listing presentations: Re-Tooling Your Listing Presentation - 08/29/19 04:26 PM

Re-Tooling Your Listing Presentation
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't read about a new real estate company jumping into the industry with a fancy new idea created to entice sellers into working with their company. Promises of quick sales and high prices with creative marketing programs abound. As an agent in today's diverse offering market you need to stay relevant.
Staying relevant means being up on the latest shifts in the real estate market and the industry. You need to know what other agents and companies are offering at the listing presentation so you can … (3 comments)

listing presentations: Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate - 07/15/19 03:38 PM

Systems Can Make You BIG MONEY in Real Estate
I have always been a "systems" girl. I need things in their right place. I don't like things out of order and I like to be able to control my environment. I am not a neat freak, but I am an organizational one. I like things to have a "home" and I like things to be part of a system or process when possible.
I remember when I was a little girl, I used to organize my dolls based on their height. I would arrange them first by height and … (15 comments)

listing presentations: The First 5 Minutes - 02/22/19 03:30 PM

The First 5 Minutes
Successful Presentations Follow The Communication Triangle
Real estate professionals are constantly meeting new people and making strong first impressions. Sometimes these impressions are good and sometimes those impressions are not so good. Whether you are meeting a new potential buyer or seller or even meeting with a client to talk strategy, you must communicate your ability to help these clients within the first few minutes you meet them. You need to lead the conversation with a balance of content, connections, and questions.

Let's drill down those three components:
Always prepare for meetings. That means … (10 comments)

listing presentations: Effective Communication with Sellers - 11/15/18 05:03 PM

Effective Communication with Sellers
I want to take a moment to discuss the importance of learning how to instill calm communication and conflict resolution at a listing presentation, especially when it comes to talking about price and handling objections.
Too many agents make the mistake of rushing to present all their research and show all their marketing that they forget how important it is to communicate. They forget to ask questions, make eye contact, and slow down when providing information. And this is absolutely critical in building rapport and helping the seller(s) understand how you work. 
There is … (16 comments)

listing presentations: Why Winging It Isn't Cutting It Anymore! - 03/09/18 12:59 PM

Why Winging It Isn't Cutting It Anymore!
I have worked with hundreds of agents who all have their own style, their own personality and their own unique way of doing things. This is exactly what makes our real estate industry so special, we have a melting pot of diverse and interesting agents.
Many of these agents have a very specific set way of operating their business while others pride themselves on being able to "wing it" at presentations with clients. And while I am all for being able to think fast on your feet and communicate without effort there … (14 comments)

listing presentations: Finding Success Your Way! (Part 2) - 03/02/18 09:51 AM

Finding Success Your Way! (Part 2)
Last week I discussed the top 5 of 10 common denominators that successful real estate agents possess. This week I am unveiling my remaining list of essential elements that a successful real estate agent needs to be utilizing in their business.
Don't forget the key is to find your fit and create YOUR FORMULA FOR SUCCESS. What might work for another agent in your office could be the very worst thing for you to be doing. Trust your gut but mostly analyze your results. If what you do is not getting you to … (3 comments)

listing presentations: The Power of Research - 02/22/13 05:18 AM

The Power of Research
When I was a new agent - and I mean a brand new agent in my very early 20s - I was called to go out on a  listing presentation. I had not met the seller before nor been on his property. I got to the house and briefcase in hand, began walking up to the front door when my potential seller opened the door, looked me up and down, and asked, "Where is Denise?"
Since I had heard the "You're so young!" statement a number of times already, I knew what was going through … (5 comments)

listing presentations: Winning by the Numbers (Yours, and Your Competitors’) - 08/27/12 07:23 AM
Winning by the Numbers (Yours, and Your Competitors')
I'm lucky to own and operate a business I absolutely love.
My company's focus is simple: to help real estate agents and brokers transform their businesses.
This week I taught a new class, entitled "Get the Listing" to a sold-out room! Two of the core themes of our class were differentiating yourself from the competition and being able to articulate your point of difference - not just in the words you use, but in the visual tools or "props" that you show at the listing presentation. We talked a lot about how … (1 comments)

listing presentations: Powerful Home Presentation Tools - 05/17/11 10:12 AM
This is the sixth article in my series on powerful listing presentations. So far we’ve covered pricing, communication, technology, and marketing. This week’s topic is home presentation & photography.
Humans, by nature, are visual creatures. What we see with our eyes is what tugs at the strings of our heart, and engages us emotionally. Because of this, visual cues are extremely important in real estate – it’s the way we first connect buyers to homes, and it’s the way those buyers ultimately move beyond simply looking at homes, to mentally creating new memories in that home … before they even … (0 comments)

listing presentations: Powerful Print Marketing Tools - 04/26/11 04:59 AM
This is the fifth article in my series on powerful listing presentations, where we’ll be covering pricing, communication, technology, marketing, and home presentation & photography.
This week I want to discuss the power of your print marketing tools … and why you simply must spend time creating a portfolio of materials that represents your professional expertise and shows your sellers exactly how you’ll market their home.
As I’ve said in each of the previous Zebra Reports about listing presentations, sellers want to see how you are going to sell their home. They expect you to outline the steps you will take, and they want … (4 comments)

listing presentations: Powerful Technology Tools - 04/20/11 06:17 AM
This is the fourth article in my series on powerful listing presentations, where we’ll be covering pricing, communication, technology, marketing, and home presentation & photography.
This week I want to discuss powerful technology tools and the importance of these tools in your listing presentation.
Regardless of whether technology is important to you in your personal life, you must step up to the technology plate when it comes to your business. In today’s world, providing the widest possible array of online marketing tools is critically important to your success as a listing agent.
Here’s why: Sellers are hiring you to expose their home … (2 comments)

listing presentations: Powerful Client Communication Tools - 04/11/11 09:15 AM
This is the third article in my series on powerful listing presentations, where we'll be covering pricing, communication, technology, marketing, and home presentation & photography.
This week I want to discuss powerful client communication tools and how they will enhance your listing presentation.
Many sellers say that one of their biggest frustrations and challenges is agent communication. In my company we often talk with seller focus groups, and communication issues come up over and over again. Here are some of the things that sellers tell us:
"Once I signed the listing agreement, I rarely heard from my … (4 comments)

listing presentations: Powerful Pricing Tools - 04/01/11 07:28 AM
In last week’s Zebra Report I talked about the importance of having a powerful listing presentation that covers five critical areas: pricing,communication, technology, marketing, and home presentation & photography. This week I’m going to look at the first of those categories – pricing – to illustrate how powerful pricing tools can enhance your listing presentation.
What pricing tools do you take to your listing presentation? Most agents take a CMA … but I actually believe that a CMA doesn’t provide the right information for your clients to get a good idea of how to price their home. Successful listing agents understand – and provide to their … (41 comments)

listing presentations: Polish Your Presentations! - 04/01/11 07:25 AM
Gone are the days when you can simply show up at a listing presentation with data from your MLS that shows comparable homes. Today’s savvy sellers require much more information. They expect an in-depth analysis of their local market. They want a customized marketing plan, tailored to their home and their needs. They want to know they are hiring an expert. And if your listing presentation isn’t one of your most powerful tools, you’re going to lose the listing.
One of my new coaching clients recently shared her frustration with me.  She simply isn’t converting listing appointments into listings.  The questions I … (5 comments)

listing presentations: New from The Lones Group Design Team! - 02/23/11 06:32 AM
The business model Brian Housley has developed is a bit different than that of many real estate agents. Because many of his clients are purchasing simply for investment, it was important to Brian that his brand reflected his core values of experience, credibility, and trust. Although Brian’s brand is more “institutional” or “corporate” than many of the brands we develop for agents, it’s a perfect reflection of the message he wants to project to his target client base.
Whether you want to develop a completely custom brand, or select from one of the … (1 comments)

listing presentations: Ask Denise! - 11/23/10 10:25 AM

listing presentations: This Week’s Featured Product: Powerful Listing Presentation Techniques - 11/23/10 09:46 AM
We’ve lowered our prices on several of our downloadable audio products! Many now just $19!
This week’s featured product: Powerful Listing Presentation Techniques

Most real estate agents don’t have well-prepared listing presentations. This is the most important tool to master in a world with more agents than ever competing for the business.  Agents who get the business do come prepared with knowledge of the market, a proper introduction of who they are, and an awareness of what the client wants and needs and how they can meet those needs.
Don’t wait for the client … (0 comments)

listing presentations: Ask Denise: What's the number one mistake agents make at listing presentations? - 08/02/10 05:55 AM

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