mailers: Stop Sending Out Stupid Mailers with Stupid Content - 03/23/18 08:58 AM

Stop Sending Out Stupid Mailers with Stupid Content
First, I must confess that I too at one time in my early real estate career sent out a stupid mailer with stupid content; but it only happened once. My company had sent all of us agents to a seminar on making money in real estate utilizing mailers. I was very excited to go and along with many others sat and listened to a mailing guru talk about the power of mail.
At the end of the seminar our company gave all of us one free mailer that we could send … (41 comments)

mailers: The Tipping Point - 01/29/16 01:23 AM

The Tipping Point
Every seller has that moment in time when something happens that pushes them to making a decision to sell. In fact, many sellers don't even know they want to sell until someone informs them of the benefits of selling.
For example, imagine a seller is at home and they retrieve their mail and find a letter from a real estate agent informing them that their neighbors home has sold. The seller is surprised to find out that his neighbor's home sold for $425,000 - he had no idea that homes in his neighborhood were even close … (0 comments)

mailers: The Pulse of the Market - 09/12/14 04:49 AM

How to Benefit from the Pulse of the Market
Agents have been contacting me these past few weeks asking me when the market was going to come back.
I didn't realize it had gone anywhere.
I wrote about the strength of our market a few weeks ago, but it seems that any time the market takes a pause or a breather, agents will become concerned. However, a healthy real estate market ebbs and flows with fast and furious moments and times that are slower. Many areas have been experiencing a slightly slower period during the last few weeks of … (0 comments)

mailers: 2014 Business Planning: Easy-to-Follow Referral Generating System - 12/13/13 01:48 AM

2014 Business Planning: Easy-to-Follow Referral Generating System
Last week in our Zebra Report I shared that, for most agents, their database is an untapped goldmine of potential commission dollars. I have many agents who come to me for help, asking me to please find them a lead generation system that will generate them leads. But when I ask them about their database, they may have 200, 300, 400 or even over 500 people in their database, rich with past clients, they are not taking care of on a regular basis. In fact, there are some agents who come to … (4 comments)

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