fear: Recessions & Real Estate, What's the Big Worry About? - 10/18/19 11:28 AM

  Recessions and Real Estate, What's the Big Worry all About?
Have you ever wondered how previous recessions have affected real estate prices?  This is a common question I get asked by agents and consumers anytime the word recession is brought up.  The term, “recession” can scare anyone who has been through one and were caused financial strain as a result. Therefore, the word recession often brings up fear rather than the true and accurate picture of what happens during a recession. The reality of what happens to real estate prices during a recession is a great example of … (1 comments)

fear: Communication Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes? - 01/18/19 12:46 PM

Communication Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes?
Real estate professionals communicate most moments of their working day. They are problem solvers, negotiators, cheerleaders and counselors. They make a living communicating and listening. The more refined your communication becomes and the more intuitive your communication style is the easier it will be for you to connect with your clients and help them make important decisions.
Communication leadership is the art of being able to help your clients make difficult decisions when emotion has gripped them with fear. Learning to tell a client NO, when they want to hear YES, … (8 comments)

fear: Addressing Buyer and Seller Fear of Tax Reform Legislation - 12/01/17 11:08 AM

How the Proposed Tax Reform Bill is Creating Concern with Buyers and Sellers Everywhere
Fear is a very powerful thing and both real estate buyers and sellers are nervous about the proposed Tax Reform Bill and how it will affect them. Many are waiting to see what happens fearing the worst-case scenario. But before you get drawn into the fear and drama you need to counter that with a powerful tool called knowledge.
The National Association of Home Builders spokesperson, Jerry Ward, was recently interviewed and discussed the proposed Tax Reform Bill. He said that if corporate taxes are … (2 comments)

fear: Elephants, Donkeys and the Real Estate Market - 09/16/16 02:57 AM

Elephants, Donkeys and the Real Estate Market
A presidential election is always a major event in our country. There is no doubt that consumers are waiting and wondering how the election will affect home prices and the real estate market overall.  It is not unusual for consumer confidence to waver in an election year and this year is no different.
Some buyers and sellers are waiting to take action because they are concerned that our real estate market is fragile and that it could boom or bust based solely on who wins the election.  Fear is a big driver … (1 comments)

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