geographical farming: Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate - 07/15/19 03:38 PM

Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate
I have always been a "systems" girl. I need things in their right place. I don't like things out of order and I like to be able to control my environment. I am not a neat freak, but I am an organizational one. I like things to have a "home" and I like things to be part of a system or process when possible.
I remember when I was a little girl, I used to organize my dolls based on their height. I would arrange them first by height and … (15 comments)

geographical farming: 11 Secrets to Geo Farming Success - 05/10/19 10:12 AM

11 Secrets to Geo Farming Success
Many real estate agents utilize geographical farming to build a strong predictable lead generation system. It is easy to send postcards to your farm and call it good but is that getting you the results you want?  If not, then it is time to make some tweaks to build a strong PERSONAL PRESENCE.
When I started geographical farming, when I first started selling real estate, I began with sending postcards which was a great start but I sent out the same thing month after month. My message was okay, but it didn't get … (11 comments)

geographical farming: Real Estate & Gardening - Kindred Spirits! - 04/28/17 09:31 AM

Real Estate & Gardening - Kindred Spirits!
Real Estate and gardening have more in common than you might think. Savvy real estate agents have figured this out.
Think about planting a garden. You make sure the soil is good quality, you decide what you want to plant, you plant your seeds, and then you water the seeds and tend to that garden on a regular basis.
The key word here is REGULAR. You wouldn't even dream of expecting your garden to grow if you failed to tend to it or water it.
I remember a number of years ago … (3 comments)

geographical farming: Move Your Boat! - 03/10/17 10:13 AM

Move Your Boat!
...and you may find more fish!
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear a real estate agent somewhere complaining about the lack of inventory in our market.  I get it. It is disheartening to be working with a buyer only to have them lose their offer because they are competing against so many other buyers.
There also isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear from some of my clients that are moving their boat to more fertile waters to find success with sellers. I am not saying to put … (2 comments)

geographical farming: Numbers Worth Knowing - 09/09/16 02:44 AM

Numbers Worth Knowing
Lately I have been working with a lot of numbers and I have been reminded of their power.
While numbers themselves are non-emotional, often they bring up a lot of emotion and therefore, are sometimes avoided. Anyone who has ever not opened their credit card statement or avoided revisiting their commission statements knows exactly what I am talking about.
But numbers can also bring great joy! I was reminded of this just this week when not one but two of my clients shared with me that they had reached their commission and transaction goals for the … (2 comments)

geographical farming: The Secrets to Targeting a Geographical Farm - 10/27/14 02:53 AM

The Secrets to Targeting a Geographical Farm
Many agents who think about targeting a geographical farm choose that farm based on what they think will produce best results, but without verifying that research this may not actually be the case. Other agents like the idea of farming their own neighborhood because it is convenient and people may already know them from that farm area, but you still have to do the research required to verify that the farm you live in is a viable farm in terms of sales.
There are many parameters one should consider before selecting an … (2 comments)

geographical farming: Three Things Self-Made Billionaires Can Teach Us! - 11/04/11 12:56 PM
Three Things Self-Made Billionaires Can Teach Us!
Did you see the Barbara Walters special recently – the one where she interviewed self-made billionaires?
It was a fascinating episode!  Ms. Walters spoke with four individuals, asking them what experiences and lessons they had learned in their lives that had led to financial riches.  All four truly had created their own wealth – none had received money through an inheritance, or through some lucky circumstance such as a lottery.  They were truly “self-made” people.
Two of the individuals interviewed were able to create financial success by bringing unique products to the marketplace.  … (6 comments)

geographical farming: Upgrade Yourself from "Salesperson" to "Expert" ... With Four Essential Marketing Pieces - 10/04/10 06:37 AM
There is so much false information out there about marketing.  With the advent of the internet, even more bad advice has been written and published than ever before about what you need in your marketing toolbox.
“Denise, I’m so confused”, agents tell me.
And I don’t blame them.  Every inexperienced “expert” with an opinion gets a pulpit on the internet.  They spew advice that they probably got from a marketing book from the library—written by someone who hasn’t been in the trenches for years and doesn’t know what really … (5 comments)

geographical farming: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True ... It Probably Is! - 09/10/10 05:26 AM
You’ve seen the promotions:
This lead-generation system is simple to use and easy to implement.  Watch the leads roll in … as you sit back and collect commission checks.
They didn’t believe me when I told them I made $500,000 in referrals alone last year while sitting at home in my pajamas.  Now I’m laughing all the way to the bank.
Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to have business flow to them like a raging river while sitting back and watching television?
I hate to … (7 comments)

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