are tougher. You are here reading this article because you care about our industry and doing the best job possible for your clients. Let's celebrate THAT!! You WILL survive and … (15 comments)

denise lones: The Power of Data - 11/17/23 09:43 AM

The Power of Data This week I want to talk about data - yes data! This is not a boring data conversation we are having today because having the right data is crucial to understanding your market and your business success!
When you research and you begin to uncover and understand data - whether that is new construction starts in your area or how pending homes have changed from month-to-month, or how your town is updating its comprehensive plan - you will discover new opportunities for your business. Suddenly that data has come to life!
Having information has become one … (2 comments)

denise lones: Where is Housing Headed? - 11/14/23 11:49 AM

Where is Housing Headed? 2024 will be a pivotal year for the housing industry. Do you have the information you need to take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities?
Robust housing unit goals, mortgage interest rates, energy code compliance, extreme lack of housing inventory, all-encompassing state housing bills, a struggling commercial real estate sector, an uncertain economy, and more have all left their marks on the housing sector this past year. What can we expect for 2024?
I have already been digging headfirst into the data, cutting through the hype, and doing the research needed to provide YOU with the full story. … (2 comments)

denise lones: Accessory Dwelling Units Are Coming - 11/01/23 05:42 PM

Accessory Dwelling Units Are Coming This week's Zebra Report comes from our CEO, Shauna Naf, who recently returned from the ADU Academy in Berkeley, California, hosted by Earth Advantage. Please enjoy. - Denise
Accessory Dwelling Units are not new, but their adoption into Single Family Residential zoned cities on a more consistent basis is a fairly new phenomenon. Driven by the need to create more housing and density in our urban areas, cities and states are allowing these to be built in backyards, as well as carving out spaces in homes to accommodate them - think basement, garage, and attic … (12 comments)

denise lones: Focus Your Mindset - 10/20/23 04:33 PM

Focus Your Mindset Today I want to talk about mindset and what is going on in our world. Agents are really nervous right now. I can't blame you for being nervous, upset, and horrified by what is happening over in Israel, I feel exactly the same way about it. Now, I also want to talk about how your mindset around all issues affects real estate.
You should be aware that you aren't the only person watching the news. Buyers and sellers are also watching the news and they are nervous too. They are wondering whether negative news should influence a … (8 comments)

denise lones: Accessory Dwelling Units: More Than a Way Out of the Housing Crisis - 10/13/23 02:59 PM

Accessory Dwelling Units Not Just a Way Out of the Housing Crisis As you probably already know from reading our Zebra Reports over the years, we are passionate about housing. For years, I have shouted from rooftops that our housing starts were not keeping pace with the numbers needed to house our growing population. Now our national housing shortage is in the millions – and Washington State and our local governments are changing building guidelines to help get us back on track.
Just one of the ways they are doing that is by allowing ADUs: Accessory Dwelling Units. These are … (11 comments)

denise lones: Where Will Your Business Be in Six Months? - 10/09/23 10:43 AM

Where Will Your Business Be in Six Months? When is the last time you gave yourself space to think about your goals? As many of us are caught up in the day-to-day of running our lives and our businesses, we need to take some time to reflect on a few things:
What are we doing all of this for? Are we on track? Without the vision, the action plan, and then making sure we follow the action plan, we aren't likely to make the forward momentum that we should.
If you have 15 minutes right now, grab some paper and … (9 comments)

denise lones: Branding Spotlight: Vegas Born Real Estate Services - 09/29/23 08:59 AM

Branding Spotlight:
Vegas Born Real Estate Services We are so pleased to present updated branding for Vegas Born Real Estate Services! Designated Broker and Owner, Crystal, came to us looking to take her already-established brand and logo up a notch. The Vegas Born logo already included a collection of instantly recognizable Vegas landmarks. Our goal was to take it up another notch with a little polish, providing additional interest with area-appropriate fonts and energy.
From the start, Crystal knew she wanted a gold-and-black color palette, so we needed to find the right textures to fit her vision. Charcoal stone with gold … (1 comments)

denise lones: Wake Up Washington! HB1110 and HB1337 Are Now Law - 09/22/23 09:26 AM

This week I want to talk about what is changing in housing here in Washington State, with two new housing bills that Governor Jay Inslee signed-into law this past May, 2023.
The first one I want to talk about is HB1110. For those of you who don't know about it, please look it up. This legislation was designed to increase middle-housing opportunities in areas that were traditionally zoned single-family residential (SFR). That means that there are huge changes that have happened regarding what … (2 comments)

denise lones: The Real Remodeling Timeline - 09/15/23 04:03 PM

The Real Remodeling Timeline As interest rates continue to cause gridlock, several of the agents in my ENCORE coaching group have indicated that would-be sellers on their potential client list are considering sticking with their low interest rate mortgage and are choosing to explore remodeling instead.
From what I can see, one industry that has it worse than the real estate industry when it comes to gridlock is the residential construction industry.
Builders are currently stymied by:
Interest rates (on their own projects) Labor shortages in both their own companies as well as other companies they may sub out to … (2 comments)

denise lones: Creating Connections with Community Pages - 09/01/23 01:23 PM

Creating Connections with Community Pages As brokers and agents, we are all tied to our communities and there are so many great ways to get involved too. Some of you reading this today volunteer at shelters, support boys-and-girls clubs, are part of a Rotary Group or community lodge, or maybe you care for aging pets or are a member of a local activity group. These are all great things you can do in person that build your presence within the community and expand your sphere of contacts – and help you feel good too! But how do you illustrate connections … (4 comments)

denise lones: Processes and Procedures - 08/22/23 12:35 PM

Processes and Procedures This afternoon I was teaching my Encore coaching group and we were discussing referral processes and it really made me think about how important it is for agents to have a procedure for everything in their business. For example, what is your process for:
Taking a new listing? Closing a property? Post-transaction client care? Every part of your business needs to be procedure oriented. The reason for that is threefold. First and foremost, it saves you time and energy. Second, it streamlines your business and adds a rhythm to your business that is regular and ongoing - … (0 comments)

denise lones: Appreciation: The Secret Weapon in Your Seller Toolbox - 08/11/23 10:48 AM

Appreciation: The Secret Weapon in Your Seller Toolbox When someone is thinking about a move, they aren't necessarily focused on the future - they are thinking about why the home they are living in doesn't meet their needs now.
The challenge in the current market is that sellers want to move, but when confronted with the financial reality of a higher monthly payment due to interest rates, sellers freeze. They are caught between wanting to improve their living situation, but being too uncomfortable with the impact on monthly payment.
There may only be so much that can be done about … (4 comments)

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